The madabel story

The true love story of two girls in Tiverton high school


1. madabel

Annabel glances across main entrance trying to

Find her true love but she's no where to be seen . She takes out her phone and texts Maddie *where are you ,your late !this is your last

chance else I'm giving up on us*

Maddie still doesn't reply ,so Annabel gets up to leave ,when she hears here named being shouted across the screamed across the entrance 'Annabel wait I need to ask you something ' as she skipped towards her fabulously moving her hand just above her hair ' I love you and can't live without you are my inspiration to life , I know recently I have been watching you do press ups but I can make it up to you 'Maddies long legs snap as she moves towards the ground 'will you ..omg Annabel I have broken my leg innit '

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