Summer '12

Its summer of '12 and the girls just want to have fun. They have a beach house right next to some cute boys house. The girls are Emily, Jess, and, Angie. The boys liam, harry, zayn, louis , and niall. A summer filled with love, fun, and tragic losses& of course Drama. ������������������������������


1. ocean city Maryland!

Me (Emily) and my friends Angie and Jess have a beach house in ocean city Maryland, we bought it and we are on our way now. Our ages? I'm 18 and Angie is 18 and Jess is 19. I have long brown wavy hair down to my butt, i have blue eyes and I'm 5'2. I have my belly button pierced and i have a small tattoo on my hip. It's just a infinite sign with my name on it. Me and my bestfriends both got them done. My friends both have blonde hair. Jess has blue eyes too but no piercings and she's 5'4. Her hair isn't as long as mine but it's still pretty long. Angie has green eyes and no piercings she is 5'3 her hair is shoulder length and blonde.and we are all single. The beach house was amazing! It had five bedrooms and it was already furnished. It had everything we needed but our personal belongings. My room was the biggest it had a bathroom and Jess's room had a bathroom right next to it like Angie's. We threw on our bathing suits and it was really hot out side. So we went outside to our pool. " who's that?" Jess asked me. "I dunno probably our neighbor?" I replied "what dont we go over there!" Angie asked me. " yeah you guys can go, id rather not." I said while watching the five boys, the one that called my eyes was the one with curly hair but i couldn't see his face or anything. Angie and Jess were having a talk while i heard my phone ring. I got out the pool and my ex Ryan was calling. He hasn't stopped calling me. I broke up with him, cause well he cheated on me and we were together for 2 years. We broke up about 3 months ago. And he hasn't stopped trying. Now he also has a beach house in ocean city, we used to go almost every weekend. But i doubt he is here now. I turned off my phone so he couldn't keep calling. I went back outside and Angie and Jess were still talking. It was already 6:30 and we planned to go out tonight. We all got out the pool and started making dinner. I was washing my hands in the kitchen and i could still see our neighbors except they were all in side now. We ate some food, and started getting ready. I wore a nice black skin tight dress that didnt touch my mid thigh. Jess wore a red dress and Angie liked wearing tights and crop tops. By 9:13 we were already out the door. We walked until we found a nice club and a bar. We were at the door pulling out our fake id, and the bouncer let us in. The second i walked in i smelled a lot of alcohol and a lot of cute boys. Me and my friends were drinking a lot. So we were pretty fucked up. I spotted a curly haired boy in the crowd. He was cute! And way taller then me. We made eye contact and he came over to me. " do you wanna dance?" I put my drink down and took him to the middle of the dance floor. I was dancing all over him. And by the third song we were making out in the club. His lips were so soft. He pulled away. " let's take this to my place yeah?" " yeah" i left Jess and Angie and told them I'll meet them at home. " oh right my name is harry." He laughed " and my name is. Emily i laughed . My speech was slurred. He took me to a familiar house and closed the door he took me all the way upstairs. His lips hungrily met mine and as he was kissing me he was slowly taking off my dress. I was tugging at his shirt. I didnt think we were going to go all the way. He took of hits pants and i noticed all his tattoos. He undid my bra and took off my undies. He was too familiar with this. He laid me on the bed and pulled something out of his closet it looked like a shirt and before i knew it i was knocked out.


I woke up to the sound of waves crashing down. I turned around to see a guy sleeping next to me. He was really cute. He looked familiar. And i was sleeping in a big shirt. I turned my head to the window and quickly shut my eyes. My head was spinning and i felt like i was going to Puke. Before i could stop myself i ran into a bathroom and let it all out. I tried to keep it down, so i could sneak out with out waking him up. Do i even know his name? I went back into what i think is his room. I slipped off his shirt and my dress back on with my bra and undies. Wait! Did i lose my virginity? No i would remember right? I sneaked out of his room and downstairs. I heard voices from the kitchen. But i tiptoed out the front door. Now all i had to do was go home. I looked to my right and my house was literally their neighbors. Wait i slept with my neighbor? The cute one with the curly hair? No no no no. This isn't happening. The second i walked into my house Jess and Angie threw questions at me. And all i said was " i went home with the neighbor with the curly hair!" Jess said " did you lose your virginity?" " no i dont think i did. I would be sore right?" " yeah thats true" i took a quick shower and put on pjays while letting my hair air dry. Angie and Jess both came into the living room and asked " you coming with us? We are going down stairs to the beach?" " actually I'll meet you guys down there."

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