Summer '12

Its summer of '12 and the girls just want to have fun. They have a beach house right next to some cute boys house. The girls are Emily, Jess, and, Angie. The boys liam, harry, zayn, louis , and niall. A summer filled with love, fun, and tragic losses& of course Drama. ������������������������������


2. harrys pov

Harrys pov

I opened my eyes just in time to see Emily taking off my shirt and slip her dress on. I quickly closed my eyes due to the sun coming in from my window. I heard her leave the room. I was drunk last night but not drunk enough to fuck her. She seemed experienced but i just didnt feel right doing it while she was drunk so i let her pass out on my bed with my shirt. She seemed familiar. I hope she didnt walk home. I should of offered to take her home right? I really woke up and found zayn and the boys all downstairs. " so you brought a girl home eh?" Zayn questioned. " yeah her name was Emily" i smiled. " did she leave a number or anything?" Niall asked this time. " no cause we didnt fuck." I said simply. All of their jaws dropped. " wait harry styles didnt fuck that small ass girl with long brown hair and blue eyes?" Zayn gasped. " damn you checked her out eh?" I laughed. " you guys didnt see her go out did you?" I asked. " nope, what do you lads want to do today?" Liam asked. " the beach sounds fun." Niall said while looking out the window." " look thats Emily!" He exclaimed while pointing. I ran out to the balcony and sure enough it was her. I quickly ran outside and caught up to her. "Emily, it's me harry." I yelled. She turned around fast and her face was red. "

" harry?" She questioned.

" from last night." I replied end cooly.

" oh yeah about that listen- " she tried to finish but i quickly cut her off.

" nothing happened. I mean we made out and stuff, and you were really drunk and passed out on my bed. Either way i still wasn't going to have sex with you." I explained.

" what?" She frowned.

" no i mean, i would but you were really drunk and i didnt want you to regret anything." I explained again.

" well, in that case, why dont you and your friends come down and chill with us?" She smiled.

I turned around and saw zayn and niall looking down at us.

" actually, if you dont mind i was thinking maybe we could go swim for a little bit, then my boys and your girls could all meet at the board walk?" I asked.

She thought about it for a second.

" that sounds great actually." She smiled.

To be honest, i just wanted to get in her pants and fuck with her. Then leave her. She seems like a nice girl but i dont do relationships even is the girl lives right next door. Why? Beacuse I'm not stupid to fall in love with girl and i just fuck around with girls, they dont mean anything to me.

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