Summer '12

Its summer of '12 and the girls just want to have fun. They have a beach house right next to some cute boys house. The girls are Emily, Jess, and, Angie. The boys liam, harry, zayn, louis , and niall. A summer filled with love, fun, and tragic losses& of course Drama. ������������������������������


4. Emily's pov

Emily's pov.

I figured me and harry could get along just well, he has a lot of tattoos and he is a cutie. He's like way taller then me. I walked to Jess and Angie.

" guys um our neighbors want to hang out with us, and then me and you guys are gonna go to the board walk with them." I said.

" wait so we have a-." Angie almost finished her sentence when a boy finished it for her.

"Date? I mean you could say that.!" " I'm zayn" he smiled looking at Angie and Angie introduced her self.

" I'm niall" he smiled while looking at Jess.

I heard my phone ring in my bag. Ryan.

I answered

"Hello? What do you want?"

" i want you. I miss you." He cried.

" it's been three months Ryan." " get over it, you hurt me and i could never forgive you."

" you know you miss me. Just tell me you miss me, please.?"

" i cant because i dont. I have to go." I hung up fast and wiped away a few tears. Every one was in the water except harry. He looked me and noticed i was crying. He moved a little closer and said

" whats wrong em?" He asked worried.

I quickly smiled at his nickname for me.

" my ex doesn't calling and he's creeping me out." I sighed.

" what his name?" He wrinkled his eyebrows.

His British accent was soo sexy. All three of them have cute accents.

" Ryan" i whispered.

" Ryan? What did he do to you?" He asked.

" he cheated on me. We were together for 2 years, and he cheated on me with my bestfriend."

" wow, he shook his head." " em?" He asked.

" yea-" before i could finish his lips were on mine. And i couldn't help but do the same as i kissed him back.

We pulled away to breathe. I couldn't believe how i felt after just 1 little kiss. Harry opened his eyes, and looked at me. I blushed a lot. I felt my whole face turn red.

" I'll be back, I'm going to go and get drinks." I quickly got up from the sand.

" wait I'll go with you." Harry exclaimed.

We walked over to the bar and ordered the drinks. I was waiting for the drinks when i saw a tall blonde boy walking up to us. When i realized it was RYAN. I quickly turned around to harry.

" let's wait over here- i tried to drag harry.

" Emily? What are you doing here with a different boy?" He yelled.

" Ryan stop. We broke up a while ago. Now leave me alone." I whispered. Ryan tried grabbing my arm but Harry quickly pushed him back.

" leave her alone mate." Harry warned.

"She's not your girlfriend. So what does it matter." Ryan hissed back.

" she's not yours either. So just walk away." Harry warned again.

Ryan took his chance to push harry, once harry caught his balance he quickly punched Ryan right in the nose causing a weird cracking sound and blood to come pouring out of his nose. I tried to calm down harry, and i stood in front of harry and his eyes went from dark green to light green when he saw me. I looked down at his hands and his on hand was already swollen. Ryan was still crying in pain. By now zayn niall and the girls where running up. We quickly ran to my house and went inside. Jess, and Angie were cooking for everybody. I took harry upstairs to my bathroom and searched for the first aid kit. His knuckle was cut a little bit. I pulled out triple antibiotic and passed it on his cut. I grabbed some ice from downstairs and wrapped the ice in a towel. When i went back upstairs harry wast even in the bathroom. He was sitting on my bed.

" harry, what are you doing in here?" I asked.

" i wanted to see what your room looked like." He admitted

I put the ice in his hand and held there for a while.

" how old are you?" He questioned.

" I'm 18." I answered.

" I'm 19." He smiled.

I was about to say something when my back pocket started buzzing.


" hi mom." I sighed.

" do you have any idea, of how bad Ryan is hurt?" She yelled.

" mom seriously, i dont care he tried grabbing and a boy defended me."

" well then, you have to say sorry to his parents. Did you think i wasn't going to find out, you cheated on him? I did not raise you to be such a wild girl!"

" excuse me? I didnt cheat on him." I scoffed. I hung up and shut my phone off. I turned my attention back to harry. He was watching me the whole time. I finally realized u still had only my bathing suit on. Oh well.

" are we still going to the board walk?" Harry asked.

" i was hoping i giggled.

Jess yelled.

" the food is done.!" She yelled.

Me and Harry went down and grabbed a plate. She made us sandwiches with chips.

After we all ate the boys went home to get ready as did we. I wore a nice white crop top that said "crazy mofos" with black shorts and white vans. I let my hair fall down to my back in nice beach waves. Jess had on a nice loose shirt with shorts and Angie had a crop top with shorts too. We were doing our make up when the boys started knocking on our door.

" guys I'm done, I'm going to go open the door." I yelled.

I opened the door, and well Harry looked fucking perfect! He had a tight black shirt on with jeans. His hair was styled up in the front. Zayn looked good. He had a dark blue shirt and niall had a white shirt.

" Emily, you look great!" Niall said.

" yeah, you do." Zayn agreed while walking in.

" hey Em. You look beautiful." Harry kissed me. His kisses were so amazing. He was perfect.

Me and harry drove in separate cars. He looked worried almost nervous.

" Harry is everything okay?" I questioned.

" yeah, babe why not?" He spoke too quickly.

He called me babe! He called me babe. I was speechless. I stood quite the rest of the ride.

We met up with the rest and bought each 40 tickets. Harry being a gentlemen paid for me.

" which one, do you want to ride first?" Harry looked down at me.

But before i could answer zayn butted in.

" let's ride that one." He shouted.

So me and my friends and harry all joined them.


My legs were so sore from walking Harry carried me all the way to the car. It was sweet. The way he talked to me the way he smiled. I love him. I love Harry. Was that wrong? Harry put me in the car.

We pulled up to our houses. And well Harry invited me inside. I met 2 new boys. Liam and louis. They were sweet. Harry quickly took me upstairs.

He kissed me hard. And i kissed back. We made out for a good 5 mintues. He pulled away to look at me.

" do you want to?" He asked.

" um i dont know I'm not sure." I admitted.

" wait is this your first time?" He asked again.

I nodded.

" I'll be gentle, i promise."

He explained everything he was doing. He told me it might hurt.

And boy was he right. He had a condom on. And he was thrusting in and out. And i was digging my nails, into his back. I felt a lot of pressure down in my stomache. I was whispering harrys name over and over again. As was he. Suddenly his pace slowed down a bit. And my legs started to shake. My limbs were numb and i screamed harrys name. He laid his body on top of mine. And he rolled over. He looked at me.

" how was it?" He asked.

" it was amazing" i smiled. " what time is it?" I questioned.

" its 11:30." He mumbled. As he snuggled into my neck. I was so tired. I drifted into a deep sleep.

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