Summer '12

Its summer of '12 and the girls just want to have fun. They have a beach house right next to some cute boys house. The girls are Emily, Jess, and, Angie. The boys liam, harry, zayn, louis , and niall. A summer filled with love, fun, and tragic losses& of course Drama. ������������������������������


5. chapter 5


I woke up to the sound of light snores. I turned around and saw Emily laying down. She looked beautiful. I thought she would be up by now. I put some clothes on and went downstairs with a big smile on my face. Not Beacuse we fucked but Beacuse it was Emily. I ran into all the boys in the kitchen.

" why are you so happy?" Zayn asked.

" no reason." I said cooly.

" i haven't seen you this happy since Claire." Niall admitted.

Just the sound of her name made me want to cry. I missed her so much. And now she's gone forever.

" niall you always ruin my fucking day." I said through my teeth.

" mate it's been 3years, since she died-." Liam explained.

" dont talk about it!" I yelled once more.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.


She called me.(Claire)

" harry?" She spoke.

" baby? Whats wrong?" I asked worried.

" i need you. I want you. I want to say goodbye."

" what? What are you talking about?" I asked while putting on my shoes.

" i couldn't take it anymore. The fighting the crying. My dad always abusing me. I just want you to know, I love you. And i will never stop loving you."

" Claire?" I yelled through the phone while running to her house.

But by the time i got there, it was too late. She laid there, with blood all over her. And an empty pill bottle. I dropped to knees. And ever since that day, i never had another girlfriend. Cause when i love them, THEY ALWAYS LEAVE.


" Harry" i heard a small voice behind the boys.

We all turned around and saw Em standing there

She was wearing her outfit from lastnight.

" hey Em. I was about to make you breakfast." I quickly said. While pulling out pans.

I was cooking breakfast while everybody was in the living room. Zayn and Em were sitting on the love couch. And the boys were asking her a bunch of questions.

" so where is your family?" Liam asked.

" my parents are in New York. And my sister should be coming down to live here with me in about 2 weeks." She replied.

" do you have any brothers?" Niall said this time.

" yeah i have 1. His name is Peyton. And he's 21." She replied again.

I called Em into the kitchen, and served her food.

" Em?" I asked her.

" harry." She giggled.

" here it kept ringing." I handed her, her phone.

She looked at the screen and quickly dialed back. She left the kitchen and went to the bathroom upstairs.

She was in there for 20 mintues. I wanted to make sure she was okay. I knocked lightly on the door.

" who?" She sniffled.

" Em its harry." She quickly unlocked the door. Her eyes were watery.

" what wrong?" I asked worried.

" my-" she chocked a little bit.

" my grandma, passed away this morning." She cried even louder.

I grabbed her and held her tight before i wiped her tears away. Seeing her cry broke my heart even more. I never felt like that since Claire.

At this moment i knew i wanted Emily to be my girlfriend.

" i have to go home harry." She whispered.

" okay." I kissed her forehead.

" no, harry I'm going home to New York." She said.

" what? For how long?" I asked.

" I'm not sure. Maybe a week.

" when?" I asked again.

" maybe next weekend." She looked up at me.


Em pov.

My grandmother died. I cant believe it. The woman who taught me everything i knew died. I was so close with her and now she's gone. I decided to go home and take a nap. I was still tired after all. Harry didnt want me to leave but i wanted to. As soon as i got home i went to my room. I laid on my bed and shut my eyes. I couldn't sleep. But thats all i wanted to do.

After my nap, i woke up and wondered if this was all a dream. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed my grandmas number. It rang and rang. " hello this is Amanda Rivera." " i cant get to my phone, try again later?" Her sweet voice was in my head. I cried even harder. She's really gone. I went downstairs, and Angie and Jess both looked at me. My eyes were red and puffy.

" I'm so sorry Emily. We are both here for you." They both ran up to me and hugged me.

" i know" i responded while unlocking my phone. I decided to call my brother Peyton.

" pey?"

" Emily?" He questioned.

" i miss you, i need you." I cried through the phone.

" i know little sis. I'm actually not to far from Ocean city. Can i stop by?"

" you dont even have to ask." I responded. And then we said good bye and hung up.

There was a knock at the door. I was only wearing a shirt and i thought it was Jess or Ang.

" come in." I yelled.

" hey babe." Harry smiled.

" hi." I whispered.

Harry doesn't know that i overheard his ex- girlfriend died.

" how are you feeling?" He asked.

" i could ask the same." I didnt say it with a growl.

" what do you mean?" He furrowed his eyebrows

" Claire." I simply said.

His face lost all the color.

" what?" He whispered.

" what happened?" I asked.

He say down on my bed.

" i was in love. And i lost her due to the fact that her parents were always fighting. She committed suicide. She cut right into her veins." He explained.

I tried my best to cover up my scars, on my wrist. They were very light. I stopped 3 years ago. I had only 1 scar that people could really see.

" I'm so sorry harry." I hugged him. " how did you take it?" I asked.

" well i never had another relationship. Until you. I never felt like this until you. I loved Claire, but you? Your different." He kissed me.

" i want to be with you." He admitted.

" and i want to be with you." I smiled.

" so, its official?" I asked.

" yes babe." He winked.

I heard a door close, so i got up and looked out the window. It was Peyton.( he has blonde hair, blue eyes, and he's 5'10)

I ran down the stairs and jumped right into his arms. My brother that i haven't seen in almost a year was standing here right in front of me.

" Em, your hair!" He exclaimed.

" Pey, you got taller." I hugged him tighter.

I missed him so much. He is my brother, we are really close. Just then harry walked out.

" Peyton this is Harry, my boyfriend." I told Peyton.

" nice to meet you." Peyton smiled.

Harry smiled.

" so are their any cool guys around here? " Peyton asked.

" what does it matter? Your only staying here for half a day." I said.

" well i mean my neighbors are pretty cool." I told him.



I walked back into my house. Harry went back to his house to shower. I was sitting on my couch when Angie and Jess came out.

" Em, we want to go out." Angie complained.

" Then you guys can go out. I dont want to go out. Do you guys understand that my grand mother passed away this morning?" I yelled.

" well I'm taking Jess out to eat." Angie slammed the door on her way out.

I swear what kind of friends are They? They said they would be here for me. I cant believe this. So i Called Harry to come back over. He walked into my house within seconds.

" I think i might go to New York a little bit sooner then i expected."

" No. Baby, I dont want you to go." He looked a little upset. " well i mean you could always come with me." I joked. But i guess he took it serious. "Actually, that sounds like a good idea." He smiled. "Harry i was joking." I smiled. "I mean if you want to you can." I said." Are we gonna stay at your parents or?" He seemed a bit worried. "Well we dont have too. I could Rent a hotel room for us." I kissed his lips. " No its fine, I can rent a Condo." He smiled. " Rent a Condo? How will you find one so fast?" I asked. "Well when i came from London after Claire died, I wanted to go to New York. But i found the house Right there, and decided that i wanted to move here instead." He explained. "Do you plan on going back to London?" I asked. "Um- Um" he was stuttering. "Well not really. I mean maybe in my future. He still looked worried. "I'll be back im gonna go change." I lied. "Change for what? You look good in those clothes." He smiled. I didnt know what to say, I'm on my period and i have to change my tampon. " well i need to put on socks too." I ran upstairs.

I ran right into the bathroom in my room and changed to do whatever i had to do. After i was done I out on my socks until i heard Harry saying "No!" I quietly opened my door and looked at where i left Harry. only to see a drunk Angie trying to kiss Harry. " C'mon Harry, Em doesn't have to Find out." That was it. My blood was boiling. I ran downstairs and quickly pulled Angie off. " what the- oh Hi Em." She smiled. I took out my hand and slapped her in the face. She stumbled up. I didnt want to hit her again Because she was drunk, but she shoved me back. Before I could react Harry quickly Grabbed me. " Harry let go of me." I slapped his arm. He took me upstairs and locked my door. "Baby calm down, You can talk to her about it in the Morning." Harry tried calming me down. But it wasn't really working.

" why would she do that? She's my best friend." I wanted to cry. I hate her. I'm kicking her out. I quickly laid down on my bed. I was tired and angry. Due to the fact i had my period my back was hurting and my Cramps were out of this world. I wanted to cry. Thats how bad they hurt. " are you okay?" Harry asked while laying down next to me. I shook my head, no. " what should i do?" He kissed me. "Rub my back, please?" I asked. "Okay baby." He started to rub my back, it felt so good. I woke up at 4:18 in the morning. I looked at my phone, and noticed harry was still asleep. He look so cute, i couldn't help but take a few selfies with him. I turned over so i was facing him. Everything was good with him. He was perfect. But i wanted to know why, he got so worried when i asked him about London. Did something happen to him? I was really curious. Until I heard a crash downstairs. I jumped up really quick. and then i heard another crash. This time i woke up Harry. And soon he heard it too. He quickly went downstairs and told me to stay in the Room.

It's been 10 Minutes since Harry went downstairs. I was getting worried. So I walked downstairs and saw harry sitting down and a feeding a cute little puppy. Harry? I asked while i walked up to were the dog was. "Em you left your back door open, and this little boy, came in and started digging through your trash" he explained. " aww he's so cute." I smiled while looking at the Little brown yorkie at my feet. " Can we keep him?" Please I begged harry, with puppy dog eyes. "How about we take him to the Vet and see if he's registered, if he's not we can keep him." Harry looked up at me. Suddenly my cramps started up again. and my back was hurting a lot. I went upstairs and started a bath. I found bubble bath in the closet. I squirted a lot in it and within seconds my tub was filled with hot water and bubbles. I quickly slipped down my clothes and sat down in the tub. I was planning to wash my hair but the water was helping my pain and I didnt want to move. I was in the Shower for about 15 minutes before Harry knocked on the door. " come in." I said in a sleepy voice. Harry looked me and asked "Are you okay?" He looked really worried. Again i did not want to tell him that i was on my period. "Harry, Im on my period." I covered my face. I felt my face turning hot. I didnt hear him anymore. When I uncovered my face to look at him he had shampoo in his hand, and had his sleeves rolled up. " what are you doing?" I asked. " well I'm washing your hair, babe." He smiled. I couldn't help but smile and I turned around and let him wash my hair. He was scrubbing it, and told me to close my eyes tight while he dumps water into my hair. I felt relaxed by the time I came out of the shower. I threw my self onto my bed, and by the time i closed my eyes, it was already 6:30.

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