Our Hate/Love.

'I want to give you this, for our 16th year friendschip.' He said, giving me the same paperplane necklace that he has.
'Promise me to call every day, and never forget me.' I said.
'I promise.' He replied.


10. Chapter 9

Harry’s POV.

Wow, she was beautiful, her voice was music to my ears, her outfit was her own way and the way she reached her high notes made my eyes go wide.

I never really thought about her depression, I only thought of loosing her again, so her heartbreak was less pain, guess I was wrong.

When I saw her on the stairs yesterday, my thought were going crazy, and when she laughed, was unexpected. But my heart broke when she told about her dad, that she never told me that. I thought that we were bestfriends, but then again I lef tand broke my promise. I really regret that, but I just… I thought it was just a teenagers crush, we were 16. Then you can’t love someone, can you?

I am so confused, I can’t really think of something else but her, and I am in a relationship.

It’s just the way her eyes twinkle when she is happy, the way her eyes can say everything to you without talking, the way her dimples are showing when she is smiling for real, the way she blushes when you compliment her, the way she looks angry at you, the way she cries, the way her face goes red if you say something emberassing, the way she walks, the way she uses her hands if she says something dramatic, the way she winks at you.

I really need to shut up, Its just so weird. I think I just need to do something with Taylor.

Carmens POV.

When I was singing I saw Harry in deep thoughts, but I just shrugged it off, it doesn’t matter anyway

‘Beautiful, Carmen, but just one question, How is your hair so straight, When you were 15 you had curly hair.’ Eddie said, I glared at Perrie again.

‘Perrie happened.’ I groaned and landed on the couch, with my head on Louis lap, ‘Sup?’

‘Uh… Uhm… nothing.’ Louis said and blushed making me snicker and Perrie laugh.

‘If you say so.’ I said and laughed, making Liam, Eleanor and Louis snap their heads to me.

‘You… You laughed!’ Liam exclaimed.

‘No shit, I am just crying.’ I said, and Zayn had to laugh right now. He has that funny laugh, when he oinks a bit.

‘Oink Oink.’ I said, and Sophia fell of her chair with a loud thump. Liam rushed to her side and helped her up.

‘Thanks.’ She mumbles and looked in his eyes, and they were in that kind of trance. Weird, never happened to me. I searched in my pants and found a mini spoon, don’t ask me how it gor there, because… Well I don’t know either. So let me be ;)

I throw the spoon to Liam, and he jumped, screamed like a girl and hid behind the couch. Making me laugh out loud, and the others too, even Eddie.

‘Okay who did that?!’ Yelled Liam. Everyone pointed at me.

‘Oh fuck.’ I cursed and ran away, Liam right behind. I turned around a corner and Liam ran into the wall, making everyone laugh.

‘You are gonna get it Carmen!’ He yelled.

‘When?!’ I sassed back, and ran back to the studio, but someone throw me on his shoulder.

‘How about now.’ He said and smirked.

‘I don’t see any revenge in this, you just make me feel less tired, and I don’t have to walk now.’ I sassed.

‘How about the tickle monster.’ He said.

‘Goodluck with that!’ Harry, Celine and Eddie yelled, making me laugh, I am immune for being tickled, beat that bitches, sorry.

He started poking my sides, but I didn’t need to laugh ones, making him frustrated.

‘What are you trying?’ I asked. He sighed and stopped.

‘I actually have no idea.’ He answered, and quit with poking, I stood up and picked up the mini spoon from the floor, Liam knew what I wanted to do, and ran away. I shrugged and put the spoon back in my pants. I fell on the couch, with my head on Eleanors lap.

‘Sup bitch?’ I ask and smiled, she smiled a bit.

‘Wanna prank the boys later?’ She wispered in my ear, I smiled evilly and nodded. I stood up with Eleanor.

‘Hey, we need to go to the toilet, Baby Irish, Perrie and Sophia, coming with us?’ I asked, and Celine looked at me wide-eyed, I nodded and they all followed. I heard Zayn and Niall say ‘Girls.’ Again. I looked at Perrie. She nodded.

‘Why aren’t you guys following then?’ I yelled back again, still funny.

‘You know I have Perrie.’ Zayn yelled.

‘I already told you she is lesbian!’ I yelled back, making all of them snicker. We all walked to the toilets.

‘Okay, whats up?’ Sophia asked.

‘Prank time.’ Eleanor said, and we all nodded.

‘Who should I call?’ I asked.

‘Harry.’ They all said and I sighed. I dialed his number and he picked up right away. Weird.


‘Hello, is this One Direction?’ I asked doing a weird voice.

‘Yeah, your on the speaker.’ He replied.

‘OMG! Katheryn I told you this was the right number!!’ I started yelling in that voice, and looked at Perrie.

‘WOW, that so awesome, Hey Zayn are you there?’ She said also with a weird voice.

‘Yeah, here.’ He said.

‘OMG, can I have your babies?!’ She started yelling too.

‘Uh… Sorry I have a girlfriend.’ He said, and we all bit our lip to hold in our laughter.

‘Oh, I am jealous, she is soo pretty, You guys are perfect for eachother!’ She said.

‘Thank you, I really love her.’ He said.

‘That so cute, wait Anne, wants to speak Liam is that alright?’ She asked and looked at Sophia. She nodded.

‘Liam here.’ He said sounding proffesional.

‘Oh, you sound proffesional.’ She said, in another voice.

‘Its what I am.’ He said and laughed a bit.

‘O my, I believe you are different in bed.’ She said. We all bit our lip harder.

‘Uh…’ He said.

‘I was joking, I know you and Sophia are together, the perfect girl for you.’ She said and blushed.

‘Why thank you, Anne right?’ He asked.

‘Yup thats me… How are you doing actually?’ She asked.

‘Bit stressed, a girl throw a spoon at me.’ He said and all the girls looked at me.

‘Uhm, how about you try and think about all the good times you had in your life.’ She said.

‘Maybe I can try that sometimes, thanks for the advice.’ He said.

‘Its ok, but Sam wants to talk to Harry.’ She said and passed the phone to me.

‘Harry in the house.’ I heard him say.

‘Sam in the living room.’ I said. I heard him laugh.

‘Sup?’ He asked, wait thats my tekst! Damn I am just awesome.

‘Nothing, how are you and Taylor doing?’ I asked and my voice cracked a bit with her name.

‘Yeah were good, I am gonna ask her to marry me.’ He said, and my face went white. All the girls looked confused.

‘Oh, uh.. okay, I heard you saw a girl from the past.’ I said.

‘Yeah, Carmen, she is absolutely beautiful, can’t get her out of my head, thats why I am gonna ask Taylor to marry me.’ He answered.

‘Uh.. okay.. uhm… Do you miss her.’ I ask him.

‘Yeah, a lot, I regret everything I did to her, but it was for the best.’ He said.

‘Why for the best?’ I asked.

‘I thought it was just a teenagers crush, we were 16. And I… I was confused, so I broke a promise.’ He replied.

‘O-Okay, um.. Jessica wants to speak Niall, if thats okay.’ I said and passed the phone to Celine.

‘Niall here.’ I heard but I was already in my own thoughts.





Perrie shook my shoulders and Sophia splashed some water on me. I shook my head, and looked at them.

‘Sorry, Zoned out.’ I said, and they nodded.

‘Hey,If its possible…’ Celine started but El grabbed the phone out of her hands.

‘If I can speak with Louis!’ She yelled, we heard laughing.

‘I am right here!’ He yelled back.

‘But Why can’t I see you then?’ I sassed.

‘Sassy Sam, Tsk tsk, but what you name love?’ Louis asked.

‘I am Charlotte, but I like to be called Lot or Lottie.’ She said and winked.

‘Hey, the same name as my sister thats funny.’ He said and laughed.

‘Yeah, how are you and Eleanor?’ She asked.

‘We are going great, and strong, I really love her, and nobody compares to her.’ He answered.

‘Aww, thats soo cute. I just wish we could meet you guys.’ She said sounding sad.

‘Hey, you guys were very nice to us today, how about we send you some backstage passes?’ Liam started.

‘And we bring them personaly.’ Niall finished. The girls didn’t know what to do.

‘That would be awesome, we are staying at the Sunrise hotel(made it up). But we are unpacking right now, how about an hour or so?’ I said.

‘Thats okay Sam, Wich room number?’  

‘I’ll text it, if thats okay.’ I said.

‘Its okay, Bye!’ They all said

‘Bye!’ We all said, and I hung up.

‘Okay, I have wigs, contacts and clothes, we just need to go to the hotel right now, after we go to my house, deal?’ I asked.

‘Deal!’ They said, and we walked back to the studio and saw Harry on the phone, Sophia giggled.

‘Boys, we need to go, see you later.’ El said. They nodded, and we rushed to my car and drove to my house, I ran inside and grabbed the wigs, contacts, clothes and money.

After that I drove to the hotel and booked a room with the nomber 351, I texted Harry the room number.

I started with the wigs. I gave Perrie a black haired wig with blonde highlights. I gave Perrie a lightbrown curly haired wig. I gave Eleanor a drak brown haired wig. I gave Celine a blonde haired with with brown dip dye. For myself I had a blonde curly haired wig.

The contacts were for Perrie hazal coloured ones, for Sophia dark brown, for El blue, For Celine light blue, and for myself green ones.

Then I rushed to the clothes.

For Perrie I had black skinny jeans, a black crop top, a red baseball jacked, black high heels, and silver bracelets.

For Sophia I had denim skinny jeans, a loose sleeveless white t-shirt, black shoes, feather earrings and a black ring.

For El I had a white/red striped shirt, red shorts with those thingies on your shoulders, and red nikes

For Celine I had a red polo shirt, creme pants, and black sneaker wedges.

For myself I had a dark blue blouse with white hearts, black skinny jeans, black beanie, black boots, a ship necklace and bird earrings with litle diamonds on it. 

I put some mascara and eyeliner on with the girls, and mascara with eos by myself. We all looked at eachother and started laughing.

‘We don’t even look like ourselfs.’ Said Sophia, and everyone nodded.

‘Okay remember, El you are Charlotte, Perrie you are Katheryn, Sophia you are Anne, Celine you are Jessica and I am Sam, okay?’ I said.

‘Yup!’ They said and we laughed, until there was a knock on the door, everyone looked at me, and I pointed at Perrie.

Perrie sighed and opened the door. All the boys stood there, looking Perrie up and down. She cleared her throat.

‘Hi I am Katheryn!’ She exclaimed, and hugged everyone one.

‘I am Charlotte!’ El said.

‘I am Jessica!’ Celine said.

‘I am Anne!’ Sophia said.

‘And I am the sexy Sam!’ I said and hold my thumps up, all the girls looked at me, ‘No, you find it normal when I do this with that starbucks guys, but not here? Jeez!’ I lied, making the boys laugh.

‘Do you even remember his name?’ Sophia/Anne asked.

‘Wich one? From yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that?’ I asked her.

‘Yesterday.’ She answered.

‘Ow, but thats Dereck!’ I said, just thinking about a boys name, ‘Damn, he was hot!’

‘There you go again!’ Celine/Jessica said.

‘Go what?’ I asked, and jumped on the bed.

‘Thinking about hot boys!’ Perrie/Katheryn said. I stopped jumping.

‘Yeah, I think about hot boys, you just think about ugly boys.’ I answered, ‘Wait, no thats wrong, I mean girls!’

‘Ow thats it!’ She said and tackled me on the bed.

‘Okay, ugly boys then.’ I said laughing.

‘Who are the ugly boys then?’ Zayn asked. Then I really needed to laugh I almost peed in my pants.

‘They are in the same room as us!’ I said. And laughed again.

‘You and I both know you want this sexy body!’ Louis said, again. Remember the pool, well now its my chance to say it again.

‘You and I both now that isn’t a sexy body, gross!’ I said, making a discusted face, all the boys except Harry had wide eyes, ‘What?’

‘Just that someone else also said that.’ Liam said, I shrugged.

‘Than that girl is soo awesome!’ I said and jumped again on the bed.

‘Quit jumping, your making me feel dizzy, just looking at it!’ El/Charlotte said. I then started doing th 360, over and over again.

‘Okay, now I know what you feel.’ I said, and fell on the bed, dizzy.

‘Ha. Ha!’ El said, and poked my side, ‘Ow yeah, thats not working for you, forgot.’

‘A lot people are forgetting things…’ I said in a pillow.

‘Thats true.’ Louis said.

‘Hey, what is the boys name, from the day after yesterday.’ Niall said jokingly.

‘Thats a hard one, but I thought his name was Alex.’ I lied.

‘The day before that?’ Asked Liam.

‘George.’ Lie.

‘Before that?’ asked Zayn

‘Jake.’ Lie.

‘Before that one.’

‘Taylor.’ Lie.

‘Okay, how about 2 years ago.’

‘Ow, his name was Harold.’ I answered truthfully, everyone looked at me wide eyed.

‘He was a dick!’ Sophia spat, making me laugh.

‘No he wasn’t, but he found it a teenagers crush, I mean we were 16! No wait, that are his words.’ I trailed off.

‘And what are your words?’ Asked Louis.

‘My words are weird, I didn’t tell it to anyone so this is gonna be funny. I would say, if someone loves you for real, the age doesn’t matter, if its a crush, then it can be more later. But you have to work on it then, you have to work hard for a relationship that works, there many obstacles, but if you manage to go through it all, than your relationship is worth it.

But what I really wanna say to him is, that our friendship is falling apart, but thats how our love is getting stronger.’ I say, and looked at the ground. It feels weird to say that with Harry standing in the same room without him noticing it was me. It feels right to say it with him in the same room, even if he doesn’t notice it was me…. Confused.

‘That was beautiful!’ Said Harry for the first time they came here, I looked at him, and saw his eyes brimming.

‘Here!’ Louis said breaking our awkward silence with the backstage passes.

‘Thanks, I can’t wait for tonight!’ Sophia said. Grabbing the backstage passes from Louis.

‘Me too!’ Said El.

‘Me three!’ Said Perrie.

‘Me four!’ Said Celine.

‘And for me the sexiest five!’ I said, falling back onto the bed.

‘For me the mysterious six.’ Said Zayn.

‘The funniest seven.’ Said Louis.

‘The proffesionalest eight.’ Said Liam.

‘The hungriest nine.’ Niall said.

‘And the flirtiest ten.’ Harry said, and we all laughed.

‘It was nice meeting you guys, really, it feels like we know you longer than today.’ El said, and I throw a pillow to her.

‘Your blowing our cover.’ I sneered at her. She shrugged and we all laughed at me.

'We will see you tonight then, I need to find my girlfriend.' Liam said.

'Me too.' Louis and Zayn said in unison.

we said our byes and when they where gone, I collapsed on the bed.

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