Our Hate/Love.

'I want to give you this, for our 16th year friendschip.' He said, giving me the same paperplane necklace that he has.
'Promise me to call every day, and never forget me.' I said.
'I promise.' He replied.


5. Chapter 4

~Carmens POV.

~2 years later.

'Okay 5 more minutes before the show!' Someone shouted. Its 2 years and I am a famous Victoria Secret model worldwide. Today its time for the summer holiday show. Bikini's, dresses and that kind of things. I am the openings act, some things in the middle and the end. I am proud of myself that I am living my dream right now.

I am wearing a summerdress, with really high heels, some bracelets a bikini under it and... my necklace... my paper plane necklace. I never did it off. And I never forgot about him. I see everytime a picture with him and his band, One Direction. And also his necklace, so thats something why I wear it too, but I plan on giving it back. he never called me back, and in some magazines stood he was in a relationship with Taylor Swift.

And that Paparazzi is soo anoying, they are litteraly everywhere you come. I absolutley hate them, I mean who wouldn't.

'One more minute!' the same person shouted, I walked to my place.

'OMG, One Direction is here!' A girl shouted. Ugh.. Wait what? One Direction? Goddamn!

I sighed, and looked at the necklace, then at a mirror, I see a different girl. Not me, from the past. I changed a lot, I wore more make-up, I dyed the tip of my brown hair blue and I acted different. This whole thing changed me a lot. But I am proud of it, because I changed for the better.

'Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the summer holiday collection!' some guy I hate said, I mean I don't hate people fast, but he is just soo.... he. I guess you can say. anoying.

I opened the act with a pose and some other things, not realising Harry was watching. When I was back I needed to change in a bikini. then waited for my turn. When it was I did my thing and changed in a summer dress, that showed your cleavage a lot, but I don't care about that kind of things. and kept my necklace on.

I walked on stage again and my eyes met Harry's, he changed a lot also, and he had his mouth wide open. I smirked and walked back again. to change in the last clothes, Some high waisted shorts and a short/short t-shirt. I put my hair in a messy bun, because that was necessery. and waited for my turn, when it was I looked at the necklace before walking up stage. When I got back, that guy said somethings and about the after party.

Every model is dressing a short dress and I hate it when people dress up. I just chose something simple, like Always and they found that weird, but I don't care, Daisy loves it. and thats good enough, she also loves the necklace thats why I can keep it on, and she does that almost never.

I picked out a strapless dress, with a flower print on the higher part, a blue ribbon, and the bottem white, but blue dyed.

and 6 inch blue high heels.

I walked to Cara, who is also model and loves simple, decided to wear a yellow dress with a flower ribbon.

and yellow high heels.

She looked at me, and I nodded. She looked so beautiful. Better than me.

'You look beautiful babes.' I said.

'You look better.' She said and smiled, I shook my head, we Always do this, fighting about who looks better.

'Lets go.' I say. she nooded and looked on more time at my dress.

'Where did you actually get the necklace, I love it.' She asked, my face went white.

'Uhm, My... My best friend gave it to me.' I said, I wanted to say ex-bestfriend but that would make it worse for her, and me. She nodded and linked arms with me, we walked to the after party and we saw that it was bigger than normal, ofcoars, One Direction is here. I am gonna avoid it.

Cara yanked me to the dance floor, but I walked to the bar for a drink. I needed one. On my way to the bar I bumped into someone.

'I am soo sorry, I didn't look were I walked.' I said quickly, in my stong British accent. he looked at me, he had blue eyes and brown hair, something was familiar about him.

'its okay, I wasn't looking too, You were amazing.' He said in a British voice too, 'Are you British?' he asked.

'Yeah, I lived in Holmes Chapel, are you also British?' I asked.

'Yeah I lived in Doncaster, I am Louis.' He said.

'Okay, I am Carmen, nice to meet you.' I said, and played with my necklace. he stared at it.

'You know, thats the same necklace as my best-friend, and he also lived in Holmes Chapel.' He said and smiled big. I nodded, not knowing a better answer.

'But if you will excuse me, I am dirsty.' I said and walked away. he followed me.

'Me too, can I join?' He asked, I nodded. I ordered a drink, Louis did the same, and we talked a lot, we joked and laughed. He was nice and funny, I learned a lot about his past, sisters and Doncaster. I also told a little bit about my past, but not much.

'Hey, Lou, already forgot about Eleanor.' A guy with a British accent. with brown hair and brown eyes said.

'Who is Eleanor?' I asked Louis.

'My girlfriend.' He said and scratched his neck.

'Thats soo cute.' I said in an aww voice, and smiled at him. 'how does she look like?' I asked.

'She is beautiful, she has brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.' He said and smiled really big at the thought of his girlfriend. He grabbed his phone and showed a picture.

'She is beautiful.' I said and smiled. 'So who are you?' I asked the other boy.

'I am Liam, nice to meet you.' He said.

'I am Carmen, Are you also British?' I asked and he nodded.

'He comes from Wolverhampton.' Louis said and Liam smiled.

'Nice, I come from Holmes Chapel.' I said, and he nodded.

'Oh, and you did great, really beautiful.' Liam said.

'Thank you.' I replied.

'Not forgetting Sophia eh.' Louis joked. Liam blushed, and shook his head.

'Girlfriend?' I asked, he nodded. 'Lemme see a picture.' I said, he showed a picture with a girl with brown hair and green eyes. 'Beautiful.' I said and he smiled.

'She is.' He said and smiled big, how cute. I looked over Liams shoulders and saw Celine.. Celine?

'Celine!' I said and ran to her, wich is a little hard with heels, but who cares.

'CeCe!' She said and hugged me. I turned around and Liam and Louis looked confused.

'Louis, Liam this is my best friend from Holmes Chapel. Celine.' I said. They looked at eachother and smiled.

'Uhm, Carmen, Why did she call you CeCe?' Liam asked.

'My whole name is Carmen Celine Jacobs, and she wanted her own nickname, same with my other best friend, he called me Carmenella. I hate that name.' I said and Liam laughed.

'CeCe, I thought you had one bestfriend.' Louis said.

'hey, watch it, my nickname. think about your own!' Celine said and pointed her finger to him, Louis laughed and nodded.

'Uhm, yes.. I don't see one bestfriend anymore..' I said and Celine nodded.

'Okay..' Liam and Louis said.

'But Celine, What are you doing here. i thought you were busy with your job?' I asked her, she is fashoin designer. An awesome one too.

'I lied, I wasn't busy and wanted to surprise you.' She said in her strong Irish accent, and hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back. I looked over her shoulder and saw Harry walking towards us.

'Uhm, I need to go to the restroom.' I said, and Celine followed me.

'Whats wrong?' She asked.

'i saw Harry walking here.' I replied and she nodded, she understood perfectly why I disliked Harry.. see no hate, but he is close.. But I needed to use the toilet so I did my business. I walked back to Liam and Louis.

'Sorry, for that.' I said. they nodded. I ordered a drink again. and drank it fast. Celine walked to us. she ordered a drink too and started to talk with Liam and Louis.

'Hey, can we get your numbers so we can meet again?' Louis asked, I gave my phone and he gave it to Liam, same with Celine. Liam gave me my phone back and smiled. I returned one and saw two boys walking to us. One boy had blonde hair and blue eyes, and one a black quiff and brown eyes.

'Hey guys.' The one with the black quiff said.

'Hey Zayn.' They said, I waved and smiled. He smiled back. the blond one stared at Celine and blinked a few times, then He stared at me and blushed, I smiled.

'Niall, don't blush you Irish man.' Louis joked. that catched Celines attention.

'Are you Irish?' She asked him, he nodded and smiled.

'You too?' He asked and she nodded her head, proud.

'Okay, sorry to interrupt, but who are you too beautiful ladies?' Zayn said.

'I am Carmen and thats Celine.' I said.

'I am Zayn and thats Niall.' He replied. Niall and Celine stared at eachother. I snapped my fingers by Celine and Louis by Niall, they both looked away and blushed, making me giggle. We all talked and joked. it was a nice night, in the end I got Nialls and Zayns phone number too.

Celine and I walked to the exit, and then her car, to my house, well mansion.

'Wanna have a sleep over?' I asked and she jumped out of her care, making me laugh

'Come one, your a turtle.' She said and ran to the door, I opened it and she gasped. I laughed and walked to my room and she could borrow some of my pj's, while I showered she changed.

We watched a lot of movies and fell asleep on my bed.


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