Our Hate/Love.

'I want to give you this, for our 16th year friendschip.' He said, giving me the same paperplane necklace that he has.
'Promise me to call every day, and never forget me.' I said.
'I promise.' He replied.


4. Chapter 3

~Carmens POV.


'Mom, uhm, I know it isn't the right time, but when I ate a muffin today, I needed to puke.' I said, and mom looked shocked. She thought and nodded.


'Lets go to  a doctor.' She said and grabbed her purse, and walked to her car, to the hospital.


We arrived and walked in the building, we walked to the reception and said what to do. She said I needed to wait a few minutes. We did as told and a few minutes later a doctor called my name, and did some tests with me.


'I have the results.' He said, I nodded. My mother waited in the room with me.


'I am sorry but you have anorexia.' He said, and mom burst in to tears.


The doctor walked out of the room and we walked out of the building, and drove back home. I am so sad right know, note the sarcasm, I am mad on myself, I did this but there is no turning back now, I want my dream coming true. I already have a conversation for Victoria Secret next week. I was soo excited when I heard the news.


'Hun, I am sorry.' Mom said, and had still some tears on her cheeks.


'Its okay mom, I did it, and it was my choice to do it.' I reassured her, she nodded.


'I am going back to bed now, night mom.' I said.




~Next morning.


I woke up and rushed out of bed, I had school today. So I choose to wear my grey skinny jeans, a white/blue striped shirt, blue vans, my heart shaped necklace and the paperplane, my grey bag and blue beats. I brushed my hair and teeth, applied some mascara and eos. and my blue nail polish.

I looked one more time in the mirror before walking outside to Celines car.


'Looking hot babe.' She said


She wore skinny jeans, a plain white shirt, her red snapback, red shoes, a bracelet and some sunglasses. and her necklace that I gave her for her birthday, she is Irish so I gave her that green flower thingy. You know what I mean.

She drove of to school and walked inside, my first class was art, and hers music.


~Skip school, because I am lazy today.


She drove me to my house.


'But why did you puke yesterday.' She asked.


'because I have anorexia.' I sighed she hugged me and drove off. I walked inside and watched to the tv, to the X-factor. I saw Harry walking on stage.


'Name?' Simon asked.


'Harry Styles.' he said.


'What are you going to sing for us?'


'Hi there Delilah.' (Listen to the song, and you know what I mean.)


At the end I was crying.


'I say yes.'


'Me too'


'See you next time Harry.' Simon said.


I was soo happy for harry that he was going further. I am proud of him. I saw many others auditining, but they weren't as good as Harry.


I turned the tv off and walked to my bed, and fell asleep.


~Next week


Today I have the meeting with the boss of Victoria Secret I am soo excited, but sad though. Harry didn't call me this week and I hate him for doing that.


I thought he would keep his promise, but I guess I was wrong.


I walked to the building and was walking to the room I needed to be. I knocked on the door and opened it, there sat a lady.


'Hello I am Daisy, you are Carmen?' She said and I nodded she shook my hand.


'So you want to be modeling here?' She asked again, and I nodded.


'Yes, it is my dream.' I replied, she smiled.


'trust me, many people come here, but you are different then all the others.' She said.


'I hope thats a good thing.' I joked a bit, she laughed and nodded.


'Can I see some pictures?' She asked, and I gave them. She nodded, and smiled.


'Okay, We still needed one model, so you got the job!' She said, I was soo happy.


'You have to sign this contract and you are in.' She said and gave me a pen and paper, I signed it, and hugged her.


'Thank you soo much.' I said she smiled.


'Your first fotoshoot is tomorrow, so be here on 10 am. sharp.' She said, and I nodded. I walked out of the building with a huge smile.


When I  arrived home mom asked how it was going.


'I got the job mom, tomorrow is my first shoot.' I said and jumped up and down. My mom hugged me, and said we were going out to celbrate it.


I ran to my room and looked through my closet for a dress. I saw a red dress and put it on with my red heels. and ofcoars the necklace.

I walked back downstairs and saw my mom ready in a yellow dress, that fitted her perfectly, she had her hair curled, while I had natural curles. We walked to her car and she drove to a 5 star restaurant.


'Reservation for Jacobs.' My mom said. the waitress nodded and guided us to a table. We ate, well my mom ate while I had a small salade. We talked about my dream, and how proud she was on me. After that mom payed for it and drove to our house, I miss dad a lot right now.


She said I needed to sleep so I walked upsairs and changed in some sweats and a baggy shirt. but I couldn't sleep at all. I only thought of my dad, and Harry. After I decided I couldn’t sleep, I put on a jacket and sneakers. I opened my window and climbed out. I ran to my.. I mean our special park. I lie down and thought, the first kiss from Harry.. Harry… Why didn´t he call me as he promised me? I really miss him.

No, I can't miss him. He did this, so I need to forget this, and focus on my career. I don't want to stop with that. Just because I like someone, I just need to forget about him, and with that thought I walked back to my house.

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