Our Hate/Love.

'I want to give you this, for our 16th year friendschip.' He said, giving me the same paperplane necklace that he has.
'Promise me to call every day, and never forget me.' I said.
'I promise.' He replied.


3. Chapter 2

~Carmens POV.

Beep Beep Beep.

I picked up my alarm clock, and throw it to a wall, it broke as soon it reached te wall. Oops?

I looked at the time, on my phone since I smashed my alarm clock.

7 am? if it was fate I woke up at 1 pm, I am soo not a morning person. I walked out of my bed and looked in my closet for an outfit.

Some black leggings, a white oversized sweater, grey converse and a black/white bandana.

I looked at my mirror and brushed my hair, brushed my teeth. and applied some mascare and eos on my lips. Harry never liked it if I wore make-up so I did little things at a time, he stil didn't like it, but said nothing about it.

I looked at the necklace he gave me, I still wondered why he wanted me to wear the same paperplane as he has. I mean he never takes it off. I looked good at it and saw that there was something in. a little piece of paper, weird. I took it off, and opened it.

''Hi there Carmen,

if you read this I am probably all on the plane to the X-factor,

I hope you keep your promise to watch it.

I am soo nervous, I hope you enjoy watching me ;)

I am gonna miss you and keep my promise.

bye love.

xxx Harry.''

He is soo sweet, I walked down stairs and turned the tv on. I saw something from the X-factor and watched that. I saw many people walking inside the building with nervous looks. I laughed, I swear if I see Harry that nervous, the hell is open then.

I know how he can be when he is nervous, and hell no I don't want it again. I silently laughed.

'Hun, why are you awake so early?' My mom asked while yawning, and walking downstairs.

'Well, my alarm clock woke me up and now I need a new one.' I said and smiled nervously.

'Again, Carmen, thats the 7th one in two weeks.' She said trying to keep a straight face but obviously failing. and laughed.

'Well, you know me, don't you' I said giggling. the amount of alarm clock this year is pretty much.

'Want anything for breakfast hun?' She asked.

'No thanks mom, not hungry.' I shouted to the kitchen. I heard her sigh. I practisly starve myself, because I want to be a model, or singer too. but I want to be a model more than a singer. So I have to be skinny. Harry doesn't know about this because I don't want him to worry.

I looked back at the tv and saw a familiar face out of the car, he looked at the camera and winked.. Harry. I smiled though he can't see me, I smile wide. then I realised I didn't wish him a goodluck. I graabbed my samsung galaxy s5, and sent him a message.

To: Hazzy

Hi, Haz

Saw you on tv, I just wanna wish you goodluck,

I know you'll do great!

xx Carmen.

I pressed on sent and looked back at the tv, I saw Harry picking his phone and smile. He saw my message, he typed something back, and seconds later my phone beeped.

To: Carmenella.

Thanks love, and how did I look?

Great? I know that. Thanks, gotta go.

xx Harry.

Wait? he still has that nickname for me? Damn, most people call me Car or Carry, but he has to be his cocky self and think about his own. Well, thats Carmenella for him. He knows I hate that nickname.

To: Hazzy.

Cocky much?

Okay bye.

xx Carmen.

I pressed sent again and  layed my phone on the coffee table.

''Many people already arrived but the real show starts tomorrow.'' Said Simon Cowell in an interview. Okay I just need to watch tomorrow. I turned the tv off, when I got a phone call.

Celine Calling

Celine was my second best friend, I learned to know her from highschool. we have a lot in common. I also remember that she said that she was jealous of me that I had Harry.

I answered the phone call.

'Hi Cel.' I said.

'Hi CeCe.' She said, also she needed a own nickname, and surprise, my whole name is Carmen Celine Jacobs, so she thought of CeCe.

'Whats up?' I asked.

'Wanna go shopping?' She asked.

'Yeah, sure, what time?'

Honk Honk

I opened the front door and saw Celine sitting in her car, she is 18 so she is allowed to drive.

I hung up, and smiled at her. she smirked, I grabbed my purse, my phone and money. I ran outside but first said it to my mom. I stepped in her car and we talked a lot, but then she mentioned Harry.

'How is he?' She asked.

'He is great I guess, he is now at the X-factor.' I replied, she widened her brown eyes and looked shocked.

'He finally did uh? I am proud on that little boy.' She said and iped away her fake tears, she is practisly our sister, and we her younger brother and sister she never had. I laughed at her.

'Yup, me too, me too.' I said and we chatted a little longer, we arrived at the mall, and we both ran to Forever 21.

We both wanted a jumpsuit, so I picked a strapless black one, and Celine grabbed a white one, we both looked at necklaces and found two really nice ones, I have a heart shaped one with blue diamonds, and she two hearts in eachother, then we looked at some high heels and I saw some black heels I really wanted and they stood good with my jumpsuit and Celine found some light yellow heels.

My jumpsuit:

Celine's jumpsuit:

We payed for the clothes and walked out of the shop, to Zara. I really love that shop, they have so many things, from Tomboy, to Girlygirl. Celine and I both aren't that, we are in the middle you can say.

We walked in the shop and looked at some nice dresses. I saw a orange colored dress, that I absolutely adored, it was a short dress with some sparkles in the middle. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly. it was strapless.

I took it off and changed in my normal clothes and payed for the dress, in the mean time Celine saw a beautiful strapless blue/white dress, the bottom was blue with white stones, and the lower was white, it was also short.

She also payed for the dress, and then walked out of the shop, then she started whining.

'I am starving, can we eat somewhere?' She whined, I rolled my eyes and nodded, she cheered and pushed me in to SubWay. She ordered a lot, and I just ordered a muffin, and a water. She looked at me and sighed, she also knows about my dreams, and said nothing about it, just sighed, like my mom. She ate faster than me, while she had more food!

I ate my muffin and ran to the toilet to puke. Shit! this never happened before... What do I do know? Go to the doctor? maybe later.. I walked back to Celine and she shook her head. She payed for the lunch and drove back home.

'Bye CeCe, see ya tomorrow on school!' She said and drove off, I waved and sighed, I don't wanna go to school. I walked back inside and saw mom looking at the tv. crying, I rushed to her side.

'Whats wong mom?' I asked, she shook her head.

'Y-Your dad, he d-died in a c-car crash.' she said and cried more, I hugged her tight, I felt the tears on my cheeks but didn't care. My mom hugged me tight and cried on my sweater, but I couldn't care less now.

I just lost my dad.

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