Our Hate/Love.

'I want to give you this, for our 16th year friendschip.' He said, giving me the same paperplane necklace that he has.
'Promise me to call every day, and never forget me.' I said.
'I promise.' He replied.


11. Chapter 10

~Carmens Point of View.


'That was weird!' I exclaimed and everyone laughed at me.

'Yeah it was.' Perrie said and scratched the back of her head.

'Why didn't you tell us that you felt that way?' El asked me and I shrugged.

'I always thought no one would care how I feel, since he stopped contacting me.' I replied and she hugged me tight.

'We will always care! I am so sorry I did all that stuff to you!' She wispered and I hugged her tight. Celine was quietly crying.

'I a-am so s-sorry!' She sobbed and I hugged her tight.

'I forgive you guys, but I know I will never forget about it. please don't make me regret this.' I wispered to them and they nodded their heads quickly.

'Thank you!' The shouted at me and I smiled.

'When was the concert again?' Sophia asked, changing the conversation, and I was happy that she did that.

'Tonight!' Perrie squealed and we laughed at her outburst.

'Guys, the boys said they will be looking for us... we need to get back!' I yelled at them and we all removed our wigs and contacts. we rushed out of the hotel and ran back to the studio, forgetting about the clothes we wore.

'GUYS OUR CLOTHES!' Celine wisper yelled at us and I let out a couple of curses.

‘uhmm, here are some clothes. Borrow this and change quickly.’ I said throwing some clothes at their faces I got from a rack. We quickly changed in the toilets.

We all ran to the studio and saw the boys pacing around. I leaned against the door frame while the other girls jumped on their boy’s back. Harry turned around and faced me, I masked the pain I felt in my eyes and he was staring intensly at me.

I shook my head as Ed looked at me, trying to read my emotions.

‘So? You guys done?’ I asked and they nodded.

‘Yeah, we have to go. We have a concert tonight, you guys want to come?’ Zayn asked us and the girls looked at me for a lie.

‘Nah, we wanted to have a girls night.’ I shrugged and they nodded. I drove back to my house with all the girls and boys, but some needed to get a cab.

I opened the door and then the girl yanked me upstairs making me shriek in surprise and the boys laughed.

‘Okay, whats the plan?’ El asked me.

‘How about we wait till the concert is over and then go backstage?’ I suggested and they shrugged.

‘Sounds good to me.’ Sophia said and everyone agreed.

‘Can you lend us some nice clothes?’ Celine asked and I nodded, looking through my closet and found some clothes they could lend.

We walked downstairs and I found Liam and Harry cooking some food.

‘So, what are we eating tonight?’ I asked in a loud voice making them both jump in surprise and the girls and I laughed at their reaction.

‘We are eating some stofed patetoes, some vegatables and some meat.’ Liam answered and I nodded. They finished and all got a plate.

I tried to sneak upstairs without food but Niall and Harry stopped me.

‘Carmen? What are you trying to do?’ Niall asked, crossing his arms.

‘Uhm, go upstairs and take a nap?’ I said, but it came out like a question. He tutted me and grabbed my wrist making me wince at the pain.

‘Ow, sorry. I forgot about that.’ He said with sympathy and I nodded, avoiding Harry’s stare. He put some food on a plate. Not much, but it was too much for me. He psuhed it in my hands and looked like a mother would.

I sighed at hi mand gave him a soft smile. He gave me a big grin back and got food for himself.

I sat down next to Celine and Harry sat down next to me. I slowly ate my food, sometimes I could feel myself puke it but I swallowed it. my throat hurts a lot from it but some water would help.

After dinner, the boys left and we wished them goodluck. I even gave Harry a small, quick hug. He was surprised, but smiled really big after that.

The girls squealed when I closed the door behind them.

‘Lets make us pretty.’ Perrie said.

‘So you think we are not pretty now?’ I teased her, and she stopped walking.

‘Maybe.’ She teased back with a wink. We all laughed and walked back to my room.

I choose for myself a flowy panterprint tank top, black highwaisted shorts with my shirt tugged in, black high heels, some golden acessoires, a black bow hand bag, my hair in a braid bun and my make up done perfectly.

For Perrie I had a sparkly white cocktail dress, black open high heels with some sparkles, a silver small handbag, her hair down messily and some lipbalm.

For Celine a strapless baby blue cocktail dress, silver sandlas with a short heel and her hair as a waterfall braid.

For Sophia a white lace tanktop, a bloodred flowy skirt the front shorter than the back, red feather earrings, some other acessoired and bloodred high heels.

For Eleanor a flower printed strapless crop top and baby pink flowy skirt, baby pink high heels, golden necklace and a grey bag.

We all looked hot…

‘We need to go!’ Celine said and we all rushed to my car. I drove to the arena and Paul smirked at us.

‘Hey Pauly D.’ I said and he laughed. Paul and I always have been good friends. We walked backstage and the boys were drinking and wiping away their sweat.

‘I wonder when the girls would show up.’ Liam said and they all nodded.

‘The sexy beast have arrived!’ I said dramaticly, using my hands a bit and the boys turned around shocked.

‘Hey boys, My name is Sam!’ I said again and their eyes widened.

‘I am Charlotte!’ Eleanor said, standing next to me.

‘I am Katheryn!’ Perrie said.

‘I am Anne!’ Sophia said.

‘I am Jessica!’ Celine said. They all looked at us with their mouths and eyes were wide open.

‘It was a prank?’ Niall asked, slowly getting an amused glint in his eyes.

‘Well, some things I said were true, but others were lies!’ I said and he nodded.

‘What was a lie?’ Liam asked curious.

‘Oh, those boy names, I just came up with a boy name and said it out loud.’ I replied with a shrug and he nodded. I saw Harry texting like a madman on his phone.

We all started chatting but Harry was still texting.

Suddenly, a very angry Taylor Swift came in the room.

‘What the Hell!’ She yelled at Harry and he was looking a bot nervous.

‘What is happening?’ I asked and she looked at me more furious.

‘This is all your fucking fault bitch! I was so close from marrying him, getting all his money, when you come around, you broke my relationship!’ She yelled in my face, poking my nose and I gave her a bored look.

‘Can you stop poking my nose, I don’t want cooties, or STD.’ I replied, making Louis and Niall burst out laughing.

‘You wanted me for my fame?’ Harry’s voice boomed, and Taylor gulped. She turned around and faced a very angry Harry.

‘Uhm-’ Taylor started but Harry held his hand up.

‘We are done!’ He yelled and Taylor slapped me in the face making me smirk.

‘Desperate much?’ I asked and they all bursted out laughing.

‘Paul, I want her gone!’ Harry yelled and Paul throw a protesting Taylor on his shoulder and walked out.

Someone caressed my cheek and I looked up and saw Harry’s forest green eyes staring worriedly at me.

‘This needs some ice.’ He wispered.

‘No need, I’d would look badass with it anyways.’ I replied and he smiled.

‘Did you mean what you said?’ He asked and I slowly nodded, looking at my shoes. All the others had left to give us some privecy. Louis words, not mine.

‘Good.’ He wispered, and before I could react he pressed his lips against mine.


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