Lets MisBehave

(Warning : The following Story is very graphic .. I'm sorry )


3. 3.


I kept my eyes the other way as we both dried off .I can't just make him explain why he walked in my shower and took my virginity when he hates me . I was supposed to save it for someone I love and I for sure as hell Hate Justin the most out of everything in this earth . Do I really ? Because I couldn't complain .. I kinda enjoyed that moment . 

I glanced over at his abs dripping with water as he was looking in the mirror messing with his wet hair . He looked so concentrated . But I looked away standing up to go get dressed before something else went on in that bathroom . "You know we can't tell anyone we did this .." I heard him say before I walked out the bathroom . "I'm not gonna tell anybody " . I responded .

"Good .. I don't want this getting out to my girlfriend .." He trailed on . I turned back confused . "Girlfriend ?" I questioned .

" Now Brooklyn I know it sounds bad . Yes Aaliyah.. My girlfriend . She has been the perfect girlfriend to me .. But she's not giving me what I want " He explains .

I chuckled . " Do you know how stupid you sound ?. Shes not giving you want you want but she's the perfect girl . Its called moving on . That's how you solve that problem " I rolled my eyes walking out the bathroom .

I went to my closet and began to get dressed "Brooklyn just listen .. She's not giving me what I want the most .. But you can give me it" Right when he said that I came out of my closet with my arms crossed . "How can I give you what you want . I hate you " I tried to make that clear as possible .

"Okay and I hate you too .. But we don't have to like each other .. I just wanna fuck you " He licked his lips smirking after . I rolled my eyes . "You have that perfect body . Sexy plump lips . I know you think about me . We can do this for the both of us " He bit his lip .

He walked closer and closer until our faces were lined together and he was kissing me . He pushed me back on the bed getting on top . "Give me what I want baby " He whispered seductively .

He began to kiss me again sticking his tongue down my throat . I refused to kiss him back but I laid there , Letting him do whatever he wanted to me . He pressed stomach against mine letting our chest touch . I couldn't help myself , Beginning to kiss him back eager to know how soft his lips were . "Brook !!" Harlem's voice echoed from down the steps .

I quickly let go of his lips pushing him off of me . "Get dressed " I demanded him throwing his clothes at his face. "Okay calm down " He chucked walking back to the bathroom . I ran downstairs to Harlem and a taller male who looked just as old as Harlem .

"Um .H-Hey " I trembled . "Um Hello Brook why are you sweating ?" Harlem questioned . I felt my forehead that was moist with liquid . "My hair is still wet . " I told . "Oh okay . Well you remember Ryder right ?" He asked . "Yeah .. Hi its been a while since I've seen you " I smiled . "My brother has been asking about you lately " He commented . ".. O-Oh " I stuttered .

"By the way did he stop by ?" He questioned . "Y-Yeah he's upstairs " I told him forgetting what I said . I have to make sure I don't say anything about us in the shower . "What's he doing ? " Harlem asked . "U--Uhh--" "Whoo that was a good shit !! What's up big bro " Just trotted downstairs hugging his brother . That looked so fake but whatever .

"Uh . Yeah . I just remembered Mom is dropping off Oliver today for us to babysit we gotta go . We'll see you Harlem " Ryder said walking out with Justin By his side . "Okay see yah " Harlem responded . I began to walk back upstairs trying to forget how awkward that was .

I made it back to my room and slammed myself on the bed covering my face with my hands . This is so wrong I don't even know what I'm doing . I don't even know what I was thinking when I agreed to this .

I looked over to the bedside take looking at the clock that read 5:30 but right next to the clock was Justin's hat with a note on it . I got up walking over to the hat and picking up the note . Shivers went down my spine as it read 

Come to my place @ 6:00 . I can't wait to taste you ;) - Justin 



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