Lets MisBehave

(Warning : The following Story is very graphic .. I'm sorry )


2. 2.

Brooklyn- June 2nd ,2014

Beep Beep Beep . I slapped my hand against the button on my alarm clock . The first morning in sunny town L.A . I'm so excited to be here but since yesterday and seeing Justin after 4 years he's all I think about . I think about that smirk .

Every time I close my eyes he was there . His lip between his teeth making every moment with him hard to stand there without wanting to just kiss him so hard . Not that I think about kissing him .

I slipped on some lazy clothes and my fuzzy socks going downstairs . I went into the kitchen that revealed my mom cooking breakfast . 

"there's my lady bug good morning" She said kissing my cheek . "morning mom did you sleep well ?" I jumped on the counter watching her cook . "Yes thank you for asking " She smiled . I smiled back . I love watching my mom smile .

My moms smiles have never been so big since my dad and her divorce . "So what are we doing today?" I asked her . She sighed " Well I know I said we could go have some girl time but I have a date tonight " . I gasped .

"A date ?! with whoooo??" I asked excitedly . She chuckled throwing her hand in the air bashfully " Just a guy I know from work . he's really nice and I really enjoy his company " She explained . I clapped excitedly for her .

Just then the back door swung open revealing Lily in her robe and slippers walking in . "Hello family " She yawned . I chuckled .

Lily has a troubled household . Her dad is on some type of drugs and since her mom passed she has to reley on her dad for alot of things .

But I always told her she is welcomed here anytime she wants to come . We're like her second family . 

"Well good morning guys " Harlem said walking through the kitchen door . He kissed mom's cheek and kissed my forhead. "Wheres my kiss ?" Lily said motioning him over . "Oh almost forgot " Harlem said then walking over to her and kissing her forhead lightly . I missed it here so much . 

After breakfast I went upstairs and put on a black t-shirt and some high waisted shorts . I brushed my teeth and washed my face putting on light makeup .

I pulled my hair into a bun and came out the bathroom and went into my closet . Lily walked in my room from the other bathroom after putting on her outfit .

"Thanks for giving me some clothes . Theres NOO WAY i'm going back home right now " She sighed .

"Don't worry its cool . You know you can stay as long as you want to " I smiled at her . She smiled back . "I'm so lucky to have you !!" She squealed .

And me being so dramatic I threw myself at her hugging her . After that moment I pulled my shoe box out of my closet with my combats in it .

While I was putting on my shoes my door opened . "Hey Brook " Harlem called . "Yes Harlem ?" I asked . "Mom is leaving for her date and I'm about to pick up some stuff at the mall I'll be back " He said . "Cool " I nodded .

I heard the front door close and I got up getting my jacket . "So what are we about to do ?" Lily asked . I shrugged . "Maybe we could go to starbucks or something " I said . She responded with running out of the door .

"Come on slow poke we musn't waste time !" Lily's voice boomed from downstairs .

I shook my head with laughter grabbing my bag and my phone and leaving with Lily to go with her to Obviously her favourite place Starbucks . 

When we made it back to our side of town Lily went back home because her dad left and I went back to the house . I breathed it in once I walked into the door . I heard nothing . It was silence . Something I haven't heard in a long time .

Though I would love to hang out with my Mom and the best brother ever right now it feels right to hang out by myself . I brought out all the snacks and turned on some Netflix and sat by myself watching Family Guy .

I ocassionally laughed at the T.V as I went from Episode to Episode .But I started to get bored just watching it by myself  .

Just then there was a soft knock on the door . I wonder who that could be . I hope its Lily she can help me watch all this stuff . I back flipped off the couch to the front door and unlocked it .

I pulled the door opened revealing what a surprise . It was Justin

I stood there .I eyed every move his face made as he began to talk . "Um . Is Harlem here ?" He asked . I shook my head slowly . He chuckled  little looking down at his frehs kicks . "Well mind if I wait for him ? " He licked his lips .

I had to say he looked really attractive when he did that . I nodded to him slowly moving out his way . He gave me a nod walking in .

I shut the door and walked back into the Living room to him sitting where I was . I sighed rolling my eyes . Well I guess my day is over . I sat in the chair on the other side of the room across from him . He was looking around but I just stared at him .

Thinking to myself why I didn't kick him out already . I hated his guts and now he's sitting on my couch in my house . He looked back down at me and I tore my stare .

"So you still hate me huh ?" I heard him asked . I looked back at him . "What ?" . "Why do you hate me so much ?" I could tell he wanted answers .

and he wasn't leaving without them . "Maybe its because you're a stupid prick everyone favoritzed over " I said  . "Excuse me doll ?" He held his hand up to his ear trying to make me repeat myself . 

"You heard what I said " I chuckled a little to myself . He shook his head "That was what ? 9th grade ?" He chuckled . "Look you came to wait for Harlem not talk to me " I told him .

He rolled his eyes "Hard to not talk when you're eye raping me " He uttered under his breath . "You wish I was eye raping you " I got up . "Where you goin ?" He asked .

"Shower . Please Behave yourself " I said walking up the stairs . Glad I finally spoke my mind . I slipped off my clothes getting into the hot shower letting the water trickle down my back . I closed my eyes letting the water go onto my face .

I was too lost in a daze to hear anything . Then I felt a presence in the bathroom with me . Hands touched my waist . My eyes shot open and a hot breath whispered in my ear . "I couldn't wait for you any longer " . 

It was Justin

"Justin what the hell are you doing ?!!" I yelled . "I couldn't help myself . I always thought you were so sexy . " He growled in my ear .

I felt his growing erection against my ass as he began to grind a little against me . "I'm taking advantage of this oppritunity and I'm not taking no for an answer .. Let's MisBehave " .

He pushed inside of he slowly . I moaned "J-Justin " I stuttered .

"Don't worry baby I'm wearing a condom " He kissed my neck . He began to thrust his long and hard length into me medium pace . I couldn't help but moan because It felt so good . But who ever thought I would be having sexy in the shower ..

With the person I Supposedly Hated



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