Hermione and Draco!!!
Don't read if you don't ship them
But if you do, please enjoy

I don't own any of these characters or anything, i just ship them.


1. Who's the Head Boy?

As Hermione sat on her bed, reading a Muggle book an owl came to the window, pecking at the glass, she stood up and ran over, thinking it was Harry or Ron, even a letter from Malfoy would have helped with her loneliness. But she smiled as it was from Hogwarts, she opened it with ought thinking of what it was, she was still wondering if Primrose would have to compete. Miss.Hermione Granger, You have been given the place of Head Girl in your last year of Hogwarts, please come to the Head compartment on the train where you will meet the Head Boy and I will state your privileges and what you have to do as Head Boy and Head Girl. Yours Faithfully, Professor McGonnagall. She reread read the letter three times before running down stairs to her mum and dad, screaming the news, her mum cheered whist my dad smiled, obviously not knowing what that was. She laughed an ran back upstairs to pack her trunk, then a strange thought came to her....."Who was the Head Boy?" "Mother, father...i have been given the title of Head Boy," Said young boy, his parents turned and hugged him, patting him on the back, his light blonde hair being matted by his mothers tears. He was confused at how happy she was, it just meant more work for him. He went upstairs and started packing his trunk, he had stopped using House Elves, only when he had hurt his knee in Quidditch Practice and he had made sure to thank them politely each time. He was dedicated to change, after the war he saw who he was, and stopped being part of the things even slightly connected to Voldemort, he was distant with his father still, not wanting to get any closer to him, Draco fears that his father will lead him into another horrible place, and he is glad to get as far away as possible. He smiled fondly at the idea of The Head girl, her brown hair, curling slightly, he loved how smart she was, and regretted every time he had called her anything other than Hermione.
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