Hermione and Draco!!!
Don't read if you don't ship them
But if you do, please enjoy

I don't own any of these characters or anything, i just ship them.


2. The Train

(Hermione P.O.V) I smile as I see Ginny, walking up the steps towards me, we hug and I realized how much i had missed her, "Wow...Head Girl," She says with a laugh. "I just wonder who the Head Boy is." I says sadly. Ginny smiles, we get on the train and find a carriage, Harry, Ron, Luna and Neville are already in there, they all hug me and I see Luna holding Nevilles hand. "Oh My God! Congratulating's!" I shout a bit too loudly. They smile awkwardly. "I have to go," I wave and leave towards the Head compartment, I walk slowly down the train, I know who it will be and I dread it. I slowly slide the door open and find him sitting there reading a book, his feet up on the seats leaning against the wall next to the door, he waves his hand, still reading. "Hi," He says, distant, i recognized the book, it was a Muggle book. I silently gasp. "Take a seat...and...umm...." He says, finishing his page, "Take a seat, the Professor should be coming in any minute." He says, taking a quick look behind me. I look at him, his suit jacket, casually thrown over the back rest, with a plain black shirt with rolled up arms, showing his muscles, I silently curse myself and sit down, no more than a few minutes later the Professor comes in. "Mr.Malfoy, Miss.Granger," She says, looking confused at why we arn't at each overs throats, I smile. She explains the Heads duties while Malfoy looks out of the wind, I put my focos on the Professor and see him looking at me in the corner of my eye, but when i turn to look at him he turned back to the window. The professor left and i confronted him. "What are you up to, Malfoy," "Draco, please" He says, still reading. I look at him strangely and ask him again, overexerting 'Draco'. "I am up to nothing, I am no longer friends with my father or any of his companions, stopped talking to all the people from Slytherin and have decided to start anew, so i hope that you forgive me and all that i did, so that's it Hermione, oh and ummm, i want at least a shelf." "A shelf?" "For books, in the common room...were you even listening to the Professor?" He said with his charming smile. I smile, "I will ask for us to have an enormous amount of shelves, how do you like the book, i didn't know you were fond of Muggles?" "They do make up for their non magical power in literature," He smiles. "And music!" I shout, not realizing how loud i am, he laughs. "That too," (Draco P.O.V) I walk with Hermione out of the train and check all the first and second years, we talk about Muggle music and all of the other amazing Muggle creations when we came across Ron, Harry and Ginny. I haven't been frilled to meet Harry, but i was determined to be relatively nice to him. "What you doing hanging round with him?" Spits Ron at Hermione. "Don't worry, he's changed," said Hermione, putting a hand on my shoulder. "No one that bad can change." He says again, pushing me in the chest, i hardly move, a small smirk comes to both mine, and Ginnys face. "RON, stop it. You know he can beat you," Said Hermione in a quiet voice, almost whispering. "Eh, listen to me," He poked me in the chest and i looked down at him, i was only an inch taller but i felt like i was ten feet, "Keep away from my girl, or i will-" "YOUR girl?" Shouted Hermione, "I am not your girl!" I smiled. "Ron, just leave it, if he has changed...you know that if you have a fight he will change back," Said Harry, I caught sight of Harrys hand brushing Ginnys, Ginny blushes and looks at me, I smile at her. "Hermione, we need to see our comman room," I say, interrupting the fight. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'OUR'!" Ron shouts, I smile and turn around, Hermione soon follows. I feel happy, but i don't really know why. Authors Note: Sorry that its long, there will be a quite a lot more.
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