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1. First Day


*Anna's p.o.v*

"Urgh," I said. "What time is it?"

"Anna," Marie yelled. "You're gonna be late on your first day, Dummie!"

"Shit," I realized. "Why didn't you freakin wake me up?"

I run to the bathroom; sure enough I look like hell.

"I just did." Marie said laughing.

"Douche." I murmured while trying to put on pants.

"Don't be like that." "Why didn't you wake me?I repeated.

"I'm your maid, not your alarm clock," She said sternly.

"Besides, I overslept not like I had anywhere to go." She smiles.

"Haha, so funny I forgot to laugh."

I get my brand-new backpack and run down the hall. 

"I'm gonna go, wish me luck!!"

"Bye Anna!"




*Roy's p.o.v*

I walk into room 203, Mr.Connor's English.

Oh, great. I thought. Tyler was in his class last year and mom's gonna freak

when she sees that I failed. Gotta try to pass this one.

I plunked myself down on a random desk.

I was the first one here so I watched as one by one.

Mostly, geeks and nerds and then I recognized a geek and a nerd.

"Calvin,Trent!" I called. "Hey, Roy!" Cal said. "Roy, How's it going,dude?" 

"Pretty good." "Hey, heard about the new girl?" "We're all new," I said confused. 

"This is a middle school." "Nah, I mean't a girl not from Northside."

"Okay then, what about her?" "They say she's a total babe."

"So?" "So, you know me, I'm gonna make my move?"

"Ha," I snorted. "Still the ladies man wannabe huh? Well, good luck with that."

"Settle down." Mr.Connor smirks."Now we're gonna take attendance."

"Calvin Evans?"


"Alex Flint?"


"Susanna Simpson?"


"Roy Thompson?"

"" I say less enthusiastically.

"Anna Wilsons?"

"HERE! Here! I'm here!" says the girl coming through the doorway.

She had thick, messy, wild black hair which she wore up in a ponytail

and she had brown eyes. She was kinda skinny and tan.

She was wearing a plain grey hoodie and jeans.

"Anna, late on the first day aren't we?"

"With all due respect sir," She started.

"I answered during roll call and I'm guessing the bell hasn't rung yet?"

At that very moment the bell rang. Woah, she psychic? I thought.

"Very well!" He said. "Take your seat!"

"Nice save!" a girl next to her said.

They exchanged a glance then turned away.

I guess I was staring at her because she randomly blushed and looked down.

I can't really blame her because just then, I did the same thing.












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