Who should I choose?

Me and Louis are best friends but my mum and dad want me to marry a man that will always be with me. But what happens when me and Louis get together? Will we last? Or should I go with Nick? Who should I choose?


2. The Talk...

"Louis I cannot do this, my parents are having me marry Nick." I sulked, why? I thought my parents would want me to marry someone I love...

Louis' POV

"I will sort this out, I will marry you someday!..." I stopped realising what I had said. But it was true, I will marry her one day!

Skye's POV

Did Louis just say that he would marry me one day? Well it isn't like I wouldn't like to one day. But how will he sort it? It isn't like he would put on glasses and a beanie hat, but he could do that because if Nick didn't wear them all the time then they would be identical twins.

I don't think anyone will read this so I'm going to do two more chapters and see what happens. Emily x

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