Who should I choose?

Me and Louis are best friends but my mum and dad want me to marry a man that will always be with me. But what happens when me and Louis get together? Will we last? Or should I go with Nick? Who should I choose?


4. Harry and me <3

*6 months later, Harry Styles and Skye are boyfriend and girlfriend*

Harry's POV

"SKYE!!!" I yelled looking for her, wow, this is a really intense game of hide and seek... "You will never find me!!!" I walked over behind the sofa and whispered, "Oh won't I?" "Ahhh!" She screamed, "You bastard!" "But you love me!" I smirked. "Do I now?" Skye smirked back. "Yes you do. That's why we are going on our first holiday as a couple!" "Oh really babe? Where?" "It's a surprise!" "Fine, but it's bedtime now babe, night!" Then we kissed for what felt like years and I felt the fireworks I always do when I kiss her, she really is a keeper. "Oh I forgot to tell you, there is just one downside to the holiday, but you will still enjoy it..." "What is it, sweetie?" "Urmmmm, Eleanor and Louis are coming... BUT we will spend most of the time with each other!" "Okay, is that all?"

What she is not freaking out? I thought she would be. Well that's good. I'm not going to complain!

"Yep, that's all babe, :)"

Skye's POV

I really was freaking out inside, like seriously who invites their girlfriend's ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend?

But it will be fun anyway it is not like I haven't seen him since the break-up because I see him all the time... JUST NOT ON HOLIDAY!

"Night babe, I'm going to bed now like I said I would. Need anything before I go?" I asked calmly.

"You don't need to do anything for the holiday because I'm getting the money, clothes and stuff like that and packing it!"

"Okay, night honey!"

Well that is so thoughtful. I couldn't have a better boyfriend!

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