Who should I choose?

Me and Louis are best friends but my mum and dad want me to marry a man that will always be with me. But what happens when me and Louis get together? Will we last? Or should I go with Nick? Who should I choose?


1. Chapter 1: Me & Louis

Hello I am Skye Taylor I am an actress and I am 19 and my best friend in the whole world is Louis Tomlinson.

My parents don't like me hanging around with boys that leave me, or boys at all for that matter.

My parents are friends with this boy called Nick's parents, Nick likes me but, this may come as a shock to you but I love Louis with all my heart, the sad side is my parents want me to marry Nick...

Louis POV

I am finally going to do it, I'm going to ask out Skye...

I love her with all my heart and she CANNOT marry Nick!

Nick POV

Skye's parents were right Skye is perfect for me.

That's it I am going to ask her out, I do love her after all.

Louis POV

I knocked on Skye's door and I had this whole speech ready but when she opened her door I was about to speak but then she crashed her lips on mine and I kissed back, I cannot love this girl anymore than I already do...

Skye's POV

I couldn't take it anymore, when Louis was at the door I just crashed my lips on his and surprisingly he kissed back. But my mum and dad are making me go out with Nick, what should I do?

Hello thank you for reading this is my first movella so I hope you enjoy it. If you have any improvements please tell me I would like your feedback. Emily x

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