Avery doesn't know who she is and what she is in the world. All she knows is that her parents died but she isn't allowed to know the cause of their death. She lives alone with her grandmother and brother Dayton but is knowing too much information harmful? What happens when she finds out all of her family secrets? And what will happen when she finally finds someone she loves?


3. Symbols

My breathing pace starts to pick up as I realize that I am cornered in the bathroom in my school. The man standing in front of me has a familiar face but it is not someone I should recognize. His arms are muscular and he is very tall. In fact much taller than I am. He hasn't looked up so I cannot see the color of his eyes to truly identify him.

My cowardice starts to fade out once I realize the man hasn't moved since I walked in here. Maybe he had to go to the bathroom and accidentally came into the girl’s bathroom and is too ashamed to move. Maybe it's one of the boys in my school and doesn't want to show their face just in case they think I would make fun of them. I keep on thinking of solutions to who this person is just to make myself feel better. Honestly I know that this isn't going to get any better. This is not someone from my school. This is someone that I know is not going to let me out of this bathroom alive and that is what I am most afraid of.

As I wait for something to happen I think of scenarios on how to escape this bathroom without getting myself killed. I decide to be bold and start to walk to the door. The bathroom is a light pink color with sparkling black tile and white counter tops. As I almost walk out of the door it suddenly slams shut from just a wave of the man's hand. I wince and try to gulp down my fear. My heart is racing and I can’t move. My feet feel glued to the floor. I stand in the corner behind the door.

The man moves closer to me and I feel as if my stomach is in my chest. The first period bell rings and I know I'm going to get in trouble with Mrs. Lazzi for not being there on time. Isa must be worried on where I am because I never miss any classes and I'm always at my class on time. Why am I thinking about my teachers or friends? I am in a room with someone I don’t know and could possibly be a murderer.

Then I think maybe I'm just hallucinating right now because of the disgusting smell of this bathroom. The janitors haven't cleaned this bathroom in so long maybe the fumes from the toilets are getting to my head. As much as I want to believe that I am right I highly doubt that I am…

I decide to figure out why this man has me cornered here and I'm tired of just thinking of theories so I get the courage to say "What…d-d- do you want from me?" I stutter and tremble a bit but I hope that what I said didn't struck one of his nerves.

The man's head slowly rises. He looks like a normal young man but he just has some dirt on his face smeared down his cheek. He slowly and carefully takes the object he had in his pocket and slowly moves forward toward me. He then places it in my hand gently and I feel some of my worries whither away. It was like he was afraid to touch this object and feared of dropping it. I get a verge of fear but then I steady myself. "Sorry to frighten you... Uhm... Young lady but I have been told to give this to you. You must keep it safe and never give it to anyone ever. You hear?” I don’t take my eyes off of his. “This object can either save your life or it can kill you. I need you to promise me that you will never let go of it." I shake my head nervously in fear and look back at the thing placed in my hand.

He takes his hand and cups the object closed in my hand and says "Say it. Say that you will never let go of it." His eyes meet mine. He has ocean blue eyes and wrinkles under them. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days. His face is very stern and shows pure determination. "I promise." I say it very strong like I am not afraid and I am trying to be bold. Once I say those words the man starts to walk simultaneously to the back of the bathroom and then says "Don't tell anyone we had this little meeting, okay?" I nod to him because I can't get any other words out of my mouth. "Have a good day Avery." The man says and then he slowly disappears.

How does he know my name? How did he just disappear? Why in the world did he give this thing to me? So many questions are lingering in my head right now and I don't know what to say or do. I am shocked and astounded on what just happened. I can't tell anyone and I must keep this in a special place. I un-cup my hands and look at the small symbolic object in my hand. It was the same symbol that was on the man's cloak. What does all of this mean?

I pick it up to analyze it a bit. It is an hour glass and on the top part of the hour glass is the good part of the yin yang which has a spec of bad and on the other bottom half is the bad part of the yin yang with a piece of good. What could this mean?

Does this mean that my life is running out or that my time is ticking for me to turn from good to bad or bad to good? So many questions I should've asked the man but I was stupid and stood stiff and couldn't move. I feel so dumb for not asking questions.

Maybe he knew what I was and more of the secrets in my family. Yet I just stand there like I don't know where I belong. That man must known more about me than I've ever known and I don't even know his name. Maybe he wouldn't have told me everything I wanted to know...only time could tell, right?

I realize that I have been in the bathroom for almost 20 minutes and decide to listen to what the man said. I take the symbol and stick it into my front pocket of my jeans. I know that it will be safe there until I get home. I grab my school bag off the floor from where I left it when I went to put my hair up in a bow and I try to wipe my worried look off my face. I get up and walk out of the bathroom door. I knew after that moment when I walked out the door that everything is about to change.

I walk into my first period classroom and Mrs. Lazzi looks at me with a repulsive face. “What do you think you are doing? Coming into class late?” I don’t say anything. Usually it is a couple of boys in my class like Ryan or Jeffery who walk into class late and get scolded. I usually laugh when they do but now I don’t like to be on the other side of the situation. I stand frozen like an idiot not knowing what to do. I have already had enough stress for the day so I decide to give in. “I am sorry Mrs. Lazzi I didn’t feel good and I was in the bathroom wiping my face. I promise it won’t happen again.” Her face softens and I feel like I just got stabbed in the stomach with guilt because I lied. I don’t usually lie to people unless it is to protect myself. She looks at me and says “It better not happen again. Are you alright though.” She forgives me because I am a good student to her and don’t ever fuss with her. “Yes I am fine. Can I sit down now?” I give her an apologetic smile and she replies “Yes, take a seat Avery, we are learning about Shakespeare. Go catch up with the person next to you.” As I walk to my seat which is toward the back of the class room the cold wind gusts through the windows and gives me a chill. The students around me start to laugh because it looks like I don’t know where I am going. I ignore it. They are annoying and stupid. Their remarks are petty and I hear Jeffery whisper to another boy in my class “What a weirdo.” I glare at him in disgust and then narrow my eyes on him. He looks back at me and gives me a dirty face. I can’t stand some boys most of the time.

I sit down and slouch in my seat trying not to be noticed. Isa looks back at me with a confused face. I mouth the words ‘I’ll tell you later.’ And then the teacher turns back around so we both look in different directions so we don’t get caught. When she turns back around I see Andrew looking at Isa to ask her what’s wrong with me. She mouths ‘Nothing’ to him and he turns back around. Andrew is a really funny guy and he became friends with Isa and I in freshman year. He is very bubbly and likes to make wise remarks about everyone. He makes us laugh most of the time and overall is a very nice guy. I think that he has a little ‘crush’ on Isa. She is too “blonde” to realize though. She just thinks its his personality but I can see right through that.

The rest of the class was really boring and I waited for it to be over. I always star at the clock and it feels like forever. First period goes very slow and I feel like I could be doing something else more useful then learning about Shakespeare and all the books he has made. I savor the moment when the bell rings and rush to get out of class. I rush to the door and Mrs. Lazzi stops me. She pulls me back and her face has a nasty smirk on it. Once everyone leaves to go to their second period class she tells me “What has gotten into you?” Is she really going back on to me being late one time? “Nothing.” I say flatly. “Well you were late to class today and you weren’t paying attention. I’m sorry but you have detention tomorrow.” She hands me a detention slip that has the date April 24, 2014. Great just what I wanted detention. How could she give me detention? I was only late once. When she looks away I roll my eyes and I have a nasty look in my eyes. “Get this signed Avery. This will show you that you will never be late to my class again. You hear me?” I look up from looking at the blue tiled floor and say “Yes. I understand.” She starts to walk away from me and tells me. “This will do you good. I’m teaching you a lesson you see. What will happen when you get older and have a job and is late for work? You will get fired. Therefore picture my class like a job. You’re late to my class I give you detention. You’re late to your job you get laid off.” That makes sense to me but I don’t understand standing in front of the class being reprimanded it mortifying enough. “Okay.” Is all I could get out of my mouth. I look her in the eyes and then she tells me with a smile, “Hurry, get to your next class you don’t want detention for being late to another class.” And with that I leave.

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