Avery doesn't know who she is and what she is in the world. All she knows is that her parents died but she isn't allowed to know the cause of their death. She lives alone with her grandmother and brother Dayton but is knowing too much information harmful? What happens when she finds out all of her family secrets? And what will happen when she finally finds someone she loves?


1. Prologue: "My Name"

I didn't particularly know what I was walking into until it was all too late. My choices have affected my future forever and there is no turning back now.

But this is all my fault! I never learned how to analyze a situation before jumping to conclusions. Everything I've done and experienced was caused because of my stubbornness and my arrogant attitude.

Now I stand here alone in this empty house carrying all of my regrets. My house walls carry memories that I can never restore and that I can never replace. Not only are these memories gone but everything that I've dreamed of is gone. All of my hopes are vanished and everything I wished that would come true has disappeared.

When I was younger I remember sitting on my fathers lap telling him stories on how I wanted to grow up and be someone famous. Someone everyone would know and look up to. The type of person that when people heard their name would smile wide and admire who they were and everything they have done. My father used to tell me to take my dreams and hold them close and to never let them go. He told me to fight for what I believe in and never let them fall out of place.

Even though I carried those words all these years many tables have turned and my name is definitely known everywhere and anywhere I go. It is commonly known but in a way where I rather be thrown in hell than live on this planet for another day. People just didn't understand who I was and why I was so important. They pushed me so far to the side to the point where I was going to break. And I did...

Now these halls I walk through have become dreary and it all hits me like being smashed with a gut wrenching story that everything that has happened is all because of me.

My name is cursed not in a way that I could ever explain. My name shows pride, eager, and determination but now I have been wiped from that memory and it shows hatred, disgust and selfishness. My name is powerful and is known from all of the boarders of all the states.

My name is Avery Vitorrio and I am a warrior but not everyone knows it just yet...

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