Avery doesn't know who she is and what she is in the world. All she knows is that her parents died but she isn't allowed to know the cause of their death. She lives alone with her grandmother and brother Dayton but is knowing too much information harmful? What happens when she finds out all of her family secrets? And what will happen when she finally finds someone she loves?


4. Drexel

(Hey guys I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. My grandpa has been really sick thank god he is getting better. But I am writing a book and this is the 3rd chapter of the book and it is 200 pages right now so I will be posting little by little. I will try to keep updating because it's the summer! So please read, like, favorite, comment! I love getting comments and favorites! Ty guys and enjoy!!!)

The last period bell rings and I am relieved to be able to get out of class and go home. Some strange things have happened today and I need to clear my head and stop dwelling on it. I try to think about other things like what I will eat for dinner or what homework I have for the night but I can't stop day dreaming about what happened today. It keeps on replaying in my head exactly how it happened. During that time I was a bit shocked but I soaked in the whole moment of the man meeting me in the bathroom.

As I walk outside to find my way home to my grandma I feel myself dwelling on the scene from earlier and I don't realize that I was giving myself an anxiety attack. Isa and Andrew walk over to me with a concerned complexion.

"Avery? Are you okay?" I hear Isa say.

"Hello? Avery?" Andrew says trying to grab my attention by shoving his hand and waving it in my face.

"What?" I say with a nasty tone.

"Why are u mad? We wanted to see if you were okay" explained Isa.

"Yea Ave, you were started to heave a bit." They both laugh a little and I let out a little giggle.

"Oh nothing I was just thinking about stuff. Don’t you dare call me ‘Ave’ again." I say with a sarcastic attitude.

“Oh , sorry didn’t know I couldn’t give my friend a nickname.” Andrew jokes. I shake my head in shame in a joking way. I start to walk with them. The trees and grass outside my school look so nice and the air smells so sweet. I take in a big whiff of the air and gulp all my fears down.

"Well stop thinking about that 'stuff'," Isa says using her finger as quotes when she says stuff, "we are going to the coffee shop down the road want to come, ‘AVE’?" She finishes.

I glare at her and stop walking. We all laugh. I could take my mind off a few things so I decide to go.

"Uh yea I need a cup of coffee. Don’t et used to calling me that you two!" I say with a smile.

I place my hand over my pocket to check if the gold symbol is still there. It is. I smiled and followed them to the shop.

After a few minutes I decide to break the silence.

“So guess what ‘goodie two-shoes’ got detention today.” The all look at me with wide eyes.

“That is why Mrs. Lazzi asked to talk to you?!?!” I laugh.

“Yeah I have detention for 2 hours tomorrow after school.

They both burst out laughing.

“Thanks for the comfort guys.” I say with a grin.

“Sorry but you? Your too much of a smarty pants to get detention.” Andrew replies.

“Well Mrs. Lazzi said she wanted to ‘teach me a lesson.’” I responded.

Once we got there Andrew held the door open for Isa and I to go through. The floors of the coffee shop is checkered and makes me sort of dizzy. I look at the glass cases which carry muffins, cakes, and other pastries.

I walk up to the counter to order my coffee and muffin but I feel a bit out of place. I look at the hanging signs past the counter to see what they have.

"What can I get you?" The man says a bit harshly while turning around.

I opened my eyes wide sort of with shock on how rude he was.

"Oh uh sorry what can I get you?" He must've realized that I wasn't pleased with his tone.

I decide to forgive him. He was a bit too handsome to not give into forgiving. He has short brown spiky hair and perfect hazel eyes. He is tall, very tall actually, and masculine.

I smiled at him a bit and then said. "It's fine. Do you always have to do a double take when talking?" He laughs a little.

I'm a bit proud of myself. I got to make an attractive boy laugh.

"Yea, usually." He admits with a little edge to his voice. Maybe he has a bit of a temper.

All of a sudden he looks like he is in pain. He brings his hand up to his head and holds it there. Something is wrong with him. Once I think about calling for help his face softens and he becomes calm again.

"Are you... Okay?" I don't know how to console him. That was kind of strange and unappealing.

"Yea I'm fine I just got a sharp shooting pain in my head...Anyways what can I get you?" I guess he didn't like my comforting gesture.

"A de-caffeinated coffee and red velvet with cream cheese frosting cupcake."

“You like red velvet cupcakes?” he says.

“Yea they are my favorite.” He smiles

“What’s your name?” he asks me.

“Avery and your name is Drexel?” I looked at his name tag and it says ‘Drexel’ so that is most definitely his name.

That is an odd name. Yet again my best friends name is Isa so I can't judge.

“Uh. Yea.” I smile a little but it looks like he ignores my flirtation and looks away to make my order.

Then I realize there is a line behind me and they are getting angry because Drexel and I were socializing. I usually don't flirt with many guys but I can't help it.

"$4.50" he says plainly.

I guess he doesn't want to be bothered.

I hand him the money as he hands me the coffee and muffin and when we do out little transaction our hands touch. His hand tenses and my mind shifts and I suddenly feel like my eyes are moving at a mile a minute. I see flashings of light. My grandmother holding a book and the man who I saw in my school bathroom creeping up from the dark. Then I am thrown back into reality like nothing ever happened.

The boy looks at me with wide eyes. Then he turns around quickly and ignored that I am there. I am blown away on what I just saw. It was almost like I was having a vision. Since when can I see the future?

I take my coffee and muffin and am mesmerized on what just happened. I place my items at the table that Isa, Andrew and I are sharing. They seem to already be drinking their coffee. I stand there watching them and Andrew has a smirk on his face.

"I saw you checking out that employee. You like him?" I look at him like he is crazy.

I slap his head softly and say "No are you crazy. He is out of my league and besides he didn't even look at me."

Those last words hurt a bit and were a lie. Even though he is good looking I am not pretty. I am wearing a beige shirt with a odd patterned sweater, regular denim jeans and my black combat boots which come up to my knee.

I decide to stop ragging about myself in my mind and change the subject. "I got to go to the bathroom. Be right back."

I walk to the back of the small store and walk into the women's restroom. Again it smells like something died in here. As I walk in I see the same middle aged man waiting for me again. What does he want from me. He nearly gave me a heart attack again!

"Why? Why do you always arrive when I have to go to the bathroom?" I roll my eyes a bit and say it in a nagging tone. This time the man isn't as scary as I though he was.

"Well maybe it's because it's the only time you are alone!" His voice projected loud. I felt like I am being reprimanded.

"What do you want from me?" I say and I lean against the wall next to the sink.

"I want you to stay safe okay?" This time I'm not afraid to ask questions.

"Safe from what?" I have an attitude this time too.

"I want you to go home right after you leave this bathroom and give this book to your grandmother. Tell her everything that has happened today and she will tell you everything." I laugh a little but then I realize that he is being serious.

He hands me a book that looks like it is ancient. The hard cover is all dirty and ripped up. The pages look a rusty yellow and has ruff edges. My hand caresses over the book and I wipe off all of the dust that was on the cover so I could read the title. The title reads. "Transcendence." What does that word mean? My face becomes stern and I look at him in a peculiar way. That was the name my Great Uncle Romeo told me I was when he wasn’t sober.

Now this is getting weird and this is not normal. I gulp to get my words out because I feel like I am about to throw up from all of this anxiety.

"Does this have to do with my family?" I ask concerned.

"Yes. But what you don't know is that everything revolves around you. You are our last hope..." With those last words he disappears again.

That is similar to what I was told when I was nine years old from my drunk great uncle. Now I have to know what is going on before it becomes to late. The one question that keeps on crossing my mind is why now? Why wasn’t I aware 5 years ago or 10 years from now. Why when I am 16? What does he mean?

This makes me so frustrated and I feel like a child all over again. No one tells me anything and I'm always begging for answers! Maybe today I will finally find out who I am. My grandma is the closest person I have to a mother. Why would she keep secrets from me?

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