Mr Perfect

Riley Adams, sweet 16 and never been kissed. Riley has never shown any interest in any boy until Mark Ryder joins her school year. Mark is gorgeous, clever, funny, and smart. Riley is convinced he is her ‘Mr Perfect’, trouble is so does half of the female population, including her best friend. Will Riley get her Mr Perfect or will she discover that perfection is overrated...


4. PE disaster zone

I slouch into the PE changing rooms, my bag falling off of my shoulder. After music Mark had disappeared and I had waited around for Jo for a bit but then I had no choice but to move onto my next lesson. So now I was late to PE and I only was saved from a long lecture and possibly a detention from our mean PE teacher by a tiny year seven, his nose decided to conveniently spurt blood.

I look around the changing rooms hoping to see at least a small gap when I hear my name being called.

“Riley, Riley over here! I saved you a space!” I walk over to my lovely best friend who has conveniently saved me a spare hook and some bench space. I smile gratefully at her.

“Riley where were you? You are late and you are lucky that I managed to get this bench space for you! Unfortunately it means that if I am team captain I have to have Melanie on my team which is so inconvenient, have you seen how uncoordinated that girl is! I swear she...”

I cut her off before she goes into full on bitch mode and seriously hurts someone’s feelings.

“Jo stormed out of music, I waited for him to see if he would come back but he never did.” I tell Skye, answering her previous question in an attempt to change the subject whilst tugging on my disgusting grey PE kit.

“Maybe he is on his man period.” Skye sniggers and then swoops her long blonde curls into a sporty high ponytail.

We walk down to the gym and sit on one side of it and then wait for our teacher to give us instructions. As we wait the boys file in and start throwing bibs on over there kit and getting basketballs out from the supply cupboard.

“Riley look, he’s here!” Skye tugs on my arm and then points to one certain boy who is bouncing his ball from one hand to the other. So Mark has PE at the same time as us. Interesting.

“Oh yeah, he was in my music class as well, he is working in a three with me and Jo!”

Skye whacks my arm. “And you didn’t tell me this because?” She says and I shrug.

“Well at least that explains it.” She says smoothing down her kit.

“Explains what Skye? Seriously sometimes you need to remember that I am not fluent in the language of Skye!”

Skye rolls her eyes like she can’t believe how stupid I am.

“Why Jo was acting so weird, duh! He doesn’t like the fact that you were paying a male that wasn’t him some attention. A gorgeous muscular hotty at that.”

Now it’s my turn to roll my eyes.

“How many times do I have to say this! Jo doesn’t like me in that way. We are best friends, always have been, always will be. And even if that was the reason it is way unjustified. Mark will never like me in that way!”

Skye just examines her perfectly polished nails.

“Whatever Riley.” She says in a ‘I know best’ sort of way.

I bare my teeth and am about to reply when our PE teacher comes in.

“Girls, girls, GIRLS!!! Can I have silence please, we are playing badminton today. Skye, Riley can you go get the racquets and shuttlecocks from the supply closet. Anne and Jen can you go get the nets from the changing room cupboards. Thank you.”

Me and Skye walk over to the supply closet and Skye grabs the racquets and I grab a box full of shuttlecocks. Skye saunters off, not being careful at all and she accidentally drops a racquet.

It rockets off the floor and lands right under my feet, causing me and the box of shuttlecocks to go flying. Skye is laughing hysterically along with most of the girls and embarrassingly the boys. Suddenly a hand appears above my head.

“You ok?” Oh god it’s Mark. My face flames and I gratefully take his hand and pull myself up.

“Riley?” Mark prompts and I feel my cheeks flame a brighter ferocious pink than they were before.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

Mark helps me pick up the discarded shuttlecocks and I smile at him one last time before walking back to my now silent half of the gym.

Miss quickly organises us into games and I play with Skye as my doubles partner.

“I saw what happened back there.” Skye says haughtily and then whacks the shuttlecock over the net.

“Oh yeah? What did you see. And did it happen before or after your carelessness caused me to look like the biggest fool in front of everyone!” I snap back, she has really annoyed me.

“Please it’s not fault if your foot happened to connect with that racquet. Anyway I’m talking about that little scene with you and Mark.”

Angrily I whack my racquet upwards.

“What the little scene where he helped me out like you should have done? Funnily enough I think everyone saw that right after I died from embarrassment.” I bite back.

Skye huffs.

“It’s not like I did it on purpose, if anything you tripped on purpose to get Marks attention!”

“You have got to be kidding me! Stop trying to hide from the fact that ought to apologise to me!”

“Just grow up Riley, your being so immature!” She yells and then storms off and has a long drink from her water bottle before asking Miss if she can use the loo.

I sit on the bench waiting for her to come back. Was I being immature? She hadn’t tripped me on purpose, maybe it was embarrassing for her as well? I look over to the boys and smile widely as Mark catches my eye and waves.

Skye walks back into the room, her hair now perfectly neat and her lips shiny with gloss. As she walks past in a perfume cloud I grab her arm.

“Skye I’m sorry for snapping, I know you didn’t mean to trip me. Friends still?”

Skye smiles widely.

“Of course we’re still friend RiRi, sorry to ok?” She says and then we hug tightly.

“Ok girls we are all friends great, meanwhile everyone else has gone in to get changed, I thought I’d give you all more time as it’s the first day.” Our PE teacher says sarcastically, I’m just surprised that she did something nice for once!

We get changed slowly, taking the fact that we have more time to our advantage. This is my only lesson with Skye today so I am glad that it is lunch next. I wonder if Mark will eat lunch with us to...

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