Mr Perfect

Riley Adams, sweet 16 and never been kissed. Riley has never shown any interest in any boy until Mark Ryder joins her school year. Mark is gorgeous, clever, funny, and smart. Riley is convinced he is her ‘Mr Perfect’, trouble is so does half of the female population, including her best friend. Will Riley get her Mr Perfect or will she discover that perfection is overrated...


1. Party

“And then he just fell asleep right on his desk, it was so funny! You should have been there Riley I swear you would have D.I.E.D laughing!!!” Skye says laughing at the memory as I shut my eyes and imagine the overweight history teacher falling asleep and snoring loudly in the middle of class.

“The lecture must have been so boring that even he felt tired!” I say and watch as Skye wrinkles her nose in amusement. I sigh irritably and attempt to pull down the shorts that Skye lent me as two boys from the sixth form college walk past and whistle appreciatively at Skye’s toned, tan legs.

“This party sucks, Katie and Lauren haven’t showed yet and it is just filled with horny sixth-form guys! I mean at least crash parties held by people your own age!” I say as Skye rolls her eyes at me.

Hi I’m Riley Adams! I’m 16 and my best friend is Skye Sullivan, we go waaaay back, primary school I think. Friend’s forever y’know? There is not really very much to say about me, I’m the boring friend in our friendship. My hair is shoulder length and sort of almond coloured? I have green eyes and I have an unhealthy obsession with band tees. Oh did I happen to mention that I love panda’s?

“It’s not just sixth form boys you have an issue with is it Riley? It’s the whole male population in general!” Skye says, flinging back her long blonde curls. Did I mention that Skye is gorgeous, the kind of gorgeous that means you never have to work in life because you can just marry a rich guy and live life to the fullest! Imagine someone who is tall and curvy with long blonde curls and big blue eyes, that’s Skye!

“I do not have a problem with boys; Jo is my best friend isn’t he? Anyway I just don’t want to waste my time with idiotic boys; I’m waiting for Mr Perfect!” I say and then huff irritably as I see Skye batting her eyelids at some college boy!

You’d think that I would hate Skye because she gets all the attention but that’s just the way she is and she can’t help that! We’re like chalk and cheese but we get along great.

“Your drinks, ladies!” Jo, my other best friend- we’ve been friends longer than me and Skye he used to live next to me when we were babies and our parents became friends. Jo hands me a diet coke and presents Skye with  a technically illegal WKD and I tut and then laugh at Skye’s annoyed face as she reaches for the drink before sticking her tongue out at me.

“So what have you two being doing; besides gossiping?” Jo asks before taking a sip from his coke.

I turn to him and then laugh.

“What?!?” He says which makes me laugh more.

“Your hair is a mess, come here you fool!”

Jo’s cropped caramel hair, normally complete with the messy ‘just rolled out of bed’ look has wilted to the side from sweat from being in this overcrowded house. I flick it back up and smile at his confused blue eyes. Jo is like a brother to me and Skye is convinced that we are madly in love with each other but she is just delusional.

“I can’t believe that school starts up again on Monday!” Skye huffs and the pulls her pink skirt up a little higher as 2 boys walk past. They smile at her and she simpers prettily.

“Stop it!” I say, shoving her and she laughs.

“You’re just jealous!” She says striking a pose and Jo looks at her weirdly.

“Riley, Skye!!!” We are suddenly crushed by a two headed monster otherwise known as our other friends, Katie and Lauren. Katie turns her small head to Jo and then grins evilly.

“Sorry Jo didn’t see you there!” She says and giggles. Jo pulls a mock hurt face.

“Nobody appreciates me!”He cries and I slide my arm around him dramatically.

“Stop your whinging Jo-Bo if you do I’ll make you cookies for our first day back!” Joe instantly brightens at the prospect of cookies. Me and Skye turn our heads to look at Lauren and Katie properly, assessing their outfit choices as girls do.

Katie’s long layered ginger hair has been pulled up into two crazy wild bunches and she is wearing a bright green dress that clashes with her hair perfectly. Lauren’s pale blonde hair is loose and long, cascading past her shoulders and she is wearing white shorts and a pale blue peplum top. Their outfits describe both girls perfectly, Katie crazy and bright and Lauren simple and sweet.

“Love your outfit’s girls!” Skye beams and Lauren smiles back.

“Thanks I love your dress Skye, you look amazing in it!”

“Nah, to girly!” Katie sneers and then smiles at me “I prefer Riley’s outfit, loving the Blondie band tee!!!”

Me and Skye thank them and then Jo drags us all off to dance. The music is loud and pounding in our ears, so much so that we can barely hear each other.

“Where’s your brother?” Jo shouts at Katie, referring to her identical twin Mike. Their only difference appearance wise is their gender and Mike’s tallness but their personalities clash horribly! Katie grins triumphantly, “Grounded, he didn’t do his chores!” Jo groans loudly, “Now I’m stuck with girls all night!” He whines, sticking his bottom lip out and I don’t if it is just me but Lauren looks disappointed as well.

The party thunders on. Lauren went home early, she had to babysit and Katie went with her, probably because the two of them are best friends. Skye has disappeared with an unknown sixth form boy who looks just as eager as her to hook up. This leaves me with my number 1 buddy Jo!

“Looking forward to going back to school Ri?” Jo asks as we lean against the cabinets in the kitchen.

I shrug, “Yeah I guess.” I say, “It will be good to see you guys every day again.”

Jo looks at me for a second,.“Are you still freaking out about your music class?” he asks gently and I pull a grimacing face. That music class, the one thing I have been trying not to think about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love music and I love performing but for our final GCSE’s, part of the curriculum states that we have to perform something we have written ourselves, and it’s true people I have no music writing abilities. Every attempt I have made has failed, I have even failed to create a good fluffy annoying pop song and trust me when you listen to geniuses like ‘The Eagles’ and ‘You me at six’ that is extremely worrying!!!

Jo see’s my expression and leans over to ruffle my not exactly perfectly styled hair.

“Don’t worry Ri, you’ll get it in the end, you just have to find your muse.”

“What like you did?” I tease thinking of how Jo, too, was struggling with the writing task until suddenly he wrote the sweetest and most beautiful bittersweet love ballad ever. We were all confused as to where he suddenly got the ability from and all he would tell us was “I found my muse.” Since then ‘finding your muse’ has been a bit of a joke with us crazy lot.

“Riley!” Skye appears from nowhere. Her dress ruffled and her makeup smudged.

“Where’s your friend?” I ask and Jo sniggers quietly. Skye glares at him and then moans in anguish.  “He’s all over some skank from the girl’s school; can we just go back to yours now?” She begs and I nod, actually relieved for an excuse to get out of here.

We say goodbye to Jo and then drive to mine for one last sleepover before school starts.

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