Mr Perfect

Riley Adams, sweet 16 and never been kissed. Riley has never shown any interest in any boy until Mark Ryder joins her school year. Mark is gorgeous, clever, funny, and smart. Riley is convinced he is her ‘Mr Perfect’, trouble is so does half of the female population, including her best friend. Will Riley get her Mr Perfect or will she discover that perfection is overrated...


2. First day back


My alarm sounds loudly and insistently for the first time in 6 weeks and I groan tiredly and whack my arm around to try and turn the blasted thing off. Finally the beeping stops and I fling myself out of my nice, warm bed into the cold exterior that is my room; don’t you just hate getting up in the mornings? To be honest I blame myself for being so tired, after the party Skye came round for a sleepover and we stayed up late talking and then she didn’t leave until 11pm the next day. Not good!

I pick my phone up off my bedside table and go into my BBC weather app, oh fabulous today is going to be nothing but rain, rain, rain. I stomp over to my wardrobe and pull on my grey jeans and a hoodie that says ‘Black is the new black’ (ironically the hoodie itself is white!).

“Are you up yet Riley?” My Mum calls up and I yell back an incoherent response while attempting to pull on some particularly difficult socks, the only reason I wear them is because they have panda’s on. Hey don’t judge I love panda’s!

I run down the stairs and grab a banana from the kitchen before running into the bathroom. An old habit from when Lia (my sister) still lived with us and we would battle for bathroom time. She’s at university and the house is so quiet without her. I sit on the toilet seat and munch my banana grumpily, could have just eaten it downstairs! I put the skin on the side and make a mental note to bin it later. I run a brush over my teeth and then grimace at my hair, bed head isn’t quite the au natural that I was going for if you see what I mean!!! I put on a little mascara (if I don’t Skye will blow a perfectly makeup covered fuse!) Flicking my hair into a bun I text Skye to see if we are walking together, the reply is instant “Of course RiRi, be at yours in 5? J xx” I reply back a “Yh xx” and then grab my brightly patterned rucksack decked with band badges. I call out a bye to my Mum, pull on my converse and then walk down the road to where Skye is waiting. Skye looks much more prepared than me, dressed in tight pink jeans, a stripy grey and pink jumper and lush designer grey coat. Still she looks as if she is being tortured if the look on her face is anything to go by!  I run towards her and she hugs me and then nearly explodes.

“Riley! I swear mornings are the worst time ever! You better be in at least 2 of my classes or I will have to spend my day at the counsellors!” Skye says, her eyes wide and her lipstick coated mouth is pursed irritably, drama queen as normal. I pat her arm comfortingly and pop one headphone in and hand the other to Skye and we walk to school encouraged by the musical geniuses that are ‘You Me At Six’.

Arriving at school we go to the front office and retrieve our timetables. We miss the first 2 periods because of the standard bore that is the ‘Welcome back Assembly.’ We know the whole thing word perfect so it really only matters to the year sevens. Still, it gets me out of double maths!

We file slowly into the big auditorium and I spot 2 spaces next to Lauren and Katie. Behind them are Jo and Mike, Katie’s twin. I pull Skye over to meet them. We wriggle around in our seats( trying to get comfy on plastic is pretty hard) and then Jo taps me on the shoulder. I whirl around and grin at him. He hands a plastic bag that smells delicious and feels suspiciously warm. I peer inside and see my favourite double chocolate brownies. I look at him ecstatically and slide the delicious treats into my bag.

“Did you make these just for me Jo?” I beam after my rucksack is zipped up; I sneak a sly look at his blushing face.

“Don’t make a big deal of it Ri, I thought you could use something sweet on your first day so I thought I’d make you brownies, that’s all!”

Skye rolls her eyes, “Sure, Jo whatever you say.”

Jo squirms a little under her harsh gaze and I shove Skye before turning back to him.

“Well why ever you made them, thanks Jo just what I needed!”

He grins and squeezes my messy bun.

Our head-teacher steps up to the front and coughs twice into the microphone to get our attention.

“Good morning Woodfield. To some of you, nice to have you back and to others, well if we have a repeat of last year then I will be seeing a lot more of you than I would like. To the new year sevens welcome to Woodfield we hope your school time with us is a pleasant one.” I hear a stifled giggle and I turn o see Lauren, head in her lap face bright red as Mike mimes along word perfect with Mr Balle. I narrow my eyes suspiciously, it’s not that funny but Lauren is acting as if Mike is a comedy genius.

Katie snaps to attention and glares at the two of them, “Pack it in you two, you’ll get all of us a detention on the first day!” They smile guiltily and don’t make another sound.

Mr Balle drones on and on and I am slowly falling asleep when he suddenly claps his hands loudly.

“Year 11 this applies to you, a new student will be joining your year and I want you to make him feel ever so welcome.”

Skye squeezes my arm at the word ‘him’. Mr Balle carries on.

“His name is Mark Ryder, he is from London and I trust that everyone will keep a special eye out for him to make sure he is settling in well. That is all, year sevens lead out from the front please.”

We all stand and start to shuffle out after the younger years. Everyone is wondering aloud about Mark Ryder, even the boys want to know if he is good at sports and if he can win them some much needed medals. Skye links arms with me and drags me to the loo’s quickly before 3rd period. One of the negatives of the assemblies is that not only do we miss 1st and 2nd period but we miss break as well.

“I have health and social next and guess what! Annabelle Walters also has it next!!! I can’t believe I have to survive a full hour with that bitch!!!” Skye moans while dragging a small comb through her already perfect blonde curls. She smears a layer of strawberry lip-gloss over the bright lipstick.

Annabelle Walters is possibly the only girl that is a slight threat to Skye. She is model-gorgeous, petite with long glossy dark hair and witchlike green eyes which are constantly coated with thick layers of mascara and eyeliner. She has nothing on Skye, she might have a pretty face but everyone knows that she is a bitch.

Suddenly Skye taps my arm impatiently.

“OMG, look Riley look! That has got to be him, that God has got to be Mark Ryder!”

I turn to look where she is pointing and I gasp. Tall, muscular with big brown sorrowful eyes and lush full lips, perfectly styled black hair. That was the beautiful creation that stood lounging off of the science wall casually texting on his phone. As his beautiful eyes met mine I felt my face flush and then I mentally face-palmed. The banana skin, I forgot to bin the godforsaken banana skin!!!

So what do you think? I am seriously sorry for the late update, could you forgive me? *Does best puppy-dog face*. Anyway please and like, favourite and leave me a comment below, I would love to hear what you thought of the chapter! . Thanks for reading  xxx

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