Where The River Flows

A small One Shot about being Alone, finding yourself, happiness and love.


1. Where The River Flows

She hears the car driving past behind her on the long winding road. Theres nowhere for them to go. Its all road, trees, dirt and of course the river. It flows for miles, trying to find an end. In the sun,light dances of the surface, glistening like diamonds. Rain and wind cause it to ripple and wave, creating slight noises in an otherwise quiet place. Fresh green grass surounds it and snow white daisies scatter the ground. In winter the grass frosts over and crunches beneath her feet, the daisies wilt and die and the river, the river freezes over it becomes a mirror, reflecting its surroundings.It takes her miles to walk here everyday but its worth it. Its peaceful, quiet, she isn't disturbed. She can read, write, sketch. Everyday she sketches the river, everytime it looks different but just as magical.

She begins to create a daisy chain, gently plucking the flowers from the ground and threading them together.Smiling she looks up at the view and imagines, imagines a perfect world were everyone appreciates the beauty. Were everyone can dream, live, love as the they want, were everyone has there own special place. Were she isn't alone.

She hears a slight noise and looks around, theres a boy sitting about 5 metres away from her. His messy, unruly dark hair sticks out and his eyes are pulled together in concentration, his mouth is turned up into a smile and he is sketching. She wonders where he came from, how he got here. Curious she stands up and steps towards him letting the daisy chain slip through her fingers and into the river. When she sees his sketch she smiles, its of the river. Around him lie sketches and sketches of the river each different from the other. As she sits her turns to her.

"Its beautiful isn't it, the river"

"Yes, yes it is", she replies before they both turn and smile as they watch the daisy chain flow down the river.

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