Ages going by

A girl


1. New chapter

Age 3

She's got bright blue eyes little gold locks

And a heart full of love.

She runs around the yard laughing and giggling with delight.

She's a 3 year old girl her eyes full of love.

Age 5

She's five years old with a devious smile

Her head held high and a ponytail taming her hair

She laughs and shouts and sings at high pitches

She hugs her brothers and loves her mother.

She's a five year old girl her eyes full of mischief.

Age 10

She's 10 now and mommy and daddy fight a lot.

She sees them yelling and starts to cry. She runs to her brother tears streaming down her face and asks him why they fight. She sees mommy go outside and wonders why and then daddy yell and mommy start the car.

She's a 10 year old girl her eyes full of worry.

Age 13

She's a 13 year old girl. She feels all grown up.

She wears make up and bras and has big blue eyes. She wants love and a boyfriend. She wants someone to love her the way her grandparents love each other. She knows it won't happen but a girls gotta dream.

She's a thirteen year old girl full of want.

Age 16

She's 16 now and has tons of homework. She's got a car and a job and only one friend. She wishes to be far from this horrible little town. She wants nothing to do with any of the people here. She cries herself to sleep with the thought of there words running circles in her mind.

She's a sixteen year old girl her eyes full of tears.

Age 18

She's 18 and leaving for college. She looks at this town and her drunken brother and her gosh awful stepmother that took him down that path. She has on a sweater to cover the bruising left from last nights argument. And the cuts from the moments that followed.

She's an 18 year old girl ready to disappear.

Age 22

She's walking home from the bar with a few of her friends. She sees a car pull up and a guy say get in. She begins to run. She's scared for her life and then there's a white light. Then smack she's down and out for the count.

She's a 22 year old girl on her death bed.

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