Forgettable Memories

This story is based on the song Last Night by boy band The Vamps, who I adore!


1. Trying to remember the night before

The party last night must have been completely wild. I opened my eyes this morning very forcefully, as the sun was beaming through my bedroom window. My head was pounding and the walls felt like they were caving in. I could still hear the loud music bouncing heavily in my head, and I still couldn't help but sing along. The taste of wet lips was stuck on my tongue. To see if my lips were wet, I reached up to touch them, realising they were completely dry. I must have kissed someone last night. Passionately. I had no idea where the party took place or who hosted the party, but that didn't matter. I couldn't remember any single detail about what happened last night. My friends were snoring like a buffalo on the camp bed on the floor. Empty glasses covered the walk space, the smell of alcohol drifting up my nose. Then an image finally appeared in my head. It was of me and a group of boys, dancing and singing at a fair ground. We were having the time of our lives. But why the hell couldn't I remember anything about the night before? That was the only night I had to enjoy myself, to lye my guard down. Today was going to be normal. Hangover. Boring. With no idea as to why my mind wasn't working. I guess last night had never seen the sun. The sun this morning blinded me. The boys I danced with last night were totally gorgeous. One of them must have kissed me because the taste of their lips was so good. Maybe it was meant to be. Perhaps forgetting the party last night would do me good.

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