The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


5. The walk

The next day, Margaret and her four ladies got ready for the walk in the city ,when they were finished they went to the gates where the royal family and their entourage were waiting for the arrival of the king . A few minutes passed and the king arrived and so began their walk into the city.


A few hours later they where walking in the roads of the city they heard yells of the commoners saying “Hooray long live the King, long live the prince!”.  All was good until, as if out of no where someone threw an egg at the king and then somebody else threw a tomato at the princesses and soon enough there was a fight in the streets, the commoners where beating up the guards. The king got brought back like the other royals. They were finally safe in the castle but the prince spotted someone missing and he yelled "Where is Margaret !?". He then walked straight to the gates to go back into the city but the guards were blocking his way "Let me pass, i am your prince!" he said, the guards looked at the king who sighted and said "No Harry you can not go! It is to dangerous for you!"  the prince didn't care if he was allowed or not he just wanted to find her and make sure she was alight ,so he broke the barrier that the guards created and  ran to the location of where they were attacked "surely she must be there, hiding" or so he thought. A few blocks away Margaret was walking around to find the gates that would allow her to get back to the castle , she looked around distressed... she thought she saw Harry  but she jut turned around saying "It might just be a normal boy, it can not be the prince his father would have never let him come back here alone!". As she was walking down an alley way four men stood in her way "What is a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?" said one "Do ya want help finding your way back girl?" said another one of the men with an Irish accent, Margaret looked at each of them in the face and said "No thank you, i know where i am headed... now if you could just step aside so i can pass..." the men now surrounded her , she was scared , she forced her way out and ran away, but soon to be followed by the four men.


She ran into a near by alley, she looked at her beautiful new dress that now all ripped up and dirty. She thought she had escaped them but for safety precaution she continued running until she tripped over something, she then fell onto her front as she thought nothing could get worse, she felt someone behind her it was one of the men. The man flipped her over while the three other men came in and held her down "Please don’t do this!" she said sobbing uncontrollably the man was now undoing his belt and she was now sobbing and choking the word "no!" over and over again. Until she looked up to the man in front of her and saw Harry standing behind the man, he touched the man's shoulder, the man turned around facing prince Harry, only to be punched by the prince and falling to the ground unconscious, Harry then turned to the man standing on Margaret's left side punching him in the face, the man on her right side ran away obviously not wanting to get hurt. There was now only one man left with them , and the man was hiding in the corner- scarred, Margaret lay there on the floor- frightened Harry offered her his hand to help her up and he then lifted her  over his shoulder and said "It's alight now, you're safe with me".

When they arrived at the castle Harry sat her down on a bench and was kneeling in front of her comforting her, talking to her saying "You're safe now my lady, don't cry". Her ladies came rushing to Margaret and helped her up to her room to get cleaned up. Later during the night all of her ladies were sleeping with her in her room but Margaret could not sleep she was sat close to the fire place in her white night gown, even if she was in front of the fire she was still shaking. Maria had noticed and sat down in the chair with Margaret who barely noticed her presence, Maria stroked her friends hair and asked the question that everybody was afraid to ask "What happened back there?" Margaret didn't look at her friend, she just ignored the question and said to her in a low voice "Harry saved me" and with that she putted her head on Maria's shoulder both girls staring at the fire. A few hours had passed and Maria was now going to bed but , Margaret said "Maria..."  the other girl looked at her friend and said "Yes?" Margaret turned around facing her and said "I would have gotten raped, if it wasn't for him".   


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