The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


10. The revalation

Four months had passed since the royal wedding and it was now June. Anne stood in the middle of Louis's room in her night gown as she had only just woke up while Louis stood at the bed's end in only a shirt and brown pants on and said “Are you sure?” she looked at her belly and said with a smile "I am" he walked to her, knelled in front of her, putting his hands on her belly he looked up at her and said "I am going to be a father!" she looked at him and said "We are going to be parents"  he nodded and planted a big kiss on her stomach. He got up, hugged her and said "I love you, do you hear me i love you!".


Anne walked to Margaret's room were she and the other ladies went to attend her, Anne was dressed in a red dress that was matched with blue earnings. When she got there and brushed Margaret's curly hair. "Anne you have been quite happy in the last few months why?" asked Jane and suddenly the four girls were looking at Anne curiously, Anne got up closed the door and said to her four best friends "I will tell you girls on one condition, i do not want you girls to be mad at me when i tell you this" the girls nodded but Anne said "Swear it on your life" they all swore to it. She took a big breath and said "I have married Louis in a secret celebration" Maria looked at her and said playfully "I knew you were keeping something from us!"  as seeing that the rest of the girls took the news well she putted her hands on her belly and said "And i am now carrying his child". The girls took a few seconds to take this in, and Isabella said "How long have you been keeping this from us?"  "For about four months as of tomorrow"  Margaret looked at the red headed girl, putted her hands on Anne's belly and said while looking at her "For how long did you know about the child?" "Three months as of today" Anne replied, the girls gave her a group hug and Maria said "You will be needing more dresses now as you will be getting huge in the next months or so"  the girls ended up laughing. "Girls as we are talking about love i also have something to say" said Jane "I am being courted by a man named William, he has brown hair and brown eyes"  same here said Maria "but i am being courted by a man called Robert, he has blond hair and blue eyes.. and he is so very handsome". Isabella looked at Maria and said "There is more to a person then just looks Maria".


The next day the girls and their suitors had a picnic in the garden they talked and laughed all evening . As the night came to an end Isabella pulled Anne aside and said "I need to talk to you privately"  Anne nodded, and so the two girl went some were far from the rest of the group, when they thought they were at a safe distance from their ear site Isabella said "I have found evidence that the killer is one of the maids" the other girl thought for a moment and said "How do you know?"  "In town i heard some rumours while i was shopping" Anne was suddenly interested "What were they?" she took a deep breath and said to Anne "I heard some rumours that something big is going to happen but i don't know what it is yet". Isabella looked around and whispered to Anne "It's time to leave to our chambers now" Anne was surprised and said "Why are you whispering? We are the only ones here" Isabella started looking around maniacally and whispered through grinned teeth "Someone here is listening to us it's time to go now. Please Anne let's just leave!"  Anne did as she was told and left with Isabella.

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