The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


4. The painting

On the morning that followed Margaret was sound asleep in her new room when suddenly she heard someone say "Wake up now Margaret or else we'll be late !" she knew it was Jane, one of her ladies in waiting "If you don’t wake up i will throw cold water on you! I swear i will!" Margaret giggled and got up. "Oh Jane look at this place it's so beautiful !" Margaret said when she sat down on a chair while Jane helped her comb her curly auburn hair. Three more ladies came in the room and helped Margaret get ready: Anne helped Margaret put on her new dark blue dress, Isabella helped Margaret put on her Jade necklace and Maria brought bread and soup for all the girls. While they were all eating Margaret looked at each of her ladies starting by Jane who was wearing a light purple dress,had hazel eyes and had dark brown hair stuck in a bun as always. She then looked at Anne who was wearing a green dress, red curly hair and green eyes, she then looked at Isabella who was wearing a blue dress and had piercing baby blue eyes and has golden hair. Finally Margaret looked at Maria who was wearing a deep red dress and had strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, Margaret thought about something while looking at her four best friend and said to them "Jane you told me earlier that i had to wake up or we would be late... do you mind if i ask what would i be late for?" she said staring at the girls before her .


Jane thought for a second and suddenly her eyes went huge in realization "the painting..." she muttered to herself, she putted her food on the table got up and said "for the painting we have to hurry !"  Jane said in a panic "We have to be there at what time?" Maria asked lazily. Jane looked at Maria and said "Like oh i don't know hmm oh i remember it's NOW!!!!" Jane said sarcastically. The five girls ran down the stairs and into the gallery where the painter was. Isabella walked up to the man and asked "Is the painting over did Lady Margaret miss it?" the painter looked up at the girl and said in an Italian accent "No no she didn’t miss it prince isn’t here yet" The girls leaned against the windows that where in the gallery and then a boy arrived but it was not the prince, this boy had brown hair and blue eyes. The five girls looked at the boy in awe. The boy walked over to Anne and said "Hello there I'm Louis and you are?" Anne replied by looking straight into his  blue eyes "I am Anne" Louis looked at her, smiled and said "Ladies" he bowed and left. The four other girls giggled and looked over at Anne who now had red cheek.


A few minutes later the prince arrived and said " I'm sorry ladies i was gone hunting and lost track of time" the king then come in after his son and said "well let's paint a picture now shall we". While they where posing for the painting, her four ladies went back to their rooms because it was to long to just stand there and do nothing and the king decided to do the same thing. The only people left in the room were now the painter, prince Harry and Margaret. While posing for the painting Harry would sometime glance over to Margaret who didn't suspect a thing and think to himself wow she is so beautiful. After that the paining was done Harry accompanied her back to her room and when they got there he asked if Margaret would like to take a walk in the city with him and the rest of the royal family to enjoy the fresh air of the outside to witch Margaret said "If it pleases your grace" he looked at her and said "Please call me Harry" he kissed her hand , smiled  and left. 

When Harry got to his room Louis stood in his room and said jokingly "Where were you? You were late for the painting" Harry just shook his head and said "I was out ridding it happens to be late" Louis chuckled and said "Out? ridding who Little brother" Harry just laughed and said "Half-brother you forget" Louis then looked at him and said "You are my brother in my eyes Harry don't you forget that"  went back to his apartments and went to sleep.  

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