The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


3. The meeting

Margaret felt as if she was going to be eaten by all those people they where all so fancy but she then noticed her brother John dismounting his horse. Her brother was eighteen he had brown hair,blue eyes and had broad shoulders and his face looked like an adult's . He came on over and stood next to his father while she stood next to her mother, and  they walked up the path that was separated by the people. They climbed up the stairs and bowed before the king , who looked serious for a moment and said "Rise Stuart family!" as soon as they all got up the king said to his long time friend "You haven't changed a bit well... maybe you got a bit fatter" the king said jokingly "Lady Stuart" he said passing her , the king then noticed John "Oh my John you're a good looking lad now... i remember when you where younger you drooled everywhere and it was disgusting" the king then saw Margaret he smiled and said "Margaret is it you? You almost look like a woman now"  Margaret then looked at him and said jokingly  "Almost" the king laughed and said "She's a funny one" then he invited everyone in the throne room for a feast.


The court was very festive, every one was either eating at the tables that where on both sides of the ball room, some of the people where dancing the night away on the middle of the floor thanks to the lovely music that was playing . The king sat at his table and he was soon joined by his two daughters that where seated on each side of him, his eldest daughter Mary sat to his left and she was dressed in a plain black dress and his youngest daughter Margery was sat next to her elder sister, she was dressed in a red dress with gold on it. Margaret was standing next to her brother talking ,when suddenly the king said "I think it is time for the Lady Margaret to meet her future husband ,my son Prince Harry!" the room was soon filled with cheers . Suddenly a boy with curly brown hair stood next to the king "he is really handsome... wait isn’t that..." Margaret thought while staring at the mysterious boy that appeared at the kings table.


The king looked at the boy smiling and then said addressing Margaret "Well Lady Margaret, come forth, don’t you want to meet your future husband!" when the king said that the crowd separated in two to let Margaret go to the front. She was so nervous she thought she could faint "Keep yourself together Margaret it's just a meeting" she nervously said in her head while going to the front...where every one could see her. When she was close to the king and the prince she bowed respectfully and said looking downwards "Your majesty it is an honour to finally meet you" she waited for the prince to say that she could get up but instead the prince bent down and lifted her chin with two fingers and gently helped her get up. When Margaret was standing, she was staring into Harry's green eyes. Harry then smiled and said "It is an honour to meet you too Lady Margaret"  the king looked pleased and the prince said shyly "Shall we go dance Lady Margaret?" she looked at him surprised but answered "If it pleases your grace" the young prince smiled and with that they joined the dance. During the feast Margaret went back to her seat and she couldn't help herself but look at the prince with curly brown  hair and green eyes "He has changed from a weak little boy to a healthy and strong boy"  she thought. The girl found her mother and said to her "We must be going mother it is getting late" her mother looked at her and said "Oh my dear you didn't know you are moving to court you even have your own rooms in the palace... oh and your old ladies will be here in the morning in the mean time she will be your new lady".the girl guided Margaret to her new room. Once Margaret arrived at her room she closed the door and she didn’t even bother to take of her dress, she went straight to her bed and dozed into a deep sleep .      

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