The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


7. The coronation

In the church a new king stood strong and proud looking over his new subjects, Margaret who was seated with her ladies, could see that the newly crowned king Harry was proud but when she stared at his eyes she saw that they radiated fear. The new king sat in his throne in the ball room for the celebration. "To the king!" someone yelled out, glasses were raised to the throne and the room was soon filled with music and cheers. The young king looked at Margaret, his face calm with a joyful smile on his face.


People started to dance in the middle of the floor thanks to the music, Harry rose up from the throne and went up to the Lady Margaret, bowed down in front of her, kissed her hand and then looked up to her face,grinning and said "Shall we go dance Lady Margaret?" Margaret smiled and said "If it pleases your grace" the young king got up and smiled while bringing her to join the dance. When they got on the dance floor she realized that all the other people dancing had stopped and had spread in a big circle to watch the king dance with his soon to be wife and queen, she looked at him and said "They are all staring at us" to which he replied "Don't worry about them , it's just you and me right now" Margaret blushed a light shade of pink and nodded ,and so they danced .


Later on, the festivities continued and in the corner of the room Louis stood there watching everyone enjoying themselves while he was drinking down his own weight in wine, until he noticed a girl coming his way "Maybe she's just going to get some wine for her friends, nobody wants to be at a celebration all alone, like me" he thought to himself as he took another sip of wine. Anne walked over to the boy standing in the corner she took a glass of wine, stood next to him and said "Don’t you feel lonely begin here all alone?" Louis looked over to her and said "Well i don’t really fancy these kind of events, knowing that people will try to kill me whenever they get the chance"  Anne was shocked but decided to just change the subject and said "And what about the king's death?" he shrugged and said "What about it?"  Anne took a sip of wine and said while whispering "Well, there are rumours that the king got poisoned and...." Louis putted his finger to her lips, to shush her and she was not happy about it "Excuse you sir you have no right to.." he leaned in and whispered in her ear "Lets go talk about this in the garden, some people here are listening to our little conversion" Anne was going to say something else but instead she nodded and so they left for the garden .


As they were walking around the garden talking about nothing and everything. Louis stooped at an old oak tree, leaned against it and Anne said to him "So we have been walking around the garden for about an hour or two talking about my life but i still don't know anything about you" Louis looked at her and said "What would you like to know? I will only give you one question use it wisely"  Anne thought and said "I would like to know, who are your father and mother" he looked at her and said "My mother was from the pleasure house in the village, she died when i was very young and all i remember of her was that she had blonde hair and that her name was Catherine" she looked down and said "and your father?" he looked at her and said "My father was king Henry" "so you're a bastard" he looked at her and smiled "I am just lucky that he chose my mother rather then the girl next to her, and because of that status people have despised me at court" she looked at him and said softly "I too know the horror of being despised at court Louis" He looked at her "You don’t know what it's like Anne..." he said with sadness all over his face turning the opposite direction he said "For eight teen years of my life now i have been disrespected and despised at court by the lords and ladies, even though i tried being the good guy" she took time to take that information in and said to him with sympathy "I understand what you have been going through Louis, i really do" he turned around looking straight in her green eyes and said "How would you understand Anne, all your life it seems, you have been doing was to wear pretty clothes and dance because nobody would ever dare despise the daughter of a high born man!"  she looked at him holding his stare, she took a deep breath and said straight in his face "Have you any idea what it is like being the daughter of a lord?! I was pushed around all my life, people were making decisions for me without my consent, i tried being the perfect daughter but i could never meet these standards and if i would dare say no to my mother she would hit me hard across the face!" he was shocked at this revelation and looked at her with sympathy. She had turned around and was going to walk back to the celebration but suddenly, Louis grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around to face him, he looked at her face and kissed her, Anne bit Louis's bottom lip and he pinned her softly against the tree trunk and kissed her hard until she heard a couple of girls talking and coming their way which snapped her back to reality. She putted her fingers to his lips and whispered to him "I can't, we can't , This cannot happen again... do you understand Louis!" he looked at her and asked "Is it because i am a bastard and you a Lady?" she looked at him and answered as she started walking away "I am not a lady!" he looked at her from a distance "Oh i know that" he answered chuckling and going back to the celebration.  


Back into the celebration Anne quickly joined the conversation between Margaret and her other ladies "Where were you Anne? we were worried sick" said Jane, as the girls asked what happened Anne looked at the corner and saw Louis staring at her with a glass of wine and saw him wink at her. She blushed a light shade of red and looked at her feet. but it was to late to hide it, her friends had just noticed and looked at the direction she had just been staring at "Our little Anne fancies someone" said Isabella laughing and putting her arm around Anne’s shoulder "Tell us please!" begged Maria and Jane while Margaret was standing there laughing "Maybe i will tell you someday"  Anne said to her four best friends.


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