The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


9. The consumation

Margaret was now sixteen and it was now her wedding day and coronation day. She was now dressed in her wedding dress and was in a carriage with her ladies, her mom and her sister in law. She had to admit it was a beautiful spring day and love was in the air.

She had never felt so scarred as she walked down the aisle with her brother John, who had become the lord of their household since their father had passed in a recent illness. As she went at the altar she looked at Harry who was also dressed in white, and in that moment she could not believe it was happening, she was finally going to be his wife and queen. After the wedding, there was her coronation she was sat on her knees as the pope gave his blessings and said while putting a crown on her head  "The gods, hear by declare you Queen Margaret of Nabarcia, you may now rise!" and so she did while her ladies were seated Isabella said to the other girls "There is only one god and his name is death, and there is only one thing we say to death..."  all four girls looked at her "Not today" she continued. After the coronation there was a celebration at the palace, the common people could not go but Harry made sure to distribute free wine in the city for only tonight. Margaret was now sat at Harry 's side on the queen's throne... her throne. During the celebration an obviously drunk John had yelled "Give us a prince your majesty!" Harry then looked at his young queen, who blushed when she noticed him staring and looked down, he was obviously amused by this  and he took her hand in his while getting her up as himself and said loud enough for every one to hear "The king and queen will now retire to their chambers" the room exploded in cheer as Margaret was going to her chambers with her ladies and Harry was going to his room with Louis.


Margaret stood in the middle of her new room in her night gown, Maria touched Margaret's cheek and said softly "Don't worry every thing will be alright"  the four girls all gave Margaret a hug and went back to the celebration. There was now a knock on the door and a few witnesses entered the room too prove that they actually consumed their union. Margaret stood there shocked as she saw all these people come into the room, she had now crossed her arms around her chest as she was starting to get uncomfortable with all these strangers in the room staring at her. Just when she looked at the door she saw Harry coming in the room he was dressed in a plain shirt and brown pants, he walked over to her and said to the witnesses "Leave us , i believe we do not need people staring at us, you will have your proof tomorrow morning". With that the witnesses went back to the celebration. Harry walked over to her cupped her face and said "Are you ready love?"

"As I'll ever be" she said back. As she said that, Harry kissed her softly. His mouth left hers and went to her neck, Margaret closed her eyes shut her breathing started  speeding up. "My queen" Harry whispered, her hands started wandering on him, one went into his curly brown hair and the other one went on his chest. She suddenly clutched his shoulders as he started sucking a spot on her neck. "Harry" she mumbled an unknown feeling spreading in her body, "I got you" Harry said, her body felt like an oven she was hot all over,He kissed her passionately  and she felt tingly all over. They stopped kissing to take a breath and Harry asked "Are you sure you want to do this Margaret?" she looked straight into his green eyes and said practically panting "Yes". He  brought  her over to to bed, where he layed her down softly, he kissed her and took of her night gown, she layed there naked in front of him. Self-conscous, she covered her self with her arms. "Don't you're perfect" Harry had said looking over her body, he then  took off his shirt. She looked at him her eyes looking at his body, he was handsome there was no denying it, he was well built his muscles were visible, his green eyes glowed in the moonlight just like his smile. He kissed her and lay on top of her supporting himself with his two arms  "I won't hurt you" he said, he kissed her passionately while his fingers roamed around her body. Margaret gasped as she felt something wet down  below ,  that's not normal she thought. "Harry stop please!" he stopped and looked at her and asked "What's wrong love?"  she looked at him and said "I felt something wet down there it's not normal" he chuckled and said "It's okay you're just aroused"  he placed him self back over her and started kissing her neck. She moaned as she felt something stirring inside of her "Harry..." Harry kissed her lips and said "It's alright.." her breath sped up a pleasant sensation invading her body. He stopped kissing her and said "Take a deep breath Margaret" he took off his pants. She then felt something large softly pressed at her entrance, she looked down and saw his manhood and gulped. "Harry it's going to hurt" she said scarred " I'm sorry Margaret... i promise not to move until you want me too" Harry said his face sincere. She nodded to give him confirmation that he could go in. As she felt him push carefully she grabbed the covers tightly between her fingers she shed a few tears out of her eyes . "It's alright Margaret it's in" Harry whispered in her ear, she focused on breathing while he wiped her tears away, he kissed her softly. "You can move" Margaret said to him, the first thrust did nothing as did the second and third, after that the other thrusts made something grow inside of her. As he thrust in and out repeatedly,  pleasure  slowly came to her, she found herself moaning his name, her fingers dug into his shoulders "Margaret" he grunted sweat on his skin. Harry used one of his hands to caress her skin. The pleasure grew and grew inside her until she couldn't contain it any longer. "Harry!" she shouted shutting her eyes and grabbing  the sheets beneath her "Margaret" he groaned emptying himself inside of her. Margaret felt something warm inside of her, Harry puled out and dropped beside her and said out of breath  "Margaret you are my Sun and Stars"  he then covered their body's with the blankets and said "You light up my world when i see you" she nuzzled to his chest and said "And you are the Moon of my life when i see you, you light up the darkness within me" and with that they went to sleep.


in the mean while Anne had went to her's and the other ladies chamber, as they had been moved out of the room so that the queen could have her own personal room, she got dressed in a white dress she made in her spare time, putted a black cloak on herself and road out to the now sleeping city's church . When she arrived to the church, she attached her horse to a post and went inside of the church were she saw Louis waiting for her at the altar and he said to her grasping her hands "Are you sure you want to do this Anne?" she looked straight in his  blue eyes and said "I want to be with you,Louis" as she said that the priest came out, stood there and tied there hands together with a long slim piece of cloth. They said their vows and then they kissed. Louis looked at her adoringly and said “You are mine and i am yours...” she smiled and said finishing his sentence “Forever”. After their secret ceremony they went to Louis's apartment to consume their union.    


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