The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


8. Engagment

A few months later, it was now the most festive seasons of all... December. The young king Harry had decided to go on an evening stroll in the garden with Margaret, where the pond was of great beauty and the nature was covered in a white coat.


They walked and talked at some point Margaret had dared to ask "Your majesty,we have known each other for a long time and..." she blushed a pink shade on her cheeks, Harry looked at her and said "No continue on, i wanted to hear your question Margaret"  she remained silent and continued walking with him, in these past few months she had been growing fond of his boyish personality.  As they walked he noticed they had arrived at their destination "Look isn't it beautiful?" he said gesturing at the pond that had turned into ice, it was so lovely. Margaret decided to be brave and asked her question "I was wondering... as your father has passed ,you could have chosen any other lady at court, but you choose me ,why?" he took her hand, stood in front of her looking straight in her emerald green eyes and said "I would be crazy not to, you are different from all the others, you are funny, intelligent and plus i have been admiring you since i first saw you"  and with that he bent on one knee holding one of her hand and said in honesty "Margaret Stuart will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?" he looked at her and said with a smile "Say yes" she looked at him with loved filled eyes and said "Yes, yes!" with that he got up kissed her and spun her around in a circle.



As it was Sunday, all of Margaret's ladies had the day off, Jane,Isabella and Maria had decided to go to a poetry reading session, but Anne didn't want to go. "Are you sure you will not be attending?" said Maria at Anne who was standing by the window while staring outside she looked at her three best friends and said "I am sure, i am not feeling very well"  the three girls looked at each other and left for the poetry reading as the girls were talking they realized Anne had became less energetic then she had been six months ago. Meanwhile Louis layed on his bed reading a book when he heard a knock on his apartment door he decided to answer it. He opened the door and stood there facing the girl standing right in front of him "What are you doing here?" he asked leaning against the door frame Anne looked at him and said "Might i come in?" he looking around and let her in. They stood in the middle of the room saying nothing for a moment when suddenly Anne said "You probably do not want to see me right now Louis but i have a good reason trust me"  he looked at her, he could not have believed it had already been six months since he had last seen her.


She looked at her feet and said "I have thought about the kiss" he looked at her and said "Ya what about it? I thought you wanted to forget it as we are clearly not in the same social groups" she could clearly hear the hurt in his voice and said "I.i i...would God dammit" usually she was a very confidant woman but for a reason she could not understand she had stuttered .Louis stood there watching her and said  while taking her hands in his "It is clear now that if we want to stay sane we have to be together Anne"  "How do you know that?"  she said doubtfully "Well i have been going insane without you and i hope you feel the same about me, if not i will understand" Louis said. She looked at him and kissed him softly, he looked at her and said in a whisper "What was that for?"  she smiled softly and whispered back "I am saying yes". Later on they had stayed in his apartment talking and laughing, until she brought on a more serious subject ...the one about the dead king "Isabella and i have made a few discoveries about his death"  he looked at her, his smile fading "And what are they?" he asked intrigued she leaned closer to him and whispered "We believe that it was one of the servants, preferably one of the newly recruited staff members that he had hired shortly before his death" he took some notes and said "Well i will do my own investigate on the staff members while you and Isabella look for some more clues to find who killed my father" she nodded and left his apartment .


A few days later they where in the garden and Louis gave Anne a necklace and said "I made this for you" she took the necklace it was made of gold and had a dragon on it "Isn't that..." she was cut off by him  saying "Yes it is my crest, and as i know you like dragons.. do you like it?" she took a closer look at the necklace admiring it's beauty when she realized there was i line separating the middle she looked at him, he took the necklace from her and opened it in half. She looked inside and saw that there were two miniature portraits on each side, on the left side there was a small paining of her in a green dress and on the right there was another small painting but it was of him wearing a dark brown suit she stared at him and said "I don’t like it..." he now had a disappointed look on his face and she said "I love it, it's beautiful".


As the day ended, all the girls were back in their shared room and gossiped when suddenly Isabella looked at Anne and said "Where did you get that necklace? It's so pretty!" Jane looked at her grinning "I was right someone does fancy you! Who is the lucky lad!"  Anne could not contain the secret any more and said while she sat  down like the rest of the ladies "All right i will tell you girls but don’t be mad" all of her friends nodded. Anne took a deep breath and said "The boy who gave me this necklace is... Louis". The girls all looked at Anne shocked , the room was filled with silence and Maria said "Thomas... the kings bastard?"  Anne looked at her and said confidently "Yes" the girls all disagreed on her choice of suitor and Maria said "You know you can not marry him as you have are a high born and he is not and your parents would never allow it!"  Anne looked down, the girls were remained silent until Isabella said "Well i think you and Thomas look quite adorable together". Margaret coughed and said "I also have an announcement to make, I'm getting married to Harry in Spring".


During the night Margaret was dreaming of that awful day in the city, where she saw the same four men, "What is a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?" said one "Do ya want help finding your way back girl?" said another one of the men with an Irish accent , Margaret looked at each of them in the face and said "No thank you, i know exactly where i am headed..."  the men now surrounded her, she was scared , she forced her way out and ran away, but soon to be followed by the four men. She remember every turn but she still tripped she then felt someone behind her,it was one of the men . The man flipped her over while the three other men came in and held her down "Please don’t do this!" she said sobbing uncontrollably the man was now undoing his belt , she was now sobbing and choking the word "no!" over and over again, she looked up expecting to see Harry but he wasn't there so she kept on crying until one of the men slit her throat. At midnight she woke up in a jump, she touched her throat to make sure it was still intact , she got the covers off, all was fine until she realized that the bottom half of her night gown and the bed were full of blood Margaret sat in her bed shocked and looked outside and said "It has happened".    

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