The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


6. Death

A few months had passed since the incident and the king was now terribly ill , and there were now rumours that the king had been poisoned . As the king was not feeling good enough he wrote a letter and gave it to the royal announcer, during the feast when he was sure everybody was listening he said loudly enough for everyone to hear "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! His majesty king Henry has declared that his son's coronation will take place in a month and that he shall be wed to the lady Margaret a few months after!"  with that all the glasses were raised and the people erupted in cheer.


Five days later, Margaret was sound asleep and thought she could sleep the day away but someone came in the room she thought it was one of her ladies but no it was her mothers voice she heard . Margaret sat up and said "Mother? Wha..what are you doing here?!" her mother turned around and said "Well my baby girl is getting married to the future king of Naburcia". Margaret's ladies came in dressed her in a dark blue and golden dress, they combed her curly hair and ate breakfast... it was in the most awkward silence, nobody knew what to say because her mother was there. The silence was broken when her mother said "how is your relationship with the prince going?" Margaret almost choked, she coughed and said "It's going great mother". When her mother left, the girls talked about rumours that were circulating around court "I heard that the king is maybe going to legitimize Louis, in case that something would happen to prince Harry" Isabella said "No he wouldn't it would be a disgrace to do that but... i suppose since he is the king" concluded Jane.


A few hours later Harry and Margaret were walking in the garden talking and laughing , when they came close to a rose bush, he grabbed a rose and gave it to her saying "For you my lady as i think it is pretty, just like you" it was the most beautiful rose she had ever seen and without a second of hesitation she took the rose and smelled it. Harry and Margaret continued walking down a path when suddenly a servant ran in front on them, they stopped "what's wrong with you man? Can you not see that i am walking with lady Margaret?" Harry asked, the servant replied by saying "My prince his majesty the king wants you to be at his bed side right away" and with that prince Harry ran to the king's room.


When he arrived Harry ran to his father's side and fell on his knees, he looked around and saw that the only people in the room were Mary, Margery,himself and the king. As they were waiting around in the king's room, the king finally talked and was saying to Mary "Mary... you must be a kind and loving sister to you brother" he touched Mary's cheek and she got out of the room. "Margery" Henry said, she sat by her father's bed side listening "i want you to look after you're brother as well and advise him when i am gone" Margery nodded and says "yes father i promise" he noded and said to her "Bless you child,bless you" and she walks out of the room "Harry, you are the next king it will not be easy i promise you that. I have made the decision that you shall wed the Stuart girl when she will have her blood” the king coughed and said "I wish to be buried next to your mother Jane, my one true love.... take care my son"   and with that the king passed away.

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