The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


11. Birth, death and war

As it was now a beautiful October morning and the girls were making some more clothes for Anne 's baby that was due any day now. By noon they had all finished the clothes and had walked to hers and Louis's apartment. When they were there Jane said to Anne "I love your dress, did you make it your self?"  Anne looked at her light red dress that was paired off with the gold necklace Louis had given her and answered "Yes i did actually".  As they continued on talking Anne suddenly said in alarm "I either just peed myself or.."  "or what?" said the four girls, Anne took a deep breath and said "or it is time!" as she started going into labour Jane, Margaret and Maria helped her get into her night gown and onto the bed, while Isabella ran out of the room and went get the nearest midwife.


As Anne started giving birth Louis stood at her side the whole time encouraging her. Two hours of labour had passed, she pushed one last time and they finally heard a small cry, they both got congratulated for the birth and then they looked in the direction of the midwife who was turned around with the child in her arms washing it carefully. The midwife gave the baby to Isabella who then handed the baby to Anne and said to them "It's a healthy baby girl, congratulation" and then left with the rest of the girls to their own chambers, so there was only Anne, Louis and their new born daughter in the apartment. Louis cried of happiness while taking one of their baby's small hands in his big ones and said "she is so tiny" he then kissed his wife and said "What should we name her?"  Anne thought for a few seconds and said "We could call her Catherine" he looked down at his new born daughter and said softly "Hello there Catherine" and he then kissed Catherine on the forehead and later on Anne and Louis had fallen asleep on the bed cuddled together with the baby in the middle of them .


A year had passed and there were now riots out in the streets, the people were angry. They shouted insults at the royal family and they also fought in the streets. It was now night fall and as Isabella was walking in the hallway she heard a voice of a man saying "Well is it done?" the voice of a girl answered "It is done and it will happen tonight,and just as i did with the dead king they won't even know I'm there"  she had never felt so scarred but just as she was going to leave she told herself "Don't be a coward, this is a one time opportunity... i can finally solve this" and with that she turned the corner facing the man and the woman she looked at them and gasped "No,no this can't be!" she started running away but just then the woman garbed her so she could not leave and Isabella shouted "Let me go!What are you going to do to me?!"  the man looked at her and said "I think you already know the answer".


During the night, Margaret and Harry heard a scream and ran to it's source. When they arrived they saw all of her ladies,some servants and some physicians around some thing, she got closer and saw it, her friends body. Maria turned her head to face Margaret and said "We...we.. found her like this" she could not believe this had happened, she sat by her friends body with the other ladies while Jane said to Isabella with teary eyes  "It's alright now"  Margaret looked at her dying friend, she had a massive stab wound on her stomach and blood was seeping out of her head, forming a puddle of blood around her head. She looked at her friends who tried not to cry for Isabella's sake .Margaret sniffed and said while caressing Isabella's cheek "You're going to be alright, just stay awake for me" Isabella looked at Margaret and said "I'm so tired..." Anne took Isabella's hand and said to her "There is only one thing we say to death... do you remember?" Isabella smiled weakly and said "Not today..."  Anne started mumbling incomprehensible words under her breath  while pressing her hand to Isabella's wounds. Isabella smilled weakly and said to Anne "Magic won't help...they got me... and they're coming for your family next...protect her..." she then paused and her whole body went limp... she was dead. Anne was the first one to cry, while crying she looked at each of the girls, starting with Maria who had started to cry really hard and sobbed , she looked at Jane who had teary eyes and she was shaking, as always she tried to hide her feelings from the others , Anne sobbed and looked at Margaret who was now standing, looking at her hands now full of blood, her hands were shaking and she looked around, fell to the ground and started crying uncontrollably.


A few months had passed and it was now Isabella's funeral, as the whole court sat in the church for it, Louis,Anne, their daughter and the three other ladies sat on the third bench. They all wore black dresses and the king and queen had presented themselves, they were sat on the first bench also all dressed in black. As they brought in the coffin every one stood up and Louis picked up Catherine who now had shoulder length brown hair which had a reddish glare in the sun paired off with green eyes , when she noticed some one of the girls was missing she said to her father "Papa, where auntie Isa?" he looked at the three girls, who had heard and were now struggling to not cry. He looked at his daughter and said "Auntie Isabella is gone" she looked at her father and said "She ok?" Maria looked at Catherine and said "Don't worry she's is alright". 


When they got to their apparent they putted Catherine in her crib and then Anne got really mad and said to Louis "The hunters they got my cousin Isabella and now they're coming after us" she looked at their sleeping child and she said "and they will come after her... she is the most powerful witch of this century and she's just one years old Louis!"  Louis hugged his wife and said "I will kill anyone who tries to hurt you or our daughter i promise you that".



In the middle of the night, Harry and Margaret were talking about babies as they wanted one for a long time and after a year of marriage Margaret was still not pregnant he said "If we have one we should call him William i always loved this name, when i was young i used to pretend my name was William" they both laughed and Margaret looked at him and said "What if we had a girl?"  he thought for a few seconds and said "We could call her Mary or Olivia"  they kept talking until there was a knock on the king's door he said "Who is it?" the guards said "Your majesty you are in grave danger! The people have almost broken the castle gate's lock!". Harry looked on his right side were Margaret was sleeping and told her “We have to go” she asked “Why?” and then suddenly they heard yelling and people screaming.


They rose from the bed, they each putted a cloak and shoes on and Harry brought a sword with him, she told him "I will try to get my ladies and Louis while you go fetch six horses" as she was leaving he took her hand and said "I love you and don't you forget it" he then gave her a quick kiss and then they each left. In an other room Louis heard the screaming coming from outside and woke up Anne who then took the sleeping child in her arms, he was only dressed in a shirt, pants and boots with a cloak and sword and she was dressed only in her night gown, riding shoes with a cloak and she dressed the child in a nightgown and sturdy shoes. As they were leaving they saw Margaret, they joined her and the two other ladies in the stables where Harry had picked six horses but just as they were leaving Harry got off his horse and said "I can't go i need to stay and fight with my men! They need their king by their side!"  "Are you crazy, Harry you're coming with us!" Margaret yelled back and just as she said that two men appeared behind Harry and they started dragging him away. The last thing she heard was him yelling the word "GO!" over and over again.


When they arrived at the docks,Margaret jumped off her horse and was running back to the castle to find Harry but Louis grabbed her by the waist and pulled her over his shoulder dragging her back she was yelling and kicking by now. As the got to the docks, they noticed their was a small line up at a ship, Louis putted down Margaret and asked to one of the man in line "What's this line about?" the man looked at him and answered "This is a line to go to the new world, start a new life," the man looked at the group and said "Are y’all coming? There's still room". They all nodded and went aboard the ship, the women and children were in a large compartment in the lower decks and all the men were in another one. And so their voyage started every one was sleeping except for Margaret, she went onto the back of the ship and she looked at the city saying to herself "Harry please come back to me, don't let this war cost me you". 


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