The Sun and the Moon

Margaret the daughter of a noble man, had an arranged marriage to the prince Harry of Naburcia since she was born and on her 15th birthday she will finally see him. What will happen? Will she like him?

Read to find out ;)


2. And so it begins

It was a beautiful spring morning everything was awake... well almost everything. In a house on the lake side, a girl lay sleeping in her bed until someone knocked at her bedroom door . The knocking at the door did not stop there, that is when the door busted open. The sleeping girl opened her eyes due to the light coming from the now opened windows. She got up and got dressed by her four ladies in waiting, she then got her hair combed – while her ladies where talking about rumours from court. When she was all finished begin groomed her ladies stood back and when the girl looked in the mirror in front of her she saw a whole different person standing there, she knew it was her but it didn’t feel like it. She examined her reflexion : she had waist length curly auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin and wore a dark blue dress with a Jade necklace. Her thoughts where interrupted when a figure appeared behind her she looked up it was her mother “ Oh Margaret , you look beautiful !” she looked at her mother and said “I don’t want to marry this boy, i don't even know him!” her mother looked at her and said “You will learn to love him, as i did with your father ,remember child the heart works in mysterious ways” .


A few hours away they arrived at the beautiful city of Nabarcia, it was very different from the north were she grew up, here there was sunshine, grass and various flowers were growing on the window sides of some buildings she could even hear birds chirping...they never heard that in the north,the docks where full of crystal clear water that connected directly to the sea. In the north there was only cold weather and it snowed a lot, on a regular day if they were lucky it would only snow about 1 meter. She enjoyed the sunshine of Nabarcia, she even loved the smell of the city it smelled like fresh baked pastry’s and spices. She took a minute to take it all in and then went into the carriage that awaited herself and her family.


Margaret never felt so nervous as she and her mother waited in the carriage to be soon joined by her father, when he saw her he said "You look fit for a prince my dear... just don’t do anything foolish,oh and your brother John will be joining us there " . As the carriage stopped at the castle's entrance she looked out the window seeing a crowd of finely dressed people. She then saw that the crowd was separated in two rows witch will allow them to pass through to greet the king and her future husband. Her mother noticed the anxiousness on the girls face she held her daughter's hand and said  "do not fear daughter you are a descendant of the Stuart family you are destined for greatness" Margaret looked at her mother who then said while patting Margaret's hand her father turned around and said to her "Don't forget to smile child it's your one and only opportunity to impress the Nubarcian court" he than got out followed by her mother she took a shaky breath and said to herself staring at the massive crowd of people “And so it begins” with that she smiled and got out of the carriage.   

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