The story is inspired by my favourite Britney Spears song-''Womanizer''


1. good

       John lives in sin. His weakness are women. Young and beautiful ones. He just can't resist them. Almost every night John goes to bars and always goes out with a different girl. He uses his sweet talk to enchant the opposite sex. That drives women crazy. He was handsome and with muscles. His body was created for lust and pleasures. Whose man wouldn't want a life like John's?

Yes, but one day John decided to get marry and to back the bachelor years. The lucky one is his latest girlfriend-Lucy. She was very attractive. At first glance she looks like a bimbo but soon John will meet her real nature.

What he didn't know was that Lucy adores controlling men. Any kind of men. It is her obsession. Lucy wants to dominate in a relationship, to be the superior one. Her word was a law and men just like little puppies have to obey her.

After marriage, everything for John went wrong. He felt like a slave. The master was his sweet wife. She was bossy to him, he felt all this humiliating, but one ordinary day, John just escaped the nest.

Was this a sort of a punishment for the eternal womanizer? Yes. It was destiny's way to show him and men like him that a man should never disrespect women. They have the same equal rights. Women are not toys in naughty men's hands........

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