Brook Taylor 's life is a secret, she's hidden in a private girl's school in America. Up until a man with a long white beard swoops her out of that school after Brook reeks havoc with her magic. Brook joins Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and meets a boy who is different from all the others. A boy with a jagged scar, a floppy brown mess of hair and extraordinarily round glasses. Harry Potter.


2. 2

I could hear the assembly from the passageway, I'd passed the snake and was wondering whether just to turn back. But, I heard voices, only one I recognised.

"You're sure the girl doesn't know about me, not yet!?" Said a soft voice.

."No, she doesn't, It'll all work out because I have a plan."

"Care to elaborate?"

"Well, Albus, I know that this'll be hard for you since you nearly let her go in the first place, but, if she goes there, then she'll be safe."

I saw a reflection cast upon one of the walls,

"Very well Ginny, I suppose that's the best option."

A man with a white beard fingered his chin and sat on the floor, Rayna sat with him,

"Ginerva, please go find her!"



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