Brook Taylor 's life is a secret, she's hidden in a private girl's school in America. Up until a man with a long white beard swoops her out of that school after Brook reeks havoc with her magic. Brook joins Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and meets a boy who is different from all the others. A boy with a jagged scar, a floppy brown mess of hair and extraordinarily round glasses. Harry Potter.


1. 1

Rayna Leeds hiked up her skirt about four inches, revealing a little to much flesh. Her patent black heels clinked together as she walked swiftly through Bayview Private's clean corridors. The soft blonde hair she owned was pinned up high in a ballerina bun. This was just the normal day at Bayview.

I scratched off the toothpaste from my blazer, it stuck to my finger. Great. As I walked clumsily through the corridor in silence, I noticed that Rayna had gone a different way towards the assembly than we were supposed to. This wasn't all bad considering we both detested each other deeply. But I thought if she was going to go that way, then I would too.

 I detached myself from the group and sunk into the other passageway. I was surprised at how dark it was, it was even darker than the night sky. Whilst I was waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, I tripped over something on the floor. I tried to reach out to what it was, but it hissed.

I wasn't scared of snakes.

When I was little I went to a zoo in Alabama, and there was a whole cabinet of snakes there. But I didn't even shiver one bit when it wrapped all the way up my arm.

I hissed back. But was taken by surprise when my hiss sounded like this, "Urch lemana  shuh shemana jajajjbanavo."

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