What happend to you and me?

Katy and Niall are best friends, or were .. They did EVREYTHING together. They were inseparable. They were soul mates, meant to be.. Or was that just something they tought? ..

When Niall one day, decides to audition for the X-Factor, and gets put in the group 'One Direction', what will then happen?

Will everything be okay between them?
Will they stay as best friends?
Will One Direction come before Katy?
Will they ever see each other again?
Will they even try to keep the contact?
Will they even remember each other?
And most important.

What will they do when if they meet again? And see whats happend.. When one of them still is heart broken, but hides it behind a smile. And the other is over it, but got scars that will always remind the person of the episode..

What will they then do?..

One thing is for sure, everything happends for a reason..

*This story can have offensive language, and offensive scenes.
Reading on own responsibility. (: *


8. One Heart with a million voices


I closed the door behind me, and turned around to see the boys looking at me. I then looked at Harry. Some ways, I was mad as hell.. But in other ways, I wasn't ? Niall.. You are weird!  Wow, I'm dishing myself.. What tha actual..

"Niall, mate I don't know what to say I mean, you know I was drunk and.." I cut Harry of. "Harry. Maybe this is the moment you just shouldn't say anything.. The excuse you are giving Katy is that you are stupid and drunk." I sigh, "You killed her mother, the only one left. You killed my other mum. Do you understand that?!" I say a little higher with anger in my voice. It hurts to be the one to tell Harry that he is a killer. But it hurts even more that he don't realise it. "Niall.. I understand.. And I am sorry, but what could I do?" Harry interupt my thoughts and say. I look at him, and for a moment I forget that he is my best friend. And, I just jump on him. Before I know it the first punch is thrown. I hear the other boys gasp behind me, but Harry pissed me off..


"WHAT COULD YOU DO?! YOU COULD START THINKING WITH YOUR BRAIN! THIS. IS. YOUR. FAULT!" I scream and punch him again. I then feel arms trying to get me away from Harry, but no way in hell I'm letting this go. "YOU DROVE THAT CAR! YOU DROVE INTO THEIR CAR! YOU KILLED KATYS MOTHER AND THEO!" I screamed, while tears started to blur my vision.


I'm torn, I don't know what to think. Should I forgive my best friend? Should I hate him? Should I forget it all? My heart can decide, and it hurts me. It hurts me how my old bestie is walking around with a broken heart, all because of my best friend. It hurts me that my mother can't sleep because of the fact that she lost her best friend. It all hurts.. And it all is Harrys fault..


"Niall! CALM DOWN!" Zayn yells and holds me back. I take a deep breath and look at Zayn while nodding. Then I look at Harry, who layes on the ground bleeding from his nose and eyebrow. I take my hand out for him to take. He takes it and I help him up. "You are an idiot, you need to start thinking with your brain. But you are still my best friend.." I say while giving him a man hug. I feel Harry sigh and hug me tight. "I'm sorry Niall.. I know I'm a murder, but I just.. I don't.." I again cut Harry of. "Harry, relax mate... Everything will be okay." I smile weakly then I look at the clock and see I only got about 10 minutes left. "I got to go!" I sat fast, take my shoes on and run out of the door, slapping it behind me.


I run down to our secret place, and see a black silhouette standing there, looking as beautiful as ever.. 

I walk over to her as she turns around and smiles at me.

No kidding, I missed her as a crazy bitch. And I hope we can try again..


Hopefully, that is what she wants to talk about..







Or that one is only a maybe, should I continue this story?!






-Katy <3 xxx


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