What happend to you and me?

Katy and Niall are best friends, or were .. They did EVREYTHING together. They were inseparable. They were soul mates, meant to be.. Or was that just something they tought? ..

When Niall one day, decides to audition for the X-Factor, and gets put in the group 'One Direction', what will then happen?

Will everything be okay between them?
Will they stay as best friends?
Will One Direction come before Katy?
Will they ever see each other again?
Will they even try to keep the contact?
Will they even remember each other?
And most important.

What will they do when if they meet again? And see whats happend.. When one of them still is heart broken, but hides it behind a smile. And the other is over it, but got scars that will always remind the person of the episode..

What will they then do?..

One thing is for sure, everything happends for a reason..

*This story can have offensive language, and offensive scenes.
Reading on own responsibility. (: *


7. 6. Oh please, I got nothing left over for you.


"Come here Katy, the kitchen is this way.." Louis whispers. I barely hear him, 'cause he wasn't standing like next to me. I just nod and followed when I hear my name being said behind me.


"Katy.." he says and looked me into the eyes. And before I know it.. I can fell how angry I get. "Styles," I spit and look at him then I continued, "What do you want?". "Katy, listen I'm so sorry... can you forgive me?" he says and tears started to form in his eyes. But no way that I'm forgiving him. "Come here Styles" I say and go into the kitchen. He follows and stand in front of me. In the corner of my eye, I see Louis stand and the other guys coming in. 


"Grab a plate." I say and look at Harry. He obeys and grabbed one. "Now throw it at the floor." Again he did what I said. The plate breaks and the pieces is all over the little place where we stand. He look confused up at me. I just look him cold in the eyes and say: "Did it break?"  He looks confused at me and says yes. I then step one step closer to him. "Now apologise to it." I say. He, again, looks confused up at me but then says: "Sorry." I look him cold in the eyes and say:" Did it come back together?" He shook his head and looks me right in the eyes. "Do you understand?" I say while a tear slips down my cheek. I then turned around and start to walk back up to the room I slept in. ¨


I find my shoes and take them on, then I find my phone and call Alex.

"Alex here..." A weak voice says in the other end.

"Alex, it's me... Are you home?" I say while looking around to see if I'm forgetting anything.

"Katy! I've been worrying sick! Where are you?!" He says and made me smile. He cares about me.

"It's a long story. Can you pick me up. I'm at Niall's.. Do you remember where he lives?" I say and think back, about 4 years ago, before x-factor, when mum started to date Theo, Alex always took me from and to Niall's place, even through it was next door. He is like a brother. Yeah yeah, he is a dick sometimes, and he has idiotic friends. But as I said before. Sometimes he is the perfect brother. And I know my house are right next to Niall's. But I want Alex to come..

"At Niall's? Well, isn't that just next door?" He asked. I nod and realise he can't see me so I just come with the 'mhm' sound. "I'm coming in 2 Katy." He says and hangs up. I nod again, and again I realise no one can see it. So I just start walking over to the front door.


As I'm about to open the front door, I again hear my name being me. I turn around and see.. Niall.. "Katy.. Hey.. Uhm.. Wow.. You grew up.. You look beautiful.. I mean, you always were.. But You know.. Wow.." he says and lock his eyes to his shoes. I giggle a little and then look at him. When he looks up and lock his eyes with mine, a feeling of happiness runs through me. And before I know it. I run over to him, up in his arms and hug him tightly. "I missed you Katy.." he whispers in my ear. I'm about to reply when the front door opens and Alex is seen. I jump off Niall and run over to Alex and hug him. He hugs me back and then looks at Niall.


"Niall.. Long time no seen huh?" he smiled weakly. Alex don't like to admit it. But I know he and Niall were friends. And I know he missed him. "Yeah Alex, no seen.. Come here bro." Niall says and walks over and man hug Alex. They smile to each other. I then see Harry stand behind Niall. I take Alex's hand and hold it tight. He looks down at me and nods. "We better get going. See you around Horan." he says and walks out of the door when I stop him. Don't ask me what I am doing. But I walk over to Niall, hug him. "We need to talk. Special place in an hour." I whisper in his ear. He smiles and nods at me. I then look at Harry, I send him a look full of hate and run over to Alex.


What is happening.. Am I taking Niall back by doing what I am doing? Can I take him back.. I mean, I don't want to get totally broken again.. But in some hows.. shit.


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