What happend to you and me?

Katy and Niall are best friends, or were .. They did EVREYTHING together. They were inseparable. They were soul mates, meant to be.. Or was that just something they tought? ..

When Niall one day, decides to audition for the X-Factor, and gets put in the group 'One Direction', what will then happen?

Will everything be okay between them?
Will they stay as best friends?
Will One Direction come before Katy?
Will they ever see each other again?
Will they even try to keep the contact?
Will they even remember each other?
And most important.

What will they do when if they meet again? And see whats happend.. When one of them still is heart broken, but hides it behind a smile. And the other is over it, but got scars that will always remind the person of the episode..

What will they then do?..

One thing is for sure, everything happends for a reason..

*This story can have offensive language, and offensive scenes.
Reading on own responsibility. (: *


6. 5. All I wanna do, is find out who did it.. [PART 2]

"YOU?! HOW COULD YOU HARRY!! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE?! NO DON'T TELL ME! I DON'T CARE!  YOU KILLED MY MOTHER!" I screamed at Harry. Yes Harry Styles. Like in one of Niall's best mates.. But I don't care if it's the queens best friend. I hate him. And he got the truth. "How? How do.. do you know my name?" he sobs and looks at me. Wow he can't even remember me? Well I know I lost a lot of weight.. But seriously?! "Wow Styles, good start! Well I an Katy! Katy Johnson! The daughter of the woman YOU killed! The girl YOU met at the wedding! And Niall's old best friend.." I mumbled the last part and looked at him. Hate in my eyes. And seriously, if looks could kill.. He would be dead. 


"Katy? Katy is that really you? Wow.. long time no see huh?" he smiled at me. I looked at him, anger started to eat me from inside. And before I know it, I'm going crazy. "DON'T YOU DARE SMILE AT ME HARRY! I GOT NOTHING LEFT OVER FOR YOU! YOU KILLED MY MOTHER!" I screamed as I stormed over to him and slapped him across the face. "I WAS DRUNK!!" he screamed back at me.. Wow is that his reason.. He was drunk?! "YOU DRIVED A CAR WHILE YOU WERE DRUNK?! IDIOT! YOU GOT NOTHING TO SAY! THIS IS SO YOUR FAULT! BECAUSE OF YOU! I LOST MY MUM AND MY STEPDAD! EVEN ALEX LOST HIS FATHER! YOU ARE SO IDIOTISH! DUMB AND URG!!!" I jumped on him and slapped him again while screaming things like 'Idiot' and 'how could you be so dumb'. 


Suddenly, while I am about to slap him again, I hear a gasp behind me. Then someone takes me of Harry and tries to clam me down. " NO SET ME DOWN, HE DESERVES IT! LET ME DOWN! HE KILLED MY MOTHER!" and with the last words said, whoever it was, set me down. Silence filled the room. I finally looked up to see four boys standing frozen. I looked closer just to see.. No.. It was, Zayn, Louis, Liam and.. Niall.. I then looked at Harry again. I stood up and walked over to him. I slapped him again and screamed: "IDIOT!" And then I ran out. After running in some minutes. I let myself fall.. I just lay there.. Crying.. 




"Katy, wake up.." I hear a British accent tell me. I slowly open my eyes just to see Louis in my face. I push him back and sit up. "Where am I?" I asked and looked around.. It looked familiar.. But.. in some hows. Not. 


"You are at Niall's house.." he mumbled and looked at the clock. "What? Why am I here?" I asked and looked at him. For the first time since I was at the hospital I looked him in the eyes. "You fell asleep on the floor at the hospital. And a little boy started screamed 'SHE'S DEAD!' So we took you here.." he said and started to laugh. I smiled a weak smile and stood up. 


"Where are you going?" He looked at me and said. "I'm starving, I'm getting some food. Wanna come Boobear?" I laughed at my nickname for him. But wait, why am I suddenly so sweet? They took Niall from me.. But in other ways.. Louis was the one I was most close with out of them all..  He gave me a big smile and nodded fast. I laughed a little and ran over to him. I hugged him tight. "Sorry.. I'm so sorry I never called, or wrote, or anything.. I'm so sorry Katy.." He said and hugged me really tight. "Louis, it's okay.. I never did either.. We all made a mistake. I'm just happy, you are here right now.." I smiled weakly and looked up at him. And what I said wasn't even a lie. I am really happy to see Louis again. He always took care of me, back then. And Niall should always ask him before talking with me.. Yea Louis is the best.. "Let's go down and get some food Kitty." He said. I giggled and nodded.


As we were halfway down the stairs. We heard the TV. And  suddenly just froze.. "The famous Harry Styles yesterday night ended in a car crash. In the other car was Laura Johnson, and her husband Theo Johnson. The two people were on their honey moon. But it ended terribly. As Mr. Styles's car hit the side of theirs. Their car flipped over. They was taken to the hospital. Where their son and daughter was going crazy of worrying. With them was Maura Horan, the band member Niall Horan's mother. It says that after two hours. Both Laura and Theo was dead. The family and friends asks for time. As they try to figure out what happened. Was Harry Styles drunk while driving the car? Or was it all one big accident.. We will keep you updated.." The TV said. And suddenly it all came back to me. MUm. Theo. Alex. The words.. Everything just hit me as a million of bricks. I looked at Louis who just shacked his head and walked down the stairs.. I followed behind..



I did a new thing? Do you guys seeee it? <3

I'm to lazy to check the grammer.. Sorry if it's shitty <3

More soooooooon <3

Lots of looooove <3

-Katy <3 xxx


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