What happend to you and me?

Katy and Niall are best friends, or were .. They did EVREYTHING together. They were inseparable. They were soul mates, meant to be.. Or was that just something they tought? ..

When Niall one day, decides to audition for the X-Factor, and gets put in the group 'One Direction', what will then happen?

Will everything be okay between them?
Will they stay as best friends?
Will One Direction come before Katy?
Will they ever see each other again?
Will they even try to keep the contact?
Will they even remember each other?
And most important.

What will they do when if they meet again? And see whats happend.. When one of them still is heart broken, but hides it behind a smile. And the other is over it, but got scars that will always remind the person of the episode..

What will they then do?..

One thing is for sure, everything happends for a reason..

*This story can have offensive language, and offensive scenes.
Reading on own responsibility. (: *


3. 2. Tha Wedding


I walked down the asile, right behind me was my mother, the most amazing mother in this world. She was getting married today, in case you couldn't figure it out.


She actually met him at my school, he is the football teams coach. And now my new stepfather, that actually means me and Alex is going to be brother and sister. I guess it will be fine, he's cool, and his friends is my friends. So I guess it will be perfect! Only, Alex is hanging out, very very much at the Icebear's school. And knowing Taylor, he won't be happy. Either will Coach Theo, with other words, my stepdad.


The problem with the Ice Bears is, they kinda, every year mess up our mascot. Normally, we both do it. Our school and theirs.. But we stopped after a mascot ended up with a broken arm.. They didn't. So yeah, he is with out enimeis. And when I say with, I mean it.. They are together so much! And even worse. It's ALWAYS in our house!


Enough about Alex and his, very, idiotic friends. Today is my mums and Coach Theo's day. They have been dating in 5 years. When he finally proposed. He is the dad I never had.. Or I had a dad. But he left when is was 13. He didn't leave because of my parents getting divorced or something. No. Cancer, it took him.. When it happend, me and mom were heartbroken. To our luck, we had Maura and Bobby and... And Niall.. But that don't matter right now. What matters is that mummy is happy!


"I do.." My mum said while tears came into her eyes, she cried.. She actually cried.. It's so long since I saw her cry.. Not since.. The thing with my dad.. Since then, she never cried.. We always kept it inside.. We kept telling ourself that we can only cry, when we lose someone very important.. That's why I cried.. 4 years ago.. When I lost someone very important.. Niall.. Like in Niall James Horan.. The creep who saved me, but also killed a part of me.. That was the first time, after dads dead, that I ever cried.. but it was a first and last time experience..


As I stood in my own thoughts, Alex grabbed my arm and dragged me outside to the others.. My mum stood and talked with some woman, who actually looked very familiar and a curly headed boy. They both looked so familiar. When I came close enough, I saw who they were.. Maura.. Maura Horan, like in Niall's mum.. And beside her stood.. Harry. Yes, definitely Harry. I saw tons of music videos with these guys. He is one of them... One of them who took MY best friend.. But sigh, I can't do anything about it..

I walked over to them, and hugged my mother from behind..

"Katy! Darling, see who's here! Its Maura. And Harry. He is one of the guys from Ni.. Maura's sons band.. Harry this is my daughter Katy. You guys met, at the bootcamp. She came visiting Niall.. She grew a lot since then.. My little princsess. No I won't stop. Katy I'm your mother.. Oh Harry, since you are here. Are the other boys here to then? Like the boys from your band? No?.. Why? .. Oh studio... Why thank you... Oh yeah, nice meeting you too... Bye Harry!" my mom said and waived.. She just had one big massive chat again.. Its so typical mums.. But I don't care today. I'm getting drunk, and I'm going to celebrate this wedding!




Here you go @[Elounor_forever]

Well better get to sleep, my best girly friend is already asleep.. But I promised to update sooo <3 GOOOOOOODNIIIIIIIIIIIGHT <3

Lots Of Love <3

Katy <3 xxx

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