What happend to you and me?

Katy and Niall are best friends, or were .. They did EVREYTHING together. They were inseparable. They were soul mates, meant to be.. Or was that just something they tought? ..

When Niall one day, decides to audition for the X-Factor, and gets put in the group 'One Direction', what will then happen?

Will everything be okay between them?
Will they stay as best friends?
Will One Direction come before Katy?
Will they ever see each other again?
Will they even try to keep the contact?
Will they even remember each other?
And most important.

What will they do when if they meet again? And see whats happend.. When one of them still is heart broken, but hides it behind a smile. And the other is over it, but got scars that will always remind the person of the episode..

What will they then do?..

One thing is for sure, everything happends for a reason..

*This story can have offensive language, and offensive scenes.
Reading on own responsibility. (: *


2. 1. A look at the past..


I ran down the field with the ball right in front of me, if I get this goal we will win the football match! But of course the "so amazing" Niall Horan is going to take the ball just as i'm about to shoot..  "NIALL!! WHY! WHY DID YOU DO THAT! THAT WAS SO NOT FAIR!!" I screamed jumping on Niall's back. Niall just laughed and started to run, with me on his back..


After some time, he finally stops and we both land in the grass. " You know, you are the best.." He mumbels and looks at me. I turn around and look at him, we have a eye contact until the boys we were playing with comes over to us...

"HEEEEY BITCHEEEES!" Taylor, one of our best friends and the football captain, says running over to us. "Heeeeeey man whoooore!" I answer back, standing up and running over to him. He easily picks me up and spins me around. He kisses me on the cheek and sets me down. I grin and walk over to Niall again. "So what are we doing todaaay?" Taylor said following me. "Well, me and Niall is going home now. Because our familys are going to grill." I said taking my back from the grass on my shoulder. "Really niggas? Really? No party tonight? Come on! Sneak out from the dinner. No? Fine, ehm I need to text Emily we aren't coming then.. I won't go without you guys." Taylor said while texting back, what i asumed must be Emily, "Tomorrow then, don't back out of me this time bitches." he finished and gave us a smile. We just laughed at him, said our goodbyes and started our walk home..


As we walked, we walked by a million, or something, flyers about X-Factor auditions.. As we were walking by a new flyer, my hat falls off. I sigh and take it back up, I turn around to see Niall reading a flyer really closely.. "Niall?.. Whatcha doing?" I said and walked up to him. "Katy, I know you don't love things like this.. But I really want to audition. It could be nice! And what if I am good enough?" he said fast and looked at me..


I looked at him in what seems like forever, when I finally found something to say.. "Nialler.. Of course you can go! I know you can make it! And yes, I don't love them, but its fine.. Go for it Nialler. Go show the world what my best friend can! But.. " I said and looked down.. "But what?" he asked and looked at me..


"Niall, just promise.. Promise to don't turn out like others.. What I mean is.. Don't forget where you belong.. Don't.. Don't forget me.." I said and looked up at him. He looked down at me and smiled, then I felt his strong, warm arms around me..

"I promise, I will never forget you.. I can't forget you. You are my best friend.. I mean, you are going to be there with me.. Right?..." he said and smiled a little, I nodded fast. He just giggled, wow, a guy, giggling.. Well..

After our little moment, we went home, and told everyone the good news. Then we had a all normal dinner. And Niall stayed over the night as always.  Everything was normal..




"Well, fine I say Yes, BUT DON'T DISAPPOINT ME!" Katy Perry smiles at Niall, he actually did it! I squealed and ran out to him on stage. Not thinking or anything, I just ran. As the crowd went crazy, Niall turned around and saw me running. He opened his arms and I ran into them. He spined me around and kissed me on the cheek. 'Aww' where filling the room, as Niall carried me away from the stage. When we came backstage we both went crazy.


After that amazing experience, we went out to eat at Nandos. Then everything started.. Niall took to the bootcamp. He actually got put into a group with four other boys..

Together they were.. One Direction..

I was happy as ever, and when Niall and the guys came to a third place. It all actually started like crazy. They got fans, a record and much more.. But as Niall grew more and more famous.. Or friendship grew smaller and smaller.. It was hard seeing each other.. And we both started to get busy.. And before I knew it.. We stopped..


We stopped the contact..

The one thing he promised me, he didn't keep.. I was heartbroken without him.. Its like walking around with half a heart.. Without my better half.. Without Niall, I ended up as shit..


It all lead to days with selfharm and anorexia.. From days, to weeks, to months to years..

And all, because of the fact, that I lost my best friend.. Niall James Horan




MORE CHAPTERS SOOOOOON ! But if anyone have readed my last mumble, there is the reason that it might not be soon.. <3 :)

Lots Of Love <3

- Katy <3 xx

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