The Ascendant

Crazy. This is one of the kinder words that are used to describe Kara Winters, a girl with a supposedly 'over-active' imagination. No one knows that all she sees a world that is hidden from the mundane eye.

A surprise visit from an old school friend is all it takes for Kara to abandon the world she has seen from the sidelines.

When the truth is unearthed, searches are conducted to look deeper. But anything could be dangerous, anything at all.


1. Prolouge

Peaceful. A bunch of three year olds, running around in stupid costumes, yelling "I had it first!" Very peaceful.

"Clove! Kara! Where are you? Your mothers are here!"

Two girls, one with curly blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, the other with brown hair falling perfectly around her shoulders, her blue eye sparkiling, bound up to their mothers.

"Mummy!" the blonde wrapped her arms around her mothers leg. "Mummy, can Kara come over tomorrow?"

Her mothers brown eyes look down on her. "I am not sure. I'll talk to her mum about. We'll see."

She turned to the figure next to her. "What do you think?"

"It's fine by me.I can drop Kara off at 3 if thats alright."

"Thats great. Ok Clove honey! Now go get your bag."

"You too Kara."

The two girls skipped off together, giggling happily to themselves. They grabbed there bags from there lockers.

"Yay! You get to meet Jason and Theo!"

"Who are they?"

"My big brother and sister!"

"Clove, don't go telling Kara fibs! There both you brothers."

"No mummy. Jason said Theo acts t like a girl. And Jason is always right! So Theo is my sister."

Her mother just rolled her eyes and took Cloves hand.
"Ok, let's go. You'll see Kara tomorrow."

"Byyyyyyyeeeeeee!" The two girls called to each other as Clove was dragged away.


"Are you sure she has it, Clove?"

"Yes mummy! There was a lycanthrope howling today and she could hear it!"

"Alright." Grace didn't sound too sure but it didn't phase her daughter.

A car pulled up outside the dank building. An smell that could not quite be placed drifted from it in the soft breeze, so strong that you could see the stench. Or at least that is what Lillian saw. Her daughter saw a huge castle, with towers sticking up everywhere. Carvings of angels were everywhere. The ancient building looks hundreds of years old and just like a fairytale palace.

"Clove lives here!"

Lillian gulped. "She sure does."


Lillian stared at her daughter in disbelief as Grace and Clove appeared in front of them.

"Kara! Your here!" The two girls hugged each other tight.

"I will pick Kara up around twelve tomorrow." Lillian said as Grace nodded in response. She disappeared into the car and with a roar of the engine she was off.

"I can't believe you live here! Its like a fairy tale palace!" Kara squealed in delight. Grace glanced over at her with a satisfied look on her face.

Inside the walls were lined with a swirly pattern of blues and greens, the carpet a dark grey. Grace led the girls up two flights of stairs and into Kara's room.

"You girls have fun. I will get Jason to bring you up something to drink." Grace shut the door behind her, leaving the two girls alone.

"What do you want to do?"

Kara glanced around the room, scanning it for things they could do.

"We should have a tea party!"

"Yay! Tea Party! We can invite Mr Stuff and Lady Lulu!"

"And Jellybean!"

Clove stared at Kara, her head tilted in a questioning look. Kara opened her bag which she had dumped by the door soon after they had entered the room and searched through it before pulling out a purple dog.

"Ok! Come on, let's set it up!" The two hauled a plastic table into the centre of the room. Kara sorted out the chairs while Clove rummaged through her things to find her tea set. Mr Stuff, Lady Lulu and Jellybean were all in place when there was a knock on the door. A boy with jet black hair and sparkling green eyes barged in holding two cups. One was simple. A mug with a birthday bear on it. The other was gold, engraved with small suns and studded with rubies. The boy gave Clove the cup the bear on it and Kara the gold cup.

"But Jason! I want that cup!" Clove wailed.

"It's alright, you can have it."

"No, Clove, you know fully well that that cup is for guests."

Clove whimpered convincingly.

"Are you having a tea party? May I join?"

Cloves face brightened and she nodded.

"That was a brilliant tea party!"

"It certainly was. Now, tell you what. I'll take the cups back down to mum and then I will show you something. But you girls have to promise to be good and quite ok?"

"We will!!!"

"Alright, I will be back soon." Jason seized the two cups that he had earlier brought up to the girls and disappeared out the door, only to appear again a few minutes later.

"Lets go."

The trio crept silently down the hall, trending lightly. At the end there was a door slightly ajar. Jason gave it a small push and it slid open. Inside, lying on the bed and completely unaware of the company, were two figures, one male and the other female.

The boy had blonde hair that kept falling in his brown eyes. He was topless, showing off his six pack. The girl had very pale blue hair and turquoise eyes. The two were facing each other and talking.

"Don't be silly, M. Of course I love you!" The boy said.

"Well show me then. Prove to me that you love me."

The boy's arms wrapped around her, pulling her towards him, and their lips connected. Kara, who was crouching by the dresser, could not hold herself together and burst into laughter.

"Kara!" Jason hissed. The boy pulled away and looked over to the trio.

"JASON! What are you doing!"

"Enjoying the entertainment, Theo."

"Why you little rascal! How dare you! You will pay for this!" He unraveled his arms and leaped off the bed.

"He says that to every one of them. Run!!!"

The three lept to their feet and charged out the door, Theo hot on their trail.

Kara and Clove dove into the bathroom and locked the door behind them before losing themselves in fits of laughter.

"I can tell we are going to be the best of friends!"

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