The Ascendant

Crazy. This is one of the kinder words that are used to describe Kara Winters, a girl with a supposedly 'over-active' imagination. No one knows that all she sees a world that is hidden from the mundane eye.

A surprise visit from an old school friend is all it takes for Kara to abandon the world she has seen from the sidelines.

When the truth is unearthed, searches are conducted to look deeper. But anything could be dangerous, anything at all.


3. Chapter Two: Shadowhunters

Kara laughed. "Yeah, I am not a fangirl."

"Umm... what's a fangirl?"

"A girl who obsesses extensively over a book."

"Ok. Well. I am not a fangirl either. I am a Shadowhunter though."

"Right. Clove, can you stop playing games with me."

"I fight demons for a living. You think I am going to be playing games with you?"

"If your a Shadowhunter then prove it."

"Do you have any concealer remover or something?"

Kara dragged herself out of bed and rummaged through one of the draws in her ensuite.

"Here you go." She tossed a tube of clear liquid and some cotton buds to Clove who began dabbing away at her hand immediately.

Soon, you could clearly see a black eye drawn on the back of her hand.

"Nice tattoo." Kara reamarked. "Your parents know?"

"It's not a tattoo idiot What do I need to do to get you to believe me? Pull my seraph blade out of my bag?"

"Like you could do that."

Clove reached for her bag and forced it open before drawing out an intricately designed seraph blade.

"Um, are you sure thats safe?"

"Do you believe that I'm a shadowhunter yet? Or do you need a trip to the institute to convince you?"

"I believe you alright. But I like this idea of going to the Institute."


"Hey mom! Kara's here!"

A dark haired woman appeared in front of the girls.

"Kara? This is astounding! We thought you were dead! Do you want to stay for dinner?"

"I would love to!"

"Cool. Clove, can you get Jason to come and help me with dinner?"

"Sure thing mom. Come on Kara! I'll introduce you to my brothers."

The two girls pounded up the stairs and Clove shoved open the first door she came across.


"Ugh! What do you want, Clove?"

"Mom said you need to go downstairs and help her with dinner."

"What! It's your night!"

"Yea. Well I have a guest."

"Well that's a first. Who is it?"

"Shut up. Its Kara. You remember her right. Get in here Kara!"

Kara stepped into the view of a boy with sleek jet black hair and penetrating brown eyes.

"Um. Should I? Oh! Your the girl who drank from the cup and survived."

"Yea. Thats me."

The boy went back to playing on his phone.

"Come on." Clove grabbed Kara's and began dragging her out the door. "I'll introduce you to Theo!"

Jason suddenly appeared in front of the girls. "You going to see Theo? Let's play a game." A sly grin crept onto his face.



























"Who's he got this time?"

"Um. I hate to butt in, but what exactly are we doing?"

"Gonna go see Theo. You've done it before. Just be quite and follow Jason."

"She's a werwolf. Feisty one too." The trio stopped slinking against the wall outside a door that was slightly ajar. Jason pushed it open a little more and the sound ofkissing emerged. He poked his head around the corner. "This is going to be good. Come on."


They quickly slipped inside and crouched behind the draws and desk. Two figures lay on the bed, kissing passionatly.

"Come on, Sarah. Why dont we take this a little futher."

The girl stroked the boys cheek. "I like this idea." her hands slid down to the bottom of his shirt and lift it over his head. The boy did the same to the girl and reached for her bra.

Kara couldn't help it and let out  a giigle from her spot behind the desk. The girl suddenly pulled away from the boy and he jumped up. He spotted Clove perched by his draws. 

"CLOVE! What are you doing!!!"

"Just enjoying the entertainment, Theo!"

"Hey, Clove! Thats my line! You know that!"

"Jason! I am sick of this!" Theo reched for a dagger which lay on his bedside table. 

"Um. Kara, you're new at this. Now might be a good time to, RUN!"

"Kara? You mean, like the girl who survived?"

Kara stood up. "Thats me. You must be Theo."


A call came from the hallway. "Kara are you coming?"

"Yea! Well see you at dinner, Theo!" and with that Kara disappeared from the room.


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