The Ascendant

Crazy. This is one of the kinder words that are used to describe Kara Winters, a girl with a supposedly 'over-active' imagination. No one knows that all she sees a world that is hidden from the mundane eye.

A surprise visit from an old school friend is all it takes for Kara to abandon the world she has seen from the sidelines.

When the truth is unearthed, searches are conducted to look deeper. But anything could be dangerous, anything at all.


2. Chapter One: Old Friends

Vehicles screeched past as a slim figure trudges down the streets, her brown curls fluttering behind her as she fought the whistling wind.

Beside her was a slightly taller figure, this one male, hanging onto the hood of his jacket so that it wouldn't fly behind him. He broke the silence.

"Have you met the new girl yet, Kara?" He queried.

"No, what new girl?"

"I haven't met her properly, she's in my physics class."

"Oh, what's her name?"

"Clove. I think that was it. I can't remember her last name, though."

Something was familiar about the name to the name to Kara. Clove, Clove, Clove. The name nagged at her. Something from her past maybe? She didn't know.

"Anyway, here we are. I'll see you tomorrow, Kara."

She wiggled her fingers at him in a wave, disappearing into the apartment block they had stopped in front of. It was a tall building with walls of glass. Kara made her way through the lobby, to the crystal elevator. She pressed the button labeled: P, for penthouse. She lived in the penthouse suite due to her mother being in politics, a job that paid extremely well. But there is always a price. Because of her work, Kara's mother didn't often see her daughter. To try and make up for it, she spoiled her daughter. Kara got anything she wanted, all she had to do was ask. She had her own butler, her mother insisted she have her own driver but she always walked. It was stupid, she thought, to waste money like that when people are starving in places like Africa and India.

A chime rang through the elevator and the doors slid open. She threw the shoulder bag on to a chaise lounge nearby and snuck into the kitchen. Tugging at the fridge door, she rummaged through until she found a block of trade aid chocolate before hurrying up the stairs, hand running along the twisting balustrade and into her room.

She broke off a piece and shoved it in her mouth as her phone started quacking, indicating her cousin, Daniel had sent her a text.

'Kara. I am afraid that Daniel has been shot through the head on his way home. I am sorry.'

She tapped the screen a few times and sent a message back.

'Glad to hear u got hm safely, D'

She shoved the phone back in her pocket and walked over to the blu-ray player that sat below the flat screen which stretched across one.

"Lets see. Harry Potter, The Hunger Games. Here we are! Divergent." She pulled the disc out of its case and slipped it in before flinging herself back onto her bed. The screen burst into action and Kara got pulled into the movie.


'Rrrrriiiiiinnnnnggggg' Students surged on to the field. Kara waited under the willow at the back of the school for Daniel when a blonde figure appeared in front of her.

"Kara? Is that... is that really you?"

"No. I'm Taylor Swift." She looked up from her phone.

"Oh, ok. Do you know where Kara is? Daniel said she would be here."

"I'm Kara. You must be the new girl. Daniel was telling me about you yesterday. Hey, do I know you from somewhere?"

Clove threw her arms around a startled Kara. "Oh my god! I can't believe your still alive!"

"Um... yea. So, how do you know me?"

"You don't remember? Clove Bellemark? You came over to my house once when we were six!"

"Doesn't ring any bells."

Daniel walked over to the pair.

"Hey Clove! Don't go trying to steal my cousin away from me!"

"Sorry. It's just... it's been so long since you drank from the cup and we hadn't heard from you. We didn't think you'd survived."

Daniel and Kara just stared at her.

"Oops! I never said that. Anyway, Kara, can I come to yours after school? I would love to catch up after all this time."

"Umm... Ok?"

"Great! What do you have next period?"

"We've both got history with Mrs Samson. What about you?"

"Same as you! That makes it easy. Now I am starving. Lets eat!"


"Wow! You live here!"

"Sure do. You want some chocolate?"

"Do you have white?"

"We have everything."

Kara slipped into the kitchen for a minute before reappearing with two blocks of chocolate. She handed one to Clove.

"All this for me?"

"Yeah. Come on, let's go up to my room."

The two girls powered up the stairs and into Kara's room.

She plopped herself on the bed, tearing at the chocolate. "Make yourself comfy." She shoved a piece in her mouth. "So, what is there to catch up on."

"Have you read any books by Cassandra Clare?"

"Umm, yeah. She's my favorite author. I've read all of them."

"Well that will make things a whole lot easier."

"Makes what a whole lot easier?"

"For you to understand what you are."

"Yeah, a mundane." She put another chocolate in her mouth.

"No, a shadowhunter."

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