Moving on *Completed*

Somethings are just not meant to be. Sometimes leaving is better than staying.

Regret is a bitter pill to swallow.


1. Rebecca's POV

It was another day. Another hour. Another story. The media craves for your attention. The ladies fling themselves on you. Not caring, that you have a wife already. I see you in the news with another woman, another mistress. A supermodel.

Tears cascading down my cheeks as I turn off the news and you come back home, weary after a long day at work. 

Only to enter the room, to be face with my tear stained face and regretting your decision... to cheat.

Your pity disgust me. Your actions hurt me. Your determination to not let me go, kills me from the inside. 

I look straight into your eyes with fresh tears streaming down my face. Trying to imprint your features into my mind, to remind me that love, is only a four letter word.

The documents that signify my freedom lay on the table wrinkled and wet from the tears and pain that swelled inside me. I will no longer hesitate due to the fear that I may hurt you and our family. Letting you go will be my sweetest relief. 

I break the news to you the best I can, while trying to stand strong:

"We were too young, too 'in love',to recognize the flaws in our relationship and our vast differences. Jay I can't do this anymore... It's time for me to let you go and for you to let me go too. I'm divorcing you Jay."  

Your eyes turn red but you remain upright as if you have done no wrong. 

"You can't!" You say vehemently. Your eyes searches mine and wandered around, landing on the bag in my hand and the paper on the table, your eyes widen in shock as you realize that this time, I was really leaving you.


And in a panic you blurt out, "You pp-promise me that you'll stay! We vowed to each other, that no matter what happens you will always be by my side. No matter how many times I fuck up! YOU VOWED!"  

I smiled sadly and thought, 'we also vowed to never stray... what happen to that'.

"Jay... vows were made to be broken. You and I are broken." I softly whispered.

Silence envelop the two of us making the room dead and tense. 

"I see... You are really leaving me. Just like how everyone left me." 


"I understand... Just let me be..."


"What! Rebecca! What! You wanted to leave! Leave! Get the fuck out of here!" You yell. 

My eyes traced over you once more...

"Farewell Jay..." 


I rushed out of the door before he could finish my name and into my car. I jammed the keys into the ignition and reversed out of the drive way and away from Jay before he could try and change my mind.

Broken... We both were. No amount of time and belief could ever fix us. We were too far gone. I was too far gone. 



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