Nerd v.s. Popular

Nowel Vegas, the hottest model of U.K.

Harry Styles, member of the world biggest boy band, One Direction.

Everyone knows their name. They're cool, famous and rich. Everbody knows about that. But nobody knows about their past...



1. Chapter One

It all started when I was still a 11th grader. I was only 16 at that time and I was the biggest nerd at school. I wear glasses and had braces on. I was no fashion queen, just simple outfits which were already enough to get bullied by the popular gangs of kids. I got all the good grades and was forced to finish the homework which belongs to the popular group. Life at school was hell to me.


How could he ever regconise me? He is popular, tall, handsome... It's impossible for him to look at me even though how hard I had a crush on him. He should be sucking faces of some hot blondes in some night clubs, got drunk and had one night stands. I knew he would never be the one who could treat me like a princess and tell me how pretty I am although I'm nothing like that. Never in a million years.


He is Harry Styles.


The only time I had ever talked to him was at prom night. At first I decided not to go, since I had no partner. But when I knew he was single to, I changed my mind.


That night was propably my prettiest time of all the highschool years. I put on my favourite party dress and even had a little makeup on. I walked to him, and told him he was very important in my life, he was the Earth and I was the Moon, and how the gravity pulled us together. I just spilt my heart out.


Instead of a reply, he splashed his drink on my face said a phrase that I would never ever forget, "Stay away from me, goody two shoes."


Those words, were like a knife, stabbed into my heart, and pilled it out bit by bit.


I was shocked in a moment. And when I came back, I found out I was standing in a hall of laughter. Everyone was trying to humilate me.


Tears spilled out of my eyes and I ran home in my fastest pace. And that's when I started to hate him.


Harry Styles.


He ruined my life.


He made me the biggest joke of the whole Birchwood.


But now, it's different. I'm Nowel Vegas, the hottest model in U.K.


Watch out Harry Styles, because I'm playing a revenge on you.


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